FFA stand by decision to call off A-League later than all other sporting codes

Although two Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in the A-League, the Football Federation of Australia is standing by its decision to suspend their season later than other sporting codes.

One of the cases is a member of the Wiellington Phoenix staff and the other, an unnamed player from the Newcastle Jets. 

The focus of the FFA has now turned to the investigation of how those people contracted the virus and who they were in contact with.

The players union' backs the decision of the FFA with CEO of Professional Footballers Australia, John Didulica, skeptical about the link between the delayed suspension of the season and the current coronavirus cases in the A-League.

"Drawing a link between ongoing participation and them actually having the virus is almost impossible, so it's difficult to make that assumption," he said.

With the abandoned season close to completion, the A-League has a headstart over other sporting competitions, many of which were just beginning their seasons when the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

Due to the advantageous postion the A-League clubs are in, the players union are slamming the Perth Glory's decision to stand their players down, labelling it as an act "bordering on absolute recklessness".

"For the most part, the lion's share of revenues that A-League clubs would've earned through this season has already been received. There are some final payments that might be due so any steps now to refuse to pay April payroll for example is nothing less than opportunistic."

The Phoenix staff member who tested positive for coronavirus is understood to be self-isolating at home in Wellington.