Watch: Snapchat video emerges of troubled NZ-born cricketer Ben Stokes mocking disabled boy

England cricketer and vice-captain Ben Stokes has been dealt another big blow after a video surfaced of him poking fun of a disabled boy.

The New Zealand born English star was suspended today for a week after being arrested for allegedly throwing punches in an altercation outside a pub in Bristol earlier this week.

Stokes appears to mock the son of British celebrity Katie Price and former EPL footballer Dwight Yorke in the video.

Harvey, the son of Price and Yorke suffers from a genetic condition, Prader-Willi Syndrome with autism, ADHD and blindness.

He appeared on a British TV interview last year where he was asked how he responds to people who make fun of him.

"Hello you c***", Harvey responded, before the presenter said sorry to the audience for his offensive language.

The English all-rounder looks at the camera and asks, "Harvey, what do you say when people are being mean?

"Hello you c***," says Stokes before laughing.

The Snapchat video was recorded in June.