Football Ferns goalkeeper left with glass 'all over my face' after Uber car attacked in Barcelona taxi protests

Football Ferns goalkeeper Erin Nayler has been caught up in a taxi protest in Barcelona which saw the car she was left with smashed windows.

Nayler is on holiday in Spain with her fiance Jordan Carter but the pair were isolated by a rioting group protesting against ride-sharing service Uber this morning.

Carter told the New Zealand Herald the pair are "safe" but "it was three minutes of terror".

"We literally flew in to Barcelona and caught an Uber, then our driver went in to the city and the Uber got beaten in," Carter.

"It was mental. There's a taxi protest on here that we had no idea about."

Nayler plays professionally in the French League and was looking forward to a small getaway from her French home when the chaos erupted. 

Football Ferns goalkeeper Erin Nayler
Football Ferns goalkeeper Erin Nayler Source: Getty

"Glass went all over my face. I'm covered in shards of glass," Nayler told NZ Herald.

When the couple realised their car was being attacked they tried to escape but the driver told them not to and locked the doors.

Many taxis in Barcelona have started an indefinite strike today to protest ride-sharing services like Uber, blocking major thoroughfares to cause traffic issues.

The dramatic action is due to new regulations that were unveiled by the regional government there yesterday which forces people to book VTCs (Tourism Vehicles with Chauffeur) like Uber at least 15 minutes before the they're needed.

However, taxi drivers say this isn't nearly long enough and that VTCs should have to be booked at least 12 hours before hand as they're not taxi services.

Erin Nayler.
Erin Nayler. Source: Photosport

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