White Ferns stars make other sporting sacrifices to embark on six week UK tour

The White Ferns are to embark on a six week tour of the United Kingdom with a number of players having to put other sporting commitments on hold.

All-rounder Kate Ebrahim has played rugby for Canterbury and Taranaki as a halfback.

"I jumped in and played for the Canterbury team, something I didn't think would happen, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Canterbury rugby team," said Ebrahim.

Not wanting to pick up a rugby-related injury before the UK tour, Ebrahim is putting all her focus on cricket.

"I thoroughly enjoy that position (halfback) working hard in behind the forwards and feeding the backs."

With most of the White Ferns being part-time it means they often have opportunities to fit other sports around cricket.

Jess Watkins is yet to make her debut for the White Ferns, her recent double century at an age group tournament she partially credits to the fact she's still playing club hockey.

"When you are younger you play a lot of sports and usually with hand eye (co-ordination), you are usually good at other hand eye sports," said Watkins.

The 20-year-old has also played representative hockey.

"Hockey is fantastic there's a lot of cross overs in hockey, with the swinging over a hockey stick and swinging of a cricket bat."

Kate Ebrahim played half for the Canterbury and Taranaki women’s rugby sides. Source: 1 NEWS