'It still doesn't feel real' - Catch-a-Million winner bought his shirt minutes before catch

With one swing of Martin Guptill's bat, Craig Dougherty's life changed forever.

As the Black Caps opener's flick off his hip into the University Oval crowd landed firmly in Dougherty's right hand, the 34-year old builder picked up a cool $50,000 for his trouble - becoming the summer's first Catch-a-Million competition winner.

Nearly 24 hours later, Dougherty is still coming to terms with how a casual day at the cricket turned into the biggest payday of his life so far.

"It's pretty bloody crazy," he told 1 NEWS.

"I took it, and then started jumping up and down.

"I threw a few high fives to my mates, turned round to the skipper of my cricket team and gave him a big hug."

"I sat down and thought 'what the hell's just happened?' It still doesn't feel real."

The Albion club cricketer revealed that he nearly missed out on the chance at the prize altogether, unable to procure a competition shirt until the very last minute.

"I didn't have a Tui t-shirt! Online you couldn't get them straight away. I was sitting there thinking 'oh bugger I've missed out'.

"I found out there were Tui t-shirts for sale, so I quickly ran down there, got back, sat on my seat - next thing I knew it was flying straight at me."

Now $50,000 better off, Dougherty got to meet the batsman responsible for his financial windfall after the match.

"I met up with Martin (Guptill) afterwards.

"He said he sort of chipped it, I said that's good because if you'd middled it, it'd have gone straight through my hand!"

Tui Catch-a-Million winner Craig celebrates his catch attempt of the six of Blackcaps batsman Martin Guptill Source: Photosport

When asked how he was planning on spending his $50,000 winnings, Dougherty admitted he was clueless about what he'd do.

"I haven't really decided yet - no real plans. Maybe a new kitchen for the wife?"

With yesterday's catch the first of the year, Dougherty's effort will serve as inspiration to other cricket fans heading along to see the Black Caps in action this summer.

When asked about whether he had any advice for punters hoping to have the same luck as he did, the response was simple.

"Just relax. I didn't think about it too much when it was coming at me."