From the backyard to European football: Kiwi teen prodigy ready for life-changing journey

Today it's kicks with dad but tomorrow Oscar Obel-Hall will be on a one-way ticket to Denmark to continue his whirlwind football journey.

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Oscar Obel-Hall is headed to Denmark to link up with Esbjerg FC. Source: 1 NEWS

The Kiwi teenage prodigy is joining Esbjerg Football Club's under-17 squad in what he hopes will be the first of many steps to a successful career.

“Any club in Europe that accepts you like that is massive,” Oscar told 1 NEWS.

“Coming from New Zealand where football isn’t appreciated, the quality of football is so much higher than here.”

The golden ticket helping Oscar along came in the form of a Danish passport thanks to his proud mum, Camilla, who will travel with him to get him set up.

“He played rugby when he was little,” Mrs Obel-Hall said.

“He played a season or two and one day stopped and said, ‘I’m not doing this now’.”

Apparently, in young Oscar’s eyes, rugby was “too easy” so he opted to try football instead, although he may have the odd rugby trick still up his sleeve.

“I might look big for my age here but there’s a lot of big boys in Denmark so hopefully I can bring my Kiwi physicality,” he said.

“But I pride myself on the technical side too because in Denmark and Europe they're technically good so hopefully I can match it.”

Oscar will find out pretty quickly where he stacks up once he touches down in his new home as he’ll be straight into pre-season training when he lands.