Ross Taylor's superb unbeaten 181 guides Black Caps to series levelling ODI win against England

The Black Caps have beaten England by five wickets in their fourth ODI match after a heroic unbeaten 181 run knock by New Zealand's veteran batsman Ross Taylor at University Oval in Dunedin today.

7.01pm: NZ 339/5 - Taylor 181, Nicholls 13

SIX! Curran bowls to Henry Nicholls he hits a huge six over the square leg boundary to win it for New Zealand. The Black Caps have won the fourth ODI by five wickets with three balls remaining and level the series at 2-2. A tremendous ODI match which went right down to the wire, Ross Taylor was magnificent for the Black Caps scoring an unbeaten 181-runs with only one good leg - what a match!

6.58pm: 49 overs, NZ 333/5 - Taylor 181, Nicholls 7 - Black Caps need 3 runs off 6 balls to win

How is Ross Taylor still out there? Final over of the match and the Black Caps need three more runs from six balls to win the match.

6.52pm: 48 overs, NZ 323/5 - Taylor 173, Nicholls 5 - Black Caps need 13 runs off 12 balls to win

A great over from England's Tom Curran who keeps his side in the match. Two more overs remaining and we are in for a big finish.

6.47pm: 47 overs, NZ 319/5 - Taylor 171, Nicholls 3 - Black Caps need 17 runs off 18 balls to win

A huge over for New Zealand as Ross Taylor hits a massive six and four in the over to give the Black Caps a chance to win the match... not to mention the veteran is doing it all on one leg.

6:37pm: 45.4 overs, NZ 303/5 - Taylor 158, de Grandhomme 23 - Black Caps need 32 runs off 25 balls to win

OUT! Tom Curran bowls to Colin de Grandhomme and he hits it straight to Chris Woakes who makes a straight forward catch at backward point to get a crucial wicket for England.

6:29pm: 44 overs, NZ 299/4 - Taylor 155, de Grandhomme 22

A great over from Colin de Grandhomme as he smashes two massive sixes as New Zealand score 14 runs from that over from Tom Curran. De Grandhomme is on 22 runs already with six overs remaining in the innings.

6:20pm: 42.2 overs, NZ 274/4 - Taylor 152, de Grandhomme 0

WICKET! Curran bowls to Tom Latham tries to go big but he has mistimed his shot and hits it high in the air. Moeen Ali gets under it and makes a safe catch at backward point.

6:19pm: 41.4 overs, NZ 272/3 - Taylor 150, Latham 71

HUNDRED AND FIFTY! Pure class on display here from Ross Taylor as he brings up 150 for New Zealand.

6:14pm: 40.4 overs, NZ 265/3 - Taylor 144, Latham 70

SIX! Adil Rashid bowls to Ross Taylor and Taylor hits it out of the grounds over wide long-on. Taylor is pretty much batting with one leg, he's six runs short of reaching 150.

6:11pm: 40 overs, NZ 256/3 - Taylor 137, Latham 68

A big over there from New Zealand, getting 15-runs from that over. Ross Taylor scored three fours in that over from Mark Wood. The Black Caps require 80 runs with seven wickets in hand and 60 balls remaining.  

6:05pm: 38.4 overs, NZ 239/3 - Taylor 123, Latham 67

SIX! Great heart being shown here by Ross Taylor. Ben Stokes bowls to the veteran Black Caps batsman and Taylor smashes the ball high over the midwicket boundary.

5:58pm: 38 overs, NZ 227/3 - Taylor 112, Latham 66

FOUR! Wood bowls to Tom Latham and he flicks it in the air over mid-on for a boundary. Things don't look good for Ross Taylor who looks to have hurt his quad, he's having his thigh heavily strapped by the Black Caps medical team. 

5:47pm: 36 overs, NZ 209/3 - Taylor 106, Latham 54

FIFTY! Wood bowls to Tom Latham he hits a big six to bring up his half ton for New Zealand.

5:40pm: 34.4 overs, NZ 195/3 - Taylor 100, Latham 46

CENTURY! Ross Taylor brings up his 19th ODI 100 for New Zealand, another superb knock from the Black Caps veteran.

