Goal on debut from Callum McCowatt not enough as All Whites fall to Ireland in international friendly

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live updates of this morning's international friendly between the All Whites and Ireland in Dublin.


That's it. Despite a strong start to the game, the All Whites fall short after Ireland picked up the tempo in the second half. Not a bad first outing under Danny Hay but the new coach will have plenty of things he wants to work on going forward. That's it from us in Dublin. Enjoy the rest of your day.

89min: IRL 3-1 NZL

IRL SAVE! All Whites thread a superb ball for Collier to strike but it's straight at the keeper and deflected for a save. Just two minutes of added time to be played.

86min: IRL 3-1 NZL

NZL CORNER! The All Whites get a corner with their attack but as the ball comes in for Tuiloma to meet, he puts it wide of the right post and the chance is missed. Ireland thump the ball downfield with the goalie kick soonafter, knowing they just need to wind down the clock here.

83min: IRL 3-1 NZL

The All Whites cough up the ball on halfway with their backline and that allows Ireland to counterattack. They surge down the left side of the pitch and the ball is present for a shot on goal. Williams takes it but he's nudged as he does and tries to appeal for a penalty. He won't get one but with Marinovic making another save, he get's a corner kick. That doesn't result in anything though and the All Whites finally get some good time with the ball in hand.

78min: IRL 3-1 NZL

NZL SAVE! Ireland well and truly with their tails up now as they fire another shot from deep. It's a great strike but Marinovic soars to get a hand to it and slap it over the crossbar for a corner kick. Irish don't much around with that kick and while it's ugly, they do get another chance on goal but this one is saved as well. 

75min: IRL 3-1 NZL

IRL GOAL! Ireland buff their lead with a header from the sub Robinson but he'll be thanking O'Connor for the stunning delivery. Has the ball on the right edge, fires a beautiful, curling cross in to the box. It's perfectly weighted and all Robinson has to do is meet it, which he does, and Marinovic can't get to this one. What a ball. That may do it here, folks.

72min: IRL 2-1 NZL

NZL SAVE! Ireland make another break down the left side of the field and there's a chance for Robinson to finish but Marinovic deflects his strike for a corner kick. Nothing comes from the kick and the Kiwis remain just one goal down. About 20 minutes left.

69min: IRL 2-1 NZL

Wood looks to get onto the ball just outside the box but he nudges an Irish defender to do it and gets whistled for it. He'll know the man he shoved quite well though - it's his Burnley teammate Kevin Long.

65min: IRL 2-1 NZL

NZL SAVE! And back to Marinovic for a save. Maguire gets a good ball in metres out from the goal but can't get a good strike on it and the Kiwi goalie makes an easy enough stop. More chances for both sides currently as the game gets a bit looser. Can the All Whites sneak an equaliser in the chaos?

61min: IRL 2-1 NZL

IRE SAVE! O'Hara's turn for an impressive save as Roux sprints forward 10m with ball in hand to open space just outside the box. He fires it in but O'Hara reads it well and deflects it.

58min: IRL 2-1 NZL

NZL SAVE! Great keeping from Marinovic stops the lead from doubling. Bell commits to contesting a high ball on his left of the field but that opens up a sea of open space for the Irish to work with on the other side of the field. They get the ball back and fire it to that open area with two Irish in it. They sprint towards the goal with the NZ defence trying to get back and sweep across to stop the threat but they're late. Marinovic opts to run at the ball and slides in stop the shot on goal. He deflects it before rushing to hold on to it.

56min: IRL 2-1 NZL

Ireland get another chance to score with a rough challenge from Boxall leading to a free kick just outside the box on the right. All Whites commit four to the wall and it pays off with the wall deflecting the shot on goal.

52min: IRL 2-1 NZL

IRL GOAL! Maguire puts Ireland in front. It's an ugly build-up with Bell on the ground trying to stop the ball but his target gets away to Parrott who sets up Maguire to finish from just outside the box. It looked like the NZ defence didn't know whether to help Bell or not with all of them standing around the contest but not getting involved, leading to Maguire's opening and his first goal on debut.

48min: IRL 1-1 NZL

IRL SAVE! The All Whites get the first chance of the half as Thomas fires from the corner of the box with plenty of room around him. It's curling but there's a good read from O'Hara and he deflects it away. Ireland get a free kick soon after with the All Whites getting too aggressive trying to keep contiol.

45min: IRL 1-1 NZL

Ireland gets things back underway. Hay has opted to substitute Reid for Tuiloma at the break. Wood gets handed the armband.


The All Whites will be kicking themselves that they've lost their lead no more than two minutes ago. They had done so well with such little ball and territory only to falter on a corner kick.

Still, the score is tied even though most stats heavily favour the Irish. The hosts have had more possession, more territory, more chances and more discipline but this All Whites side is rolling with the punches. 

Stay with us folks, we'll be back for the second half shortly.

45min: IRL 1-1 NZL

IRL GOAL! Ireland work a corner kick and this time, they execute to perfection. Lofted kick comes in fron the left corner and Williams rises high to meet it. Puts it to the left of Marinovic and finds the net with ease. Ireland strike back just on halftime. How big will that be for the hosts?

41min: IRL 0-1 NZL

IRL SAVE! All Whites work the ball down their own right edge and Singh manages to find Wood at the back of the box in the middle of the pitch. The Premier League striker looks to fire one in but he's mistimed his kick and it's an easy save.

