Former Football Ferns coach Andreas Heraf criticises NZ media, claims he was compared to Adolf Hitler

Former Football Ferns coach Andreas Heraf has slammed New Zealand media, alleging he was vilified and compared to Adolf Hitler.

Heraf, 50, resigned from New Zealand Football in July from his role as head coach of New Zealand women's football team, after an investigation into the team environment and culture.

He spoke to Sky Sports Austria and said there was a culture of discrimination against foreigners by New Zealanders.

"From the beginning, you have felt this resistance to foreigners throughout the country. I have to say that very clearly," Heralf told Sky Sports Austria.

"I can prove it and that was the reason why I left the country. The newspapers that massively attacked me, compared me to Adolf Hitler, the Austrian dictator. These are things that go too far," he said.

Players and stakeholders alike expect the entire organisation to firm up after the saga. Source: 1 NEWS

He said he never tried to intentionally bully players in the Football Ferns team and criticised the losing mentality in New Zealand Football.

"I have a pure heart, a clear conscience.

"Many things happened in New Zealand that were a meeting of different cultures.

"For example, participation is capitalised and performance is almost non-existent.

"For example, the ladies have participated in four world championships and have never won a game.

"On the other hand, there is this incredible belief and will of the entire population that you can win everything. I've explained to the team and the people that you cannot win five or six games in three weeks, if you've never won before.

Maia Jackman feels NZ Football could move forward 'leaps and strides' after today's announcement. Source: 1 NEWS

"It was difficult to understand this culture."

Heraf was the subject of 13 letters of complaint from New Zealand players, with claims of bullying and scare tactics around the Football Ferns' 3-1 loss to Japan in June and previous tour of Spain.

NZF President Deryck Shaw said controversial coach Andreas Heraf has gone on "special leave" while the investigation is carried out.
Source: 1 NEWS

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