5:31pm: 32.5 overs, NZ 182/3 - Taylor 89, Latham 44

FOUR! Adil Rashid bowls to Ross Taylor and he hits over deep midwicket. Jonny Bairstow gets to it with one hand but he drops the ball. Ross Taylor lucky not to be out, England let NZ off the hook here.

5:27pm: 32 overs, NZ 172/3 - Taylor 82, Latham 44

A solid over from the Black Caps batsmen, showing good running between the wickets. They get seven runs in that over from Moeen Ali. New Zealand require another 161 runs with seven wickets and 18 overs remaining in the innings.

5:13pm: 28 overs, NZ 145/3 - Taylor 74, Latham 24

SIX! Moeen Ali bowls to Ross Taylor and Taylor sweeps the ball over deep backward square. He gets enough on it to go over the English fielder.

5:02pm: 25 overs, NZ 125/3 - Taylor 59, Latham 19

Ross Taylor and Tom Latham really need to get a move on, the Black Caps need 211 runs to win the fourth ODI and level the series 2-2. 

4:47pm: 20.1 overs, NZ 108/3 - Taylor 50, Latham 11

FIFTY! Ben Stokes bowls to Ross Taylor and he manages to get a single to bring up his 42nd ODI half ton for NZ, an excellent knock from the Black Caps veteran.

4:24pm: 16.1 overs, NZ 86/3 - Taylor 40, Williamson 45

WICKET! Ben Stokes comes into the bowling attack and bowls to Kane Williamson, it looks like Williamson gets a glove to it and Jos Buttler makes a safe catch and the umpire puts his hand up. The England team celebrate big knowing how crucial that wicket is of Williamson. He doesn't look happy, but there is nothing he can do with Colin Munro using his side's review early in the innings.

4:18pm: 15 overs, NZ 81/2 - Taylor 39, Williamson 41

FOUR! Adil Rashid bowls to Ross Taylor and Taylor hits it away to the point boundary, a classy shot from the veteran. New Zealand look to have recovered after their openers were dismissed early in their innings. Taylor and Williamson need to pile on the runs now to give NZ a chance to chase down England's total.

SIX! Great use of the feet from Kane Williamson. He smacks Adil Rashid's delivery over the long-on boundary. 

4:08pm: 12 overs, NZ 58/2 - Taylor 31, Williamson 26

3:57pm: 9.4 overs, NZ 43/2 - Taylor 20, Williamson 22

SIX! Wood bowls to Ross Taylor and he smashes it over the long leg boundary.

3:48pm: 8 overs, NZ 25/2 - Taylor 9, Williamson 16

FOUR! Wood bowls to Kane Williamson and he puts away Wood's delivery for a easy four. Williamson and Taylor are starting to find their groove.

3:40pm: 5.3 overs, NZ 12/2 - Taylor 2, Williamson 10

FOUR! Wood bowls to Kane Williamson and he hits the first boundary for NZ. He brings down a straight bat and eases the ball between the non-striker and the umpire, mid-on has no chance of stopping the ball from reaching the boundary. An excellent strike by the Black Caps skipper.

3:37pm: 5 overs, NZ 7/2 - Taylor 2, Williamson 5

The Black Caps are off to slow start and require another 329 runs with eight wickets and 45 overs remaining.

3:28pm: 3 overs, NZ 2/2 - Guptill 0, Williamson 2

OUT! Woakes bowls to Martin Guptill and he hits it straight up in the air, Ben Stokes gets under the ball and makes a safe catch at mid-off. New Zealand are in real trouble now - Ross Taylor joins Williamson at the crease.

Ross Taylor.
New Zealand Black Caps v England, ODI series, University Oval in Dunedin, New Zealand. Wednesday 7 March 2018. © Copyright Photo: Andrew Cornaga /
Black Caps batsman Ross Taylor. Source: Photosport

3:20pm: 1.1 overs, NZ 0/1 - Guptill 0, Munro 0

WICKET! Mark Wood bowls to Colin Munro and Wood's delivery hits Munro on the pads. Munro reviews the call from the umpire and replays show the was going on to hitting middle stump. A poor start from the Black Caps and a wasted review.

