White Ferns for gold? ICC pushes for cricket's inclusion in Olympics




With the global success of the recently concluded Women's World Cup in England, the International Cricket Council are now once again pushing for the sport's inclusion in the Olympics.

The ICC are determined to make the most of the raised profile of the women's game, pushing for a place as an Olympic event for both genders to participate.

Cricket's possible place as an Olympic event would come during the 2024 and 2028 games in Paris and Los Angeles at the earliest, with Twenty20 the most likely format.

Speaking to the Guardian, West Indies CEO Johnny Grave spoke about Olympic inclusion helping to raise the profile of cricket as a global sport.

"We see it as a crucial step in growing the game globally – especially in our region [the Americas] as well as the major 'markets' of the USA and China," Grave said.

"We hope that the T20 format and growth of the women’s game strengthens cricket’s case for rejoining the Olympics."

ICC chief Dave Richardson has in the past stated the desire to see cricket as an Olympic sport, saying in March that the game's governing body needed to act quickly to secure a spot for 2024.

"We need to make a decision by, I guess, July of this year so that we can submit an application by September," Richardson told reporters.

"And of course it´s not what cricket wants, its whether the IOC wants us."

Cricket has featured at the Olympic Games once, back in 1900, where Great Britain defeated France to take the gold medal.

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