Stunning effort at the death sees New Zealand earn 14-run win over England

Relive to 1 NEWS NOW’s live updates of the third T20 international between New Zealand and England from Nelson.

New Zealand win by 14 runs.

A brilliant final over from Tim Southee gets New Zealand home. It looked like England were cruising, but a stunning death bowling effort saw the home side pull through. They lead the series 2-1 with two matches to play. 

5.14pm: 162/7 19.2 overs England 162/7

Tall ask for England now, 19 off four balls.

5.06pm: 17.5 overs, England 149/7

Wicket! Wicket! England are falling apart here. First Gregory and then Sam Curran fall in quick succession to Ferguson.

5.02pm: 17 overs, England 147/5 Curran 1*

WICKET! Vince falls one short of his 50, holding out to Southee off Tickner. 

4:55pm: 15.4 overs, England 142/4 - Vince 46*, S Curran 0*

WICKET! Have they got another one? Southee drops short and Billings tries to work a single into the offside. Vince sends Billings back, but Munro swoops in from point and throws down the stumps.

Replay shows Billings short comfortably, out for one. Sam Curran the new man in.

England need 39 runs from 4.2 overs.

4:50pm: 15 overs, England 139/3 - Vince 44*, Billings 0*

WICKET! Santner comes back for his last over, risky move bowling into the arc of Morgan.

The England captain doesn't need another invitation, hitting the first ball for six over square leg. Santner follows up with a wide, before another six from Morgan! This could be the game right here.

Another wide to follow, before Morgan gets off strike with a single. Vince lofts into the deep to bring Morgan back on strike with two balls to go.

Santner goes quicker and flatter, Morgan can't connect. He gets the last ball though, but not enough and Morgan holes out to Munro in the deep! Morgan goes for 18.

Sam Billings the new man.

England need 42 runs from 5 overs.

4:41pm: 13 overs, England 119/2 - Vince 41*, Morgan 3*

Tickner comes back on for a bowl. He drops his second ball short, and Vince clobbers it through cover for four. Tickner goes short again, this time Vince pulls him high over midwicket for six! Big over so far for England with three balls to come.

Just a two and a single to finish the over.

England need 62 runs from 7 overs.

4:30pm: 10.2 overs, England 90/2 - Vince 15*, Morgan 0*

WICKET! Sodhi strikes with rubbish! A knee-high full toss is hit into the deep by Malan, but he doesn't get the timing and can only pick out Guptill!

Malan goes for 55, captain Morgan the new batsman.

England need 91 runs from 9.4 overs.

4:28pm: 10 overs, England 90/1 - Malan 55*, Vince 15*

Malan cuts into the deep for two, and brings up his half century from 29 balls. He celebrates by trying to hit Santner out of the park, before flicking over the keeper for four.

The final ball is hit down the ground for a single. That's the halfway point of the innings.

England need 91 runs from 10 overs.

4:25pm: 9 overs, England 82/1 - Malan 48*, Vince 14*

Neesham comes into the attack, and Malan takes a fancy to him. England take 16 from Neesham, Malan seeming to be the key to the run chase at the moment.

England need 99 runs from 11 overs.

4:17pm: 7 overs, England 60/1 - Malan 33*, Vince 7*

England finish their powerplay at 46/1. Southee turns to spin with Ish Sodhi thrown the ball. England bowled just two overs of spin in their innings.

Malan goes back and across and cuts for a single first ball, bringing the right hander onto strike. Appeal for LBW, but Vince got an inside edge.

Sodhi drops the next ball short, Vince goes back and pulls into leg for a boundary, that brings up England's fifty too. Vince takes a single, before Malan reverse sweeps down to third man for a boundary. Sodhi drops his last ball short, and Malan hits through cover for another boundary - 14 from the over, a good one for England.

England need 121 runs from 13 overs.

4:09pm: 5 overs, England 36/1 - Malan 15*, Vince 1*

Banton's dismissal has taken all the momentum out of England's innings. Tickner's second over goes for just four, with Malan and Vince struggling to find the gaps.

England need 145 runs from 15 overs.

3:59pm: 2.5 overs, England 27/1 - Malan 7*, Vince 0*

WICKET! Tickner comes into the attack and strikes in his first over! A cross seam ball sees Banton go down to scoop over the keeper, but the lack of pace does for the youngster, the ball taking the bails off!

James Vince the new man, Banton out for 18.

England need 154 runs from 17.1 overs.