3:18pm: 1 over, NZ 0/0 - Guptill 0, Munro 0

New Zealand are chasing 336 runs to win the ODI and level the series. A good first over from Woakes letting in no runs for a maiden over.

2:41pm: 50 overs, Eng 335/9 - Wood 3, Curran 22

A great way to finish the innings with Curran scoring 18 runs in the final over to finish things strong for England.

2:33pm: 48 overs, Eng 313/9 - Rashid 11, Curran 3

Ish Sodhi celebrates the dismissal of Roy.
New Zealand Black Caps v England, ODI series, University Oval in Dunedin, New Zealand. Wednesday 7 March 2018. © Copyright Photo: Andrew Cornaga /
Black Caps' spinner Ish Sodhi celebrates the dismissal of England's Jason Roy. Source: Photosport

OUT! Trent Boult has bowled him. Boult goes for the base of off stump and he nails it. Rashid is gone for 11-runs.

2:28pm: 47.1 overs, Eng 305/8 - Root 102, Rashid 7

WICKET! Tim Southee bowls a bouncer to Joe Root and he edges it straight into Tom Latham's gloves.

2:25pm: 46.5 overs, Eng 304/7 - Root 101, Rashid 5

CENTURY! A great knock from Joe Root who picks up his 11th ODI hundred for England. Root hits Trent Boult's delivery through mid wicket and he gets two runs to bring up his half ton.

2:21pm: 46 overs, Eng 298/7 - Root 97, Rashid 5

2:11pm: 43.5 overs, Eng 288/7 - Root 93, Woakes 3

OUT! Colin Munro celebrates big as Chris Woakes gives away his wicket. Woakes tries to go big but Trent Boult makes a nice and easy catch on the boundary. 

2:03pm: 42.1 overs, Eng 280/6 - Root 88, Ali 3

WICKET! Ish Sodhi picks up another wicket with Moeen Ali edging it high in the air. Tim Southee runs in from long-off and gets low to make a sensational catch. All the momentum is with the Black Caps right now.

1:56pm: 40.2 overs, Eng 279/5 - Root 88, Stokes 1

OUT! Ish Sodhi bowls to Ben Stokes and the English batsman tries to go big but he's been caught at deep mid wicket by Henry Nicholls. A massive moment in the match with the Black Caps snaring four wickets in under three overs.

1:51pm: 39.4 overs, Eng 274/4 - Root 86, Morgan 5

WICKET! Trent Boult bowls to Eoin Morgan and he's hit it skyward. Black Caps' all-rounder Colin Munro moves quickly left from mid-on and makes a solid catch to get his side back into the match. 

1:45pm: 39 overs, Eng 267/3 - Root 84*, Buttler 0

OUT! Ish Sodhi bowls to Jos Buttler and he's gone for a duck. Buttler smacks the ball straight back at Sodhi and he shows great reflexes to make a low diving catch. A crucial wicket for New Zealand.  

England's Jason Roy
England's Jason Roy Source: Photosport

1:40pm: 37.5 overs, Eng 267/2 - Bairstow 138, Root 84*

WICKET! Colin Munro bowls to Bairstow and he hits it straight up in the air. Tim Southee gets under the ball and Jonny Bairstow's excellent innings with the bat comes to an end.

1:32pm: 36 overs, Eng 244/1 - Bairstow 117*, Root 82*

A fairly solid over for Colin Munro with the ball with England picking up eight runs from that over. The Black Caps are in desperate need for a wicket to break up this impressive partnership - current partnership of Bairstow and Root is 167 runs. 

1:13pm: 32 overs, Eng 199/1 - Bairstow 101*, Root 53*

Hundred for Bairstow! He pulls Santner past short fine leg for four to reach his third ODI ton! It comes off just 86 balls, 11 fours and four sixes. Well batted.

1:10pm: 31 overs, ENG 191/1 - Bairstow 95*, Root 51*

Fifty for Root! He runs down the track and belts Southee over long on for six to reach his milestone. He gets there from 61 balls with three fours and a six, the partnership between these two is now 114.

