'See the ball, hit the ball' - Colin de Grandhomme on brutal match-winning innings

Big-hitting New Zealand batsman Colin de Grandhomme's instructions on his return to the national team yesterday were simple - he was told to go and play his natural game.

The returning de Grandhomme - out since early December on bereavement leave - showed no signs of rust in Hamilton, banging 74 in 40 balls and helping New Zealand reach their target of 263 with four overs to spare against Pakistan.

NZ lead the series 4-0.

Speaking after the match, de Grandhomme said his job was simple.

"I didn't get a message, I just got told to 'go play your game'," he told reporters.

"See the ball, hit the ball.

"Obviously tonight was my night."

The final match of the series is in Wellington on Friday. 


Black Caps pick up 11th straight win after Colin de Grandhomme blitz against Pakistan

The Black Caps have secured their 11th straight victory across all formats, defeating Pakistan by five wickets at Seddon Park in Hamilton.

Chasing 263 for victory, New Zealand were in trouble after captain Kane Williamson was dismissed with the score on 154/4, bringing all-rounder Colin de Grandhomme to the crease.

In his first match back in the side since the passing of his father, de Grandhomme blitzed 74 not out from just 40 balls, accompanied by Henry Nicholls at the other end, unbeaten with 52 from 70 balls.

9:05pm: 45.5 overs, NZ 263/5 - Nicholls 52*, de Grandhomme 74*

Fifty for Nicholls and that's the game for New Zealand! He pulls Hasan Ali to seal the win, the Black Caps' 11th in a row. 

9:02pm: 45 overs, NZ 253/5 - Nicholls 47*, de Grandhomme 69*

NZ edge closer, with de Grandhomme hitting three fours from the first four balls of a Rumman Raes over. The 250 comes up for the Black Caps as the pair pinch two, their partnership is a game changing 99 runs.

NZ need 10 runs fro five overs with five wickets in hand.

8:49pm: 42 overs, NZ 227/5 - Nicholls 41*, de Grandhomme 50*

Fifty for de Grandhomme! What an innings! He gets there from just 25 balls, with three fours and five sixes. He's turned this match on it's head.

NZ need 38 from eight overs with five wickets in hand.

8:40pm: 39 overs, NZ 197/5 - Nicholls 28*, de Grandhomme 37*

This game has started to swing back in New Zealand's favour! Since coming to the crease, de Grandhomme has taken the Pakistan attack apart! He's 37 from just 14 balls. Nicholls at the other end is happy to give de Grandhomme the strike.

NZ need 66 from 11 overs with five wickets in hand.

8:22pm: 35 overs, NZ 154/5 - Nicholls 23*, de Grandhomme 0*

WICKET! Williamson goes! He looks to hit Haris Sohail for six over long on, but Rumman Raes has somehow stayed in to pull of a screamer! The umpires want to check upstairs to see if his foot's gone over the boundary, but that's all good.

Williamson on his way for 32, Colin de Grandhomme the new batsman.

NZ need 109 runs from 15 overs with five wickets in hand.

7:58pm: 29 overs, NZ 129/4 - Williamson 18*, Nicholls 13*

Williamson and Nicholls have stemmed the flow of wickets - for now. They've put together a partnership of 30 runs from 50 balls. The required run rate has climbed above a run a ball.

NZ need 134 runs from 22 overs with six wickets in hand.

7:38pm: 22.5 overs, NZ 110/4 - Williamson 8*, Nicholls 4*

Nicholls is hit on the pad and Pakistan appeal. The umpire gives it not out initially and Pakistan review it. Nicholls hasn't hit the ball, but where did it pitch - outside leg says the replay. Nicholls survies. 

NZ need 153 runs from 27.1 overs with six wickets in hand.

7:23pm: 19.4 overs, NZ 99/4 - Williamson 1*, Nicholls 0*

WICKET! Latham goes now! Shadab is going through this side like a knife through butter! He pushes a wrongun across the left hander, that Latham can only edge behind to Babar Azam at slip. 