3:56pm: 2 overs, England 25/0 - Banton 17*, Malan 6*

Lockie Ferguson with the ball from the other end, big challenge for Banton here. First ball is back of a length, Banton pulls in front of square for one. 

Second ball cramps Malan, but he tucks off his hip for one. Ferguson goes short again, and Banton effortlessly lifts him for six! Ferguson's follow up ball is pitched up, and Banton gets an outside edge down to third man for another boundary. Ferguson sends a wide next ball, before Banton works off his hip for another single.

Swing and a miss from Malan to end the over.

England need 156 runs from 18 overs.

3:50pm: 1 over, England 11/0 - Banton 6*, Malan 5*

First ball from Southee is full and on the stumps, Banton defends. Second ball is slipping down leg, Banton flicks to short fine leg for his first international run.

Left-hander Dawid Malan on strike now. Malan drives out to deep point for one to get off the mark first ball. Banton back on strike, and he hits a perfect cover drive past de Grandhomme for four! Beautiful shot!

Southee responds with a yorker, which Banton pushes out for another single. Short and wide from Southee to finish, Malan cuts through point for another boundary. Great start for England.


England's openers are out in the middle, as are the Black Caps. Debutant Tom Banton to face first, Tim Southee with the ball.


So, chosing to bat first, the Black Caps post 180, which the stats suggest is just short of par. England will have a tricky chase, but with a powerful batting lineup and short boundaries, the Black Caps could have their work cut out for them.

We'll be back in around 10 minutes for England's chase.

3:36pm: 20 overs - NZ 180/7 - Southee 1*

Final over, Tom Curran to bowl, Santner on strike. First ball is full, and Santner can only work a single to bring Southee onto strike. 

Same result second ball, Santner back. Slightly shorter from Curran, Santner pulls down the ground and they scamper a second run.

Fourth ball is a full toss, and Santner gets hold of it, clubbing it straight back past the bowler for four! Santner walks across and flicks the fifth ball into the legside, the batsmen can't steal a second this time. Southee will face the last ball.

Play and miss, the batsmen try to sneak a bye, but Billings throws down the stumps to run Santner out for 15. 

3:32pm: 19 overs, NZ 172/6 - Santner 8*, Southee 0*

WICKET! Sam Curran gets the big wicket of Neesham! Full, straight, hitting the stumps, and Neesham can't keep it out.

He goes for 20, Southee sends himself in 

3:25pm: 17.4 overs - NZ 162/5, Neesham 20*, Santner 0*

WICKET! Neesham is lucky not to be bowled, playing across the line to Mahmood. The next ball is a full toss, and Neesham doesn't miss two in a row, sending him over the fence! Brown does well to try and reel in the catch, but can't get there. Single next ball brings Taylor back onto strike. 

Taylor looks to heave into the leg side, is hit on the back pad and given out LBW. Possibly going down leg, but Taylor walks off, he goes for 27. 

Mitchell Santner the new man, promoted ahead of Daryl Mitchell. 

3:17pm: 16 overs - NZ 147/4 - Taylor 25*, Neesham 7*

Mahmood goes short with the final ball of the 16th over, and Neesham rocks back and slaps him through the legside for four.

Four overs to go, these two need a big finish here.

3:09pm: 14.5 overs - NZ 135/4 - Taylor 23*, Neesham 0*

WICKET! Curran comes back into the attack now, and he gets the big wicket of de Grandhomme. Curran mixes up the variations, as de Grandhomme tries to launch a slower ball into orbit. He doesn't get the timing though, sending a catch down to long on debutant Banton.

He goes for 55 from 35, replaced by Jimmy Neesham.

3:04pm: 14 overs - NZ 133/3 - de Grandhomme 54*, Taylor 22*

Lewis Gregory has a shocker, bowling a beamer that Taylor works for four - giving away a free hit. His follow up is a bouncer that is called another no ball for height. The eventual delivery is deposited for six in classic Ross Taylor fashion!

The Black Caps starting to up the ante now - 15 from that over.

2:57pm: 12.3 overs - NZ 112/3 - de Grandhomme 52*, Taylor 6*

Fifty for de Grandhomme! Brown comes back into the attack, and de Grandhomme welcomes him with a four, before a beautiful straight six back down the ground to bring up his half century! It comes from just 27 balls, with five fours and three sixes.

2:54pm: 12 overs - NZ 101/3 - de Grandhomme 41*, Taylor 6*

These two batsmen just accumulating at the moment, save for the occasional big shot from de Grandhomme. The run rate is hovering around 8.5, which could see a total of around 170.

