Watch: Ranting woman has tantrum at cricket players after exercise routine interrupted for scheduled match

A Sydney woman made sure her thoughts were known to cricket players over the weekend after she threw a tantrum at them when they asked her to leave the field so they could play their scheduled match safely.

The woman was going through an exercise routine when she was interrupted by umpires and asked to get off the playing field at Trumper Oval in Paddington so the the third-grade match between Eastern Suburbs and Campbelltown-Camden could go ahead.

But rather than see the safety side of things, the woman argued she had every right to exercise on the pitch, yelling at officials and players during the toss before yelling more abuse as she left the field.

"This is a cricket field," a player from Eastern Suburbs explains. "We've paid money for this."

"And I don't pay rates?" the woman replied to scoffed laughter from players and spectators on the sideline.

The woman made one more dig before finally leaving the field.

"Bunch of testosterone … get off. Don’t you have any manners?"

Eastern Suburbs player Ollie Pope got the last laugh after he posted a video of the incident to social media with an ingenious caption.

"When all you wanna do is a few sit ups at deep square?"

Eastern Suburbs went on to win the game, defending their total of 225 by skittling Campbelltown-Camden's order for 73.