12:59pm: 28 overs, ENG 170/1 - Bairstow 85*, Root 40*

The partnership between Root and Bairstow is now the highest for England's second wicket against New Zealand. They've currently added 93 and haven't looked like giving too much away.

12:46pm: 24 overs, ENG 151/1 - Bairstow 75*, Root 31*

Santner's put down a regulation chance at short cover! Boult gets Bairstow to drive but Santner has no clue what's going on, getting a hand to the ball only to see it go free.

England piling on the runs here - 400 is on the cards.

12:29pm: 20 overs, ENG 131/1 - Bairstow 63*, Root 23*

Bairstow is going after the spinners now, smashing huge sixes down the ground from both Sodhi and Santner. This pair have raised their 50 partership too, coming fro 58 balls.

12:18pm: 16.3 overs, ENG 113/1 - Bairstow 50*, Root 18*

Fifty for Bairstow. A huge six from Sodhi helps the England opener reach the milestone, after Bairstow hits one out of the ground. He gets there from 38 balls with seven fours and one six.

12:15pm: 16 overs, ENG 105/1 - Bairstow 43*, Root 17*

After some quiet overs, Root and Bairstow are taking the attack to the Black Caps. Bairstow is lucky to survive after top edging an attempted sweep from Santner that just manages to evade the man at short fine leg.

12:02pm: 13 overs, ENG 82/1 - Bairstow 35*, Root 2*

Sodhi and Santner are putting the breaks on the England innings here, with just five runs being scored between this pair since the last wicket. 

11:53am: 10.2 overs, ENG 77/1 - Bairstow 32*, Root 0*

WICKET! Sodhi comes into the attack and strikes to remove Roy! The batsman looks to pull a shorter ball, but is beaten by the turn with the mistimed shot scooped to short fine leg. Santner does brilliantly coming forward to take the catch just inches off the ground.

Joe Root the new batsman as Roy goes for 42.

11:40am: 8 overs, ENG 59/0 - Roy 39*, Bairstow 18*

Boult strikes Roy on the pad and the Black Caps appeal, umpire has no problem in giving it not out but Williamson wants a referral.

Where's the ball pitched? Outside leg, that's where. New Zealand waste their review. 

11:28am: 6 overs, ENG 46/0 - Roy 28*, Bairstow 17*

New Zealand's fielding has gone from bad to worse, with overthrows gifing Bairstow five runs. Boult comes back with a short ball at Roy that smacks into the opener's ribs. 

Roy's in some pain here, but he's going to carry on. Boult looks to test him with another short ball, but Roy rocks back and belts a six over midwicket! England rocketing along here.  

11:18am: 4 overs, ENG 29/0 - Roy 16*, Bairstow 12*

Boult and Southee struggling to keep it tight early on, not being backed up at all in the field. Misfields aplenty as England score at more than a run a ball from the opening overs.

11:09am: 2 overs, ENG 13/0 - Roy 13*, Bairstow 0*

Trent Boult to bowl from the other end, averaging just under 10 runs per wicket on this ground. Roy takes guard.

Inside edge for Roy second ball and it goes for four! He's come so close to playing the ball back onto the stumps, but instead he's earned a boundary.

Fifth ball of the over is short and Roy punches through cover off the back foot. Williamson gives chase but can't stop the boundary, four more to Roy. Eight from the second over.

11:04am: 1 over, ENG 5/0 - Roy 5*, Bairstow 0*

First ball is pitched outside off to Roy, moving away through the air - the batsman leaves it through to the keeper. Second ball is short and Roy pulls - uncomfortably - to midwicket for the first runs of the day with a boundary.

Southee comes back with a ball on off stump that Roy defends. Fourth ball moves back into Roy, who gets out of the way and lets it through to Latham. Another fuller ball on the fifth delivery, Roy defends to mid off.

Roy gets a single from the last ball, five from the opening over.


England's opening pair make their way out to the middle. Jason Roy will take strike for the first ball, Jonny Bairstow at the other end. Tim Southee with ball in hand.


Not far away from the start of play now. Kane Williamson leads his side in a huddle as the Black Caps make their way out to the pitch. This is do or die for New Zealand today.