Latham out for eight, Henry Nicholls the next man in.

NZ need 164 runs from 30.2 overs with six wickets in hand.

7:10pm: 16.2 overs, NZ 90/3 - Williamson 0*, Latham 0*

WICKET! New Zealand falling apart here! He walks across to a straight ball from Rumman Raes and gets hit on the pad dead in front of the stumps. The umpire wastes no time giving it out. The Black Caps lose their third in no time. Taylor goes for just one, Tom Latham the next batsman.

NZ need 173 runs from 33.4 overs with seven wickets in hand.

7:04pm: 15.1 overs, NZ 89/2 - Williamson 0*, Taylor 0*

WICKET! Two in two for Shadab and both NZ openers are gone! He tosses one up to Guptill, who tries to hit him straight out of the ground. He doesn't hit it clean, and Hasan Ali takes a simple catch on the boundary. Guptill goes for 31, Ross Taylor the new batsman in his 200th ODI.

NZ need 174 runs from 34.5 overs with eight wickets in hand.

6:58pm: 14 overs, NZ 88/1 - Guptill 30*, Williamson 0*

WICKET! Shadab Khan comes into the attack and he's got rid of Munro! The pair had been involved in a bit of verbals, with Munro trying to stamp his authority. He slog sweeps a legbreak, but doesn't get all of it cleanly. He can only send a catch down to Hafeez on the midwicket boundary. 

Munro goes for 56 from 42 balls, Kane Williamson the new man.

NZ need 175 from 36 overs with nine wickets in hand.

6:53pm: 13 overs, NZ 86/0 - Guptill 29*, Munro 56*

Fifty for Munro! Great start from the Black Caps' opener! He gets there with a brutal boundary from Rumman Raes, he's hit eight boundaries and two sixes. 

NZ need 177 runs from 37 overs with 10 wickets in hand.

6:35pm: 9 overs, NZ 52/0 - Guptill 15*, Munro 35*

Fifty partnership! Guptill punches Amir into the covers for a single to bring up the 50 stand. Munro has been the aggressor so far, with 35 off 25, while Guptill has been more sedate with 15 from 29.

6:17pm: 5 overs, NZ 21/0 - Guptill 8*, Munro 13*

Guptill gets away with one! He charges Amir to try and go over cover, but doesn't middle it. The ball goes high, but none of the Pakistan fielders can get there. The batsmen get back for two. 

Guptill gets a single from the final ball of the over.

6:06pm: 2 overs, NZ 14/0 - Guptill 5*, Munro 9*

Hasan Ali takes the ball from the other end. His first ball is smashed towards cover by Guptill, but is well stopped, the batsmen get two. Guptill gets a single to bring Munro on strike. The left hander picks up his first boundary by getting down on one knee and lofting Hasan to midwicket for four. 

The next shot is even better! Munro drives on the up through cover for four to end the over.

NZ need 249 from 48 overs.

6:02pm: 1 over, NZ 3/0 - Guptill 2*, Munro 1*

Amir stars wide to Guptill, looking to get some shape back into the right hander. Guptill and Munro steal a single from the third ball for the first runs of the innings. 

Munro takes strike now, he gets off the mark second ball with a cut that goes aerial, but bounces safely to allow the batsmen to get one. Guptill defends the last ball, but a misfield on the offside means the batsmen can get another single. Three from the first over.

NZ need 260 runs from 49 overs.


Martin Guptill takes strike, Mohammad Amir has the ball.


We're back and ready for the second innings. Safraz Ahmed leads his team in a huddle, they'll want to salvage some pride on this tour with a win tonight. New Zealand meanwhile, can seal an 11th straight win with a successful chase.

