Tom Blundell's dismissal unlike any other seen on New Zealand cricket pitch in more than 70 years

Tom Blundell has notched up a cricketing statistic he'll want to forget - becoming the second first-class batsman in New Zealand in more than 70 years to be dismissed for obstructing the field.

The Black Cap was sent back to the pavilion for obstructing the field in Wellington's Plunket Shield clash with Otago at the Basin Reserve yesterday.

Fresh from scoring 101 the day before, the Wellington batsman was caught by surprise from a Jacob Duffy delivery.

As the ball looped off his bat towards the stumps, Blundell kicked the awkward ball upwards before swatting it away with his hand as it looked to land on the stumps.

The use of his foot under those circumstances is considered legal but the use of his hand isn't, forcing the umpire to confirm the unusual wicket.

Previously, Blundell would have been out for handled ball however the dismissal was integrated into the laws on obstructing the field three years ago.

Blundell just the second first-class batsman in New Zealand to be out for obstructing the field.

Canterbury’s John Hayes was the last to do so, back during the 1954-55 season.

Blundell's wicket helping Otago on their way to a 84 run win, their first of the season.