Here are the final teams:

NZ: 1. Martin Guptill, 2. Colin Munro, 3. Kane Williamson (c), 4. Ross Taylor, 5. Tom Latham (wk), 6. Henry Nicholls, 7. Colin de Grandhomme, 8. Mitchell Santner, 9. Tim Southee, 10. Ish Sodhi, 11. Trent Boult.

ENG: 1. Jason Roy, 2. Jonny Bairstow, 3. Joe Root, 4. Eoin Morgan (c). 5. Ben Stokes, 6. Jos Buttler (wk), 7. Moeen Ali, 8. Chris Woakes, 9. Adil Rashid, 10. Tom Curran, 11. Mark Wood.


Kane Williamson tosses and he's won the toss! New Zealand will bowl first! Ross Taylor's return is the only change for New Zealand.


We're looking good for some cricket today! Toss and team lists to be confirmed shortly.


After taking the lead in the series with a brilliant opening win in Hamilton, New Zealand have stagnated to now trail this five match series 2-1.

Losses in Mount Maunganui and Wellington leave the Black Caps in a do or die position to keep the series alive. 

For New Zealand, the batting stocks have been bolstered by the return of Ross Taylor - who has never been part of a losing side at University Oval in an ODI, while Lockie Ferguson could come in to the bowling ranks to add a bit of pace on a more seamer friendly pitch.

England shouldn't be expected to make too many - if any - changes to their side, expected to keep the faith in the players that have brought back to back wins these last two matches.

TEAMS (possible):

NZ: 1. Martin Guptill, 2. Colin Munro, 3. Kane Williamson (c), 4. Ross Taylor, 5. Tom Latham (wk), 6. Henry Nicholls, 7. Colin de Grandhomme, 8. Mitchell Santner, 9. Tim Southee, 10. Ish Sodhi/Lockie Ferguson, 11. Trent Boult.

ENG: 1. Jason Roy, 2. Jonny Bairstow, 3. Joe Root, 4. Eoin Morgan (c). 5. Ben Stokes, 6. Jos Buttler (wk), 7. Moeen Ali, 8. Chris Woakes, 9. Adil Rashid, 10. Tom Curran, 11. Mark Wood.

1:32pm: 36 overs, Eng 244/1 - Bairstow 117*, Root 82*
1:32pm: 36 overs, Eng 244/1 - Bairstow 117*, Root 82*
1:40pm: 37.5 overs, Eng 267/2 - Bairstow 138, Root 84*
2:11pm: 43.5 overs, Eng 288/7 - Root 93, Woakes 3
3:28pm: 3 overs, NZ 2/2 - Guptill 0, Williamson 2
3:48pm: 8 overs, NZ 25/2 - Taylor 9, Williamson 16
4:10pm: 12.4 overs, NZ 67/2 - Taylor 31, Williamson 34
4:18pm: 15 overs, NZ 81/2 - Taylor 39, Williamson 41
5:13pm: 28 overs, NZ 145/3 - Taylor 74, Latham 24
6:20pm: 42.2 overs, NZ 274/4 - Taylor 152, de Grandhomme 0
6:20pm: 42.2 overs, NZ 274/4 - Taylor 152, de Grandhomme 0
6:29pm: 44 overs, NZ 299/4 - Taylor 155, de Grandhomme 22

Spinners galore as White Ferns name side for T20 series against Australia

New Zealand will take a spin-heavy bowling attack into their three-match women's Twenty20 series against Australia.

Five players are proven international slow bowlers and should get plenty of overs during the series starting at North Sydney Oval on September 29.

Coach Haidee Tiffen has based selection on her belief slow bowling will be important at the women's World T20 in the West Indies in November.

One of the spin group is new skipper Amy Satterthwaite.

The allrounder takes over from Suzie Bates, who surprisingly relinquished the captaincy last week.

Bates is the most potent batting force in the New Zealand team and is ranked second in the world in the shortest format, just ahead of Australian pair Meg Lanning and Beth Mooney.