5:14pm: 50 overs, PAK 262/8 - Shadab 6*

Right, final over and Boult will bowl it. The first ball is pitched up and Hafeez hammers it for six! Second ball is a slower bouncer, good comeback from Boult to decieve the batsman. The third ball is smashed over the boundary once again! The fourth ball is a full toss that Hafeez hits for four through cover! Expensive over from Boult with two to go.

Boult tries a bouncer for the fifth ball and it's another six! Hafeez pulls and it goes into the crowd. Final ball coming up, Hafeez on 81. 

It's a perfect yorker from Boult that Hafeez digs out. The batsman try to get a single, but Boult does brilliantly off his own bowling to run Hafeez out. Pakistan finish 262/8, meaning New Zealand need 263 to win.

5:08pm: 48.4 overs, PAK 233/7 - Hafeez 58*, Shadab 0*

WICKET! Another for Southee! A slower ball to Hasan Ali is hit into the deep, but the batsman can't get enough of it. He hits an easy catch to Guptill at long on. Hasan Ali goes for just one, Shadab Khan the new batsman.

5:03pm: 47.4 overs, PAK 228/6 - Hafeez 57*, Hasan 0*

WICKET! Boult gets rid of the dangerous Safraz! He pushes a ball across the right hander, that the Pakistan skipper tries to hit over midwicket. The ball is skied up in the air for Guptill to take a comfortable catch. Safraz goes for 51, Hasan Ali the new man.

5:01pm: 47.1 overs, PAK 225/5 - Hafeez 55*, Safraz 50*

Fifty for Safraz now! The Pakistan skipper gets to fifty as well. He hits Boult through backward point for a boundary to get there. His 50 comes from 45 balls with three boundaries, and three sixes.

4:54pm: 46 overs, PAK 208/5 - Hafeez 50*, Safraz 38*

Fifty for Hafeez! Another Pakistan batsman brings up his half century. Hafeez gets the with a single off Boult, having launched him over midwicket earlier in the over. His 50 comes from 67 balls. Meanwhile, this partnership is 78.

4:41pm: 42 overs, PAK 185/5 - Hafeez 41*, Safraz 8*

This pair have put together a partnership of 55 for the sixth wicket. Safraz is thriving as the aggressor of the two, launching Southee into the crowd for a mighty six. Hafeez at the other end is playing patiently, with 41 runs to his name. Pakistan looking for a big finish here to set any sort of defendable total.

4:18pm: 37 overs, PAK 152/5 - Hafeez 25*, Safraz 8*

Williamson completes his 10 overs, going for just 32 runs and taking two wickets. Great spell from the skipper. 

4:04pm: 32.2 overs, PAK 130/5 - Hafeez 12*, Safraz 0*

WICKET! Another wicket for Williamson! Malik tries to launch him for a six, but can only hit the ball into the breeze. The ball holds in the air perfectly for Mitchell Santner to take the catch at long on. Malik goes for six, Safraz Ahmed in at number seven.

4:00pm: 31.2 overs, PAK 129/4 - Hafeez 12*, Malik 5*

Oh no! Shoaib Malik has come to the crease without a helmet on, he tries to pinch a single, but is sent back. Colin Munro throws the ball back towards the keeper, but hits Malik square on the back of the head.

This is nasty, Malik hasn't gotten up. The Pakistan medical staff are out on the field, he's gotten to his feet now. It looks like Malik will continue - and he's called for a helmet. To make things better for him, the ball went to the boundary after it came off his head.

3:50pm: 30.1 overs, PAK 123/4 - Hafeez 11*, Malik 0*

WICKET! No century for Sohail! He charges at Williamson, looking to loft him over cover. A tiny bit of turn for the Black Caps skipper sees the left hander skew his shot, sailing into the hands of Henry Nicholls in the deep. Sohail goes for 50, Shoaib Malik the new man.

3:48pm: 30 overs, PAK 123/3 - Sohail 50*, Hafeez 11*

Fifty for Haris Sohail! Another good innings for Pakistan. He gets to his half ton from 73 balls, he's never scored an ODI century, what a time this would be to get his first.

