End of quarantine in sight for Phoenix, much to relief of ‘hyperactive’ Steven Taylor

The end of quarantine is in sight for the Wellington Phoenix, and it can’t come soon enough for captain Steven Taylor.

Steven Taylor. Source: 1 NEWS

Even for the eternally-optimistic Geordie, a stretch of isolation at West Sydney's Valentine Sports Park has been enough to test the patience of the self-proclaimed “hyperactive” defender.

“There’s not much we can do here, you're stuck in this tiny little room,” he told 1 NEWS.

“Even when you've got the heater on, it's like a washing machine sound. You're trying to sleep with that in the background, it's very difficult. I haven't had one night good sleep yet.”

Luckily for the team, a move to a nearby hotel is not far off.

Pending approval by NSW health officials, the team should be able to leave the sports facility on Friday, although they will continue to train there.

Taylor says the players have been keeping the cabin fever at bay with a games room, evening gym sessions, movies, and table tennis matches.

“I’ll be honest with you, the standard’s very poor. You’d think the lads haven’t played table tennis before.”

He adds the team spirit will serve them well when the season eventually resumes on July 17.

“When you’ve got the friendships off the pitch going on to the pitch, it shows. I think that’s one of the reasons why we’ve done well this year.”