Still some batting to come for the Black Caps though, with Jimmy Neesham and Mitchell Santner still to come.

Taylor works a single to bring up the 100.

2:45pm: 9 overs, NZ 84/3 - de Grandhomme 28*, Taylor 3*

Parkinson's second over in international cricket is welcomed by the most perfect lofted six over cover from de Grandhomme! Parkinson comes back well though, the rest of the over going for one, two, a wide and three dots.

2:36pm: 7.5 overs - NZ 69/3 - de Grandhomme 19*, Taylor 0*

WICKET! Strap yourselves in folks, because de Grandhomme is starting to fire! Mahmoods second over is hit for 15, de Grandhomme with two fours and a six.

Debutant Matt Parkinson comes into the attack, for a bit of spin. He strikes with his fifth ball too! Seifert goes for a ridiculous switch hit, with the ball turning through his legs, onto the stumps. Seifert out for seven.

Ross Taylor replaces him.

2:29pm: 6 overs - NZ 52/2 - Seifert 5*, de Grandhomme 4*

Brown bowls the last over of the power play, and gives away just five. Seifert does well to hit back over the bowlers head for four, but a moral victory for Brown nonetheless.

2:22pm: 4.3 overs - NZ 42/2 - Seifert 1*, de Grandhomme 0*

WICKET! Curran strikes with the ball now! Another slower ball, and Munro can't time it. The ball loops up to short third man, where Mahmood makes a good catch moving forward.

Colin de Grandhomme the new batsman.

2:17pm: 3.5 overs - NZ 40/1 - Munro 5*, Seifert 0*

WICKET! Mahmood comes into the attack, and his first three balls are dispatched to the boundary by Guptill. Eoin Morgan is rotating his bowlers, and brings Pat Brown on for the fourth over. Chance of a run out, but wicketkeeper Billings can't deflect the ball onto the stumps with his foot.

Brown tries to bounce Guptill, but doesn't have the pace. Guptill pulls comfortably for another boundary. Brown goes for the slower ball, and Guptill gets a good piece of it, Tom Curran does brilliantly running backwards to take the catch!

Guptill goes for 33 from 17, Tim Seifert the new man.

2:08pm: 2 overs, NZ 19/0 - Munro 3*, Guptill 15*

Tom Curran takes the ball from the other end, Munro again works a single into leg from the first ball. Second ball defended by Guptill, third ball is a play and miss. Bit of movement from Curran.

Fourth ball is back of a length and straight, Guptill works off his hip, beats short fine leg and picks up a boundary for his troubles. Curran goes fuller as a follow up, but the same result! Guptill again flicks the ball past short fine leg to the boundary! Guptill pushes one down the ground for a single to finish the over.

Great start by NZ!

2:03pm: 1 over, NZ 9/0 - Munro 2*, Guptill 6*

First ball is on middle from Curran, Munro charges and gets a single out to the man in the deep on the leg side. Guptill to face his first now, he works off his hip to mid on, where a misfield gives him a single. Both batsmen off the mark.

Munro works another one to leg for another single. Fourth ball is pitched up and Guptill whips it off his pads, over square leg for the first boundary of the day!

Another single from the fifth ball, good strike rotation so far. A leg bye to finish the first over.

1:59pm: Here we go then! Colin Munro to face first, Sam Curran with ball in hand for England.

1.55pm: It's a lovely day in Nelson. Hopefully we're in for a cracker of a match.

Toss: Tim Southee wins, and NZ will bat. Blair Tickner comes in for Daryl Mitchell. 

Three changes for England, Tom Banton, Chris Parkinson and Tom Curran come into the XI for Jonny Bairstow, Adil Rashid and Chris Jordan. Banton and Parkinson are making their debuts. 

Preview: New Zealand bounced back in Wellington from a first-up loss with an impressive performance to level the series but with both teams preparing for next year’s World T20 in Australia, changes could be made.

The Black Caps have slightly less room to make changes with a 13-man squad but Scott Kuggeleijn or medium pacer Blair Tickner could be included if selectors want another look at their prowess in the shortest form.

The match will be Lockie Ferguson’s last for the series, with Trent Boult replacing him for the final two matches.

For England, Tom Banton will replace the rested Jonny Bairstow, while leg-spinner Matt Parkinson could also be included if England want to experiment.

Match 1: England won by seven wickets. 

Match 2: NZ won by 21 runs