Departing Phoenix coach Mark Rudan understands fans' anger as he prepares to walk out on club

Wellington Phoenix coach Mark Rudan said he knew things were not going to work out at the New Zealand football club following his family's return to Sydney after the Christmas break.

The Phoenix on Monday announced that Rudan will be leaving midway through his two-year deal, with the departing coach saying being apart from his family was taking its toll.

"It was tough and I kept a lot to myself, I knew what the answer would be [to leave] as soon as I left around the end of January, when the holidays finished for the kids," Rudan said.

"I think I was just lying to myself and trying to convince myself that I could convince them [family].

"It was tough, there were moments there – like I said it puts a strain on your family, it does.

"There is a lot of things that goes on behind closed doors I guess that is a lot of what people don't see is what goes on behind closed doors."

The 43-year-old said he would love to return to coach the Phoenix if circumstances were to change in the future.

"If this club wants me back, I'll be back in a heartbeat because there is unfinished business here."

He apologised to fans, saying he understands their frustrations.

"I can understand the hurt and all I can do is apologise for that, I can understand why they're [fans] angry," said Rudan.

Rudan revealed he struggled to be the leader he wanted to be at the Phoenix.

"My job as a leader of the football club is to come into work every morning and put on a good face and be that strong leader that my players and staff need.

"The nights got longer when you come home from work and they're tough, it's not easy.

"You have got to try to go to bed with all those issues in your head, but then come with some clarity and a clear mind to work and you go about your way.

"I think people know that I am pretty driven and ambitious. I know how to separate my personal life from my professional life as well, but there are times where I could be better."

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Rudan fronted media for the first time today, saying family was the ultimate reason why he had to walk away from the NZ A-League club. Source: 1 NEWS

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