Suzie Bates, Bernadine Bezuidenhout, Sophie Devine, Kate Ebrahim, Maddy Green, Holly Huddleston, Hayley Jensen, Leigh Kasperek, Amelia Kerr, Katey Martin, Amy Satterthwaite (capt), Lea Tahuhu, Jess Watkin.

New Zealand’s Amelia Kerr. International womens cricket, White Ferns v Australia, Blake Park, Tauranga, New Zealand. Sunday, 5 March, 2017. Copyright photo: John Cowpland /
New Zealand bowler Amelia Kerr. Source: Photosport



'You can always capitalise at the end' - Colin Munro reflects on record-breaking CPL season

Colin Munro has revealed the mindset he's maintained in a record-breaking campaign for the Trinbago Knight Riders which he capped off with a man-of-the-match performance today.

Along with winning the final against the Guyana Amazon Warriors today, the left-hander was also named in the tournament team and became the first batsman in tournament history to break the 500 run mark in a single CPL season.

Munro finished with 567 runs from 13 innings at an average of 51.54 while generating a strike rate of 140.

He finished 110 runs clear of the second best run producer - fellow Black Cap Glenn Phillips - by 110 runs.

The 31-year-old said after the match he's had a constant approach to the tournament which helped him generate the record numbers.

"On these surfaces you can't just go from ball one as I've done in the past.

"I just tried to get myself under way before I took too many risks, get myself set for 20-30 balls and you can always capitalise at the end."

Munro finished the CPL in Hollywood fashion, knocking the game-winning runs for Trinbago to backward point before getting swamped by his teammates.

He even took a moment to stand and appreciate the standing ovation from fans at Brian Lara Stadium who attended the final.

"There's a few more supporters out here for me than there is back home I reckon," he said.

Munro was selected in Black Caps' T20 and ODI squads to face Pakistan in the United Atab Emirates in November before a full summer at home.



Watch: Euphoric Colin Munro sprints to swarming teammates after blistering knock wins CPL title

New Zealand combo Colin Munro and Brendon McCullum have played starring roles in helping the Trinbago Knight Riders win their third CPL title in six years this afternoon.

Both Munro and McCullum starred with the bat at Brian Lara Stadium in Trinidad and Tobago, much to the dismay of fellow Kiwi Luke Ronchi who also had a strong showing for Guyana Amazon Warriors.

After Trinbago won the toss and elected to field, Guyana scored a total of 147 runs despite Ronchi's opening score of 44 off 35 deliveries.

But his efforts were countered by McCullum who opened the batting for the Knight Riders with 39 runs off 24 balls before Munro finished the job with a stellar 68  runs off 39 balls.

Munro drove a four to deep point to win the match with eight wickets and 15 balls to spare.

It caps a stellar campaign for the 31-year-old leftie who finishes as the top run-scorer in the competition with 567 runs.

'It's never easy to let go of something that I have really loved' - Suzie Bates steps down as White Ferns captain

White Ferns skipper Suzie Bates is putting her team first, handing over the reins as captain to teammate Amy Satterthwaite as her side prepares for the women's World Twenty 20 in November.

The 31-year-old made the announcement in Lincoln this afternoon at a press conference at New Zealand Cricket's high performance centre.

Satterthwaite will take over as captain for the New Zealand women's T20 series against Australia on September 29 in Sydney.

Bates said it was tough telling her teammates before the press conference.

Suzie Bates, Captain of New Zealand bats during Women's ICC World Twenty20 India 2016 Source: Getty

"It was difficult telling the team before, it's never easy to let go of something that I have really loved," said Bates, who was in charge for six years.

"It has been a long stint and probably the last 12 months I have struggled with dealing with the captaincy and playing.

"And perhaps the performances as a group haven't gone as well as I would have liked."

Bates believes not having the responsibility as captain will help her focus more on her own game.

"Now that the decision has been made, it makes sense for my own game to be able to concentrate on that at the end of my career," she said.

"And put as much into performing as well as I can without the captaincy."

Bates has played 115 one day internationals and 101 T20 internationals, debuting for New Zealand in 2006.

She has also scored 7000 runs for New Zealand.

The veteran cricketer told media today, "I've struggled with the captaincy and playing". Source: 1 NEWS