3:29pm: 22.2 overs, PAK 97/3 - Sohail 35*, Hafeez 0*

WICKET! Santner gets the breakthrough! Fakhar dances down the track to Santner bowling around the wicket, he moves too far down the pitch, yorking himself as the ball goes on with the arm and crashes into Fakhar's leg stump. 

Fakhar Zaman goes for 53, Mohammad Hafeez the new batsman.

3:22pm: 21 overs, PAK 92/2 - Fakhar 51*, Sohail 34*

Fifty for Fakhar Zaman! Well batted from the Pakistan opener, he gets to his half-century from 68 balls. 

3:07pm: 17 overs, PAK 76/2 - Fakhar, 45*, Sohail 26*

In a surprising move, Williamson brings himself on to bowl to the two left handers. He keeps it tidy as well, with just two singles coming from the over. New Zealand desperately need to break this partnership, which has moved to 65 from 74 balls.

2:50pm: 12 overs, PAK 60/2 - Fakhar 39*, Sohail 16*

Boult and Southee have been taken out of the attack, replaced by Ferguson and de Grandhomme. Ferguson's extra pace has Pakistan licking their lips, taking him for nine from his first over. Meanwhile de Grandhomme is unlucky not to strike in his first over, with Fakhar mistiming a ball over the infield to thrid man for four. 

Fakhar gets a straight one from de Grandhomme, flicking it down to fine leg for anouther boundary, this pair have added 49 runs together.

2:42pm: 10 overs, PAK 43/2 - Fakhar 31*, Sohail 8*

Fakhar keeps his aggression up, now taking the attack to Boult. He's fortunate to get six for a top edged pull shot, but takes 14 from Boult's fifth over.

2:30pm: 7 overs, PAK 22/2 - Fakhar 16*, Sohail 2*

Fakhar Zaman is starting to break the shackles against Southee! He launches a stinging pull shot off the front foot, before a beautiful straight drive later in the over. He'll need to play a sensible innings if Pakistan are going to set a competitive total here.

2:19pm: 4.4 pvers, PAK 11/2 - Fakhar 7*, Sohail 0*

WICKET! Southee's got two and this time it's Babar! Next to identical dismissal, with the batsman slashing at a wide ball that moves slightly away from him. Latham makes no mistake behind the stumps. Babar goes for three, Haris Sohail the new man.

2:10pm: 2.3 overs, PAK 7/1 - Fakhar 6*, Babar 0*

WICKET! Southee strikes early and the Faheem Ashraf experiment has failed! A short and wide ball is slashed at by the Pakistan opener, who can only manage a thin edge through to Latham. The Black Caps doing the business early once again. Faheem goes for one, Babar Azam the new man.

2:07pm: 2 overs, PAK 7/0 - Fakhar 6*, Faheem 1*

Boult takes the new ball from the other end, Faheem gets off the mark straight away to bring Fakhar back on strike. He smacks Boult back down the ground from the fifth ball of the over for the first boundary of the day. Boult fires one in at the pads to finish the over for a dot ball, five from it.

2:03pm: 1 over, PAK 2/0 - Fakhar 2*, Faheem 0*

Tim Southee to take the new ball, Fakhar on strike. The first ball is on the money, Fakhar defends. The third ball is too straight from Southee, and Fakhar clips it off his pads for two - first runs of the day. Southee recovers well to end the over.


Ross Taylor leads the Black Caps out onto the field, today becoming the seventh New Zealander to reach 200 ODI's. Pakistan's openers make their way out to the pitch. Faheem Ashraf looks like he'll open up instead of Safraz Ahmed.


Kane Williamson says that he was looking to bowl first anyway, a good toss to lose then! Trent Boult will be looking to make inroads with the new ball, having easily been New Zealand's best player in the 50-over game this summer.


For New Zealand, Colin de Grandhomme returns in place of Todd Astle.