39min: IRL 0-1 NZL

Ireland straight back on the attack and this time they go down the left before taking a random shot from outside the box which sails well wide of the right post. 

37min: IRL 0-1 NZL

Ireland earn a free kick after Boxall is penalised for a tough challenge down the right edge. They'll take it from about three metres outside the box far away on the right. All Whites put up a two man wall. The kick is lifted, there's an Irish head to meet it but sails JUST over the crossbar. The Kiwi lead remains in tact for now.

33min: IRL 0-1 NZL

Ireland are back on the ball now and once again, they look to slowly build up their attack from halfway but the Kiwi defence has been inspired by the lead they've found. Ireland go down the right edge and look to get the ball in but a good cross along the ground isn't met by and forwards. They try to recover it but the strike on-goal is deflected off an All Whites knee and back towards halfway.

29min: IRL 0-1 NZL

NZL GOAL! MCCOWATT SCORES!!! Kiwis get their first goal in over 500 days as they attack down the left edge with Cacace. He threads one into the box where there's three white shirts committed and McCowatt is the one that strikes. He puts it to the right of the keeper and it's in the back of the net. Despite minimal ball and territory, the All Whites are now in front!

25min: IRL 0-0 NZL

IRL SAVE! The All Whites pounce on a counter-attacking opportunity after the corner kick and it's a three-on-three as they may their way down the field. McCowatt gets the ball but a good challenge stops him from striking it well enough. Leads to a punch away from O'Hara and we remain scoreless.

24min: IRL 0-0 NZL

IRL CORNER! Ireland still hot on the attack and the All Whites are forced to tap Parrott's feed pass dead for a corner. It comes in... and the kick is overcooked, leading to a clearance to halfway.

21min: IRL 0-0 NZL

NZL SAVE! Ireland are immediately on the counter attack and Maguire sees he's got a chance after getting around his man down the right side of the field. He's one-on-one with Marinovic and the keeper drops to his knees to stop the strike from finding the net.

20min: IRL 0-0 NZL

A rare moment on the ball sees the All Whites work the ball to the right wing and a cross comes in for Wood but he can't bring it in. Ireland reclaim possession.

17min: IRL 0-0 NZL

Ireland thought they had a penalty after contact from Reid in NZ's box sees Parrott of all people hit the deck but the referee waves it off right away. Replays show a little shove but not enough to send a men to the ground that emphatically.

15min: IRL 0-0 NZL

There's bit of fire from Winston Reid as Troy Parrott clips him in the back of the leg. Must've been some back chat from the young debutatant as Reid is up and in his face. Ref eventually steps in and breaks it up with Reid getting the free kick.

12min: IRL 0-0 NZL

A crack in the Kiwi defence appears on the right edge and the Irish are through. The cross comes in and it finds Williams. He takes the shot at goal but misses well-wide with a soft finish. Not his best shot, that's for sure.

8min: IRL 0-0 NZL

Ireland have held all the control so far, camping out in the Kiwi half but as they look to move into the box they lose control of the ball through some good defence and the All Whites move it down the left wing. It doesn't last long though as the Irish reclaim the ball and move back to halfway to set up their next attack.

5min: IRL 0-0 NZL

And just like that, Ireland think they have an opening as they float one from the left in behind the Kiwi line but Bryne broke early [replays confirm it] and he's offside. Would've been a one-on-one with the keeper if he was onside.

3min: IRL 0-0 NZL

Energetic opening from the All Whites. They've come out aggressively against the Irish here and aren't afraid to contest possession whenever they can. It's stopping the Irish from threading many passes or building up to any meaningful attack with the ball going back and forth over the halfway line at the moment.


NZ gets us going.


Here are the confirmed line-ups for both sides.

IRE: 1. Kieran O'Hara, 2. Lee O'Connor, 4. Kevin Long, 21. Ciaran Clark, 23. Derrick Williams, 20. Josh Cullen, 17. Jack Byrne, 8. Alan Browne, 10. Robbie Brady, 15. Troy Parrott, 7. Sean Maguire 

NZL: 1. Stefan Marinovic, 2. Winston Reid, 3. Liberato Cacace, 5. Michael Boxall, 7. Joe Bell, 9. Chris Wood, 10, Sarpreet Singh, 12. Callum McCowatt, 14. Ryan Thomas, 19. Storm Roux, 22. Elijah Just


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Next Friday’s match against Ireland will be the team’s first in over 500 days. Source: 1 NEWS

The All Whites will play their first game in a remarkable 525 days when they take on Ireland in Dublin this morning.

It’s been a long time without drinks for the young squad, and for their two English Premier League stars Chris Wood and Winston Reid.

While Reid has been injured longterm and so not taking the field for West Ham, Wood has been in rich form for Burnley, scoring five league goals already this season – and a total of 25 in 72 appearances for the club.

He’s just re-signed with Sean Dyche’s side and while there were concerns Wood wouldn't feature today with a leg niggle, coach Danny Hay - in his first match in charge - has confirmed he'll play with a spot in the starting XI.

Earlier this week, TVNZ FC host Chris Chang said he thinks the All Whites can get a result, but panelists Jack Mabire and Simon Plumb warned against inflating expectations with Ireland a long way ahead in the Fifa rankings.