Pakistan make one change, Azhar Ali drops out for Haris Sohail - sending Safraz Ahmed to the top of the order.

NZ: 1. Martin Guptill, 2. Colin Munro 3. Kane Williamson (capt), 4. Ross Taylor, 5. Tom Latham (wk), 6. Henry Nicholls, 7. Colin de Grandhomme, 8. Mitchell Santner, 9. Tim Southee, 10. Lockie Ferguson, 11. Trent Boult.

PAK: 1. Fakhar Zaman, 2. Safraz Ahmed (c & wk), 3. Babar Azam, 4. Mohammad Hafeez, 5. Shoaib Malik, 6. Haris Sohail, 7. Faheem Ashraf, 8. Shadab Khan, 9. Mohammad Amir, 10. Hasan Ali, 11. Rumman Raes.


Seddon Park looks a beauty for cricket! The sun is shining and both captains are out in the middle for the toss.

Safraz Ahmed wins the toss and Pakistan will bat first.


The news is that conditions are overcast but play will start on time.

New Zealand may consider changes with the series wrapped up, with Matt Henry a chance to replace Lockie Ferguson while Colin de Grandhomme could come in for Todd Astle. 

New Zealand has never won 11 consecutive international games before, they can set that new record with victory today, in what will be a special occasion for Ross Taylor.

He plays his 200th ODI at his home ground of Seddon Park, becoming the seventh Kiwi to reach that mark. Stephen Fleming, at 291, has the most one-day appearances for the Black Caps.

The toss is at 1.25pm, first ball from 2pm.

Teams (possible):

NZ: 1. Martin Guptill, 2. Colin Munro 3. Kane Williamson (capt), 4. Ross Taylor, 5. Tom Latham (wk), 6. Henry Nicholls, 7. Colin de Grandhomme, 8. Mitchell Santner, 9. Tim Southee, 10. Matt Henry, 11. Trent Boult.

PAK: 1. Fakhar Zaman, 2. Azhar Ali, 3. Babar Azam, 4. Mohammad Hafeez, 5. Shoaib Malik, 6. Safraz Ahmed (c & wk), 7. Faheem Ashraf, 8. Shadab Khan, 9. Mohammad Amir, 10. Hasan Ali, 11. Rumman Raes.



Brendon McCullum booms his way to blistering 50 in the BBL

D'Arcy Short has plundered more Big Bash League runs, guiding the Hobart Hurricanes to a six-wicket win over the Brisbane Heat at Bellerive Oval.

With Hobart chasing 166 for victory, Short cracked eight boundaries in his 59 from 49 on Monday night as the Hurricanes reached the target with 10 balls to spare.

The in-form 27-year-old now holds the record for the most runs in a BBL season, with 465 from seven games.

He surpassed Shaun Marsh's tally of 412 from nine games, set in 2013/14.

The record comes after Short smacked 122 - the biggest score in BBL history - in his side's dramatic three-run win over the Heat last week.

Short shared a 73-run stand with skipper George Bailey, to provide the backbone of Hobart's innings.

He was out top-edging Mark Steketee in the 15th over but an unbeaten quick-fire 32 from 19 by Ben McDermott saw the Hurricanes home.

Hobart's fifth win in a row pushes them to third on the ladder, as they chase their first finals appearance since finishing runners-up in 2013/14.

Earlier, a Brendon McCullum 51 off 38 helped the Heat to 8-165 after they won the toss and elected to bat.

Brisbane spluttered late though, losing 4-28 in the final three overs.

Hurricanes allrounder Dan Christian was tight at the death, with 1-12 from two overs.

McCullum shared a 59-run stand with Joe Burns (38 from 24) after Sam Heazlett was caught behind off tweaker Clive Rose on the fourth ball of the innings.

Ben Cutting chipped in with 30 from 26 before being run out by a direct hit by Bailey.

The Hurricanes batsmen then sealed a comprehensive win in front of a 14,873-strong crowd.