Ross Taylor, bowlers give Black Caps total control of second Test against Windies

Relive all of 1 NEWS NOW's coverage from day three of the second Test between New Zealand and the West Indies from Seddon Park, Hamilton.

6:33pm: 8 overs, WI 30/2 - Brathwaite 13*, Hope 1*

Last over of the day, and it'll be Trent Boult to bowl it. Brathwaite and Hope see it out, and that'll be stumps. The teams leave the field, led again by Ross Taylor.

West Indies need 414 runs with eight wickets in hand.

6:26pm: 6.3 overs, WI 27/2 - Brathwaite 12*, Hope 0*

WICKET! Southee joins in on the action! He pitches one up to Hetmyer that the Windies batsman can't resist driving at, pushing it straight to Wagner at mid-off. The Windies lose their second wicket, Shai Hope the new man.

West Indies need 417 runs with eight wickets in hand.

6:04pm: 1.3 overs, WI 4/1 - Brathwaite 4*, Hetmyer 0*

WICKET! Now then, Trent Boult takes the new ball from the other end, on a hat-trick from the first innings. Powell is on strike, on a pair from his first innings. He's squared up and struck on the back leg! But it's way too high for an LBW, Powell survives.

Third ball of the over takes the edge and the Black Caps claim the catch! Powell stands his ground, did it carry? Southee at third slip is confident, but they send it upstairs. Third umpire has no problem giving it out. Powell has a pair. Shimron Hetmyer the new man.

West Indies need 440 with nine wickets in hand.

6:00pm: 1 over, WI 4/0 - Brathwaite 4*, Powell 0*

First ball is a bouncer from Southee! Brathwaite gets out of the way, third ball is smacked to the boundary for four runs before the rest of the over is left alone by the Windies skipper.

West Indies require 440 runs with 10 wickets in hand.


The Windies openers make their way out to the middle. They'll have around half an hour of batting tonight. Brathwaite will take strike for the first over, Southee with the ball in hand.

5:47pm: 77.4 overs, NZ 291/8d - Taylor 107*, Southee 22*

New Zealand have declared! Kane Williamson wants a crack at the Windies tonight. Taylor leads the players from the field, unbeaten with 107 runs. The Windies will need 444 to win from just over two days.

5:31pm: 74 overs, NZ 275/8 - Taylor 102*, Southee 11*

Taylor and Southee are going after quick runs, possibly targeting a declaration before the end of the day. The lead currently sits at 427 runs, the partnership is 18.

Black Caps lead by 427 runs with two wickets in hand.

5:17pm: 70.1 overs, NZ 262/8 - Taylor 100*, Southee 0*

There it is! Taylor brings up his hundred with a boundary straight back past Reifer!!! He goes level with his hero Martin Crowe and captain Kane Williamson. He gets there from 172 balls with 10 boundaries. 

Black Caps lead by 414 runs with two wickets in hand.

5:13pm: 70 overs, NZ 257/8 - Taylor 96*, Southee 0*

WICKET! Wagner's out now! He gets a short, wide ball from Chase, but can only cut it straight to Hope at point! He goes with Taylor needing just four runs for a century! Tim Southee the new man.

Black Caps lead by 409 runs with two wickets in hand.

4:59pm: 66.1 overs, NZ 249/7 - Taylor 91*, Wagner 0*

Taylor pulls Cummins high into the air and to the boundary for four to move into the 90's! He's nine runs away from joining Martin Crowe and Kane Williamson on 17 Test hundreds. That shot also pushes the lead over 400 runs.

Black Caps lead by 401 runs with three wickets in hand.

4:37pm: 60.3 overs, NZ 235/7 - Taylor 83*, Wagner 0*

WICKET! Blundell goes! Gabriel steams in and pitches one just outside off that gets a hint of movement away, taking the edge through to Powell at slip. He goes for just one, Neil Wagner the new man.

Black Caps lead by 387 with three wickets in hand.

4:34pm: 60 overs, NZ 234/6 - Taylor 82*, Blundell 1*

Taylor has raced along into the eighties, even the Windies fielders want to see him bring up three figures, helping him out with five overthrows to end the 60th over.

Black Caps lead by 386 runs with four wickets in hand.

4:18pm: 56.4 overs, NZ 212/6 - Taylor 63*, Blundell 0*

Huge appeal from the Windies as de Grandhomme is struck on the pad the very next ball! The umpire gives it not out, and Brathwaite sends it upstairs. No bat involved, just waiting for the ball tracking. That's gone, the ball is taking out middle and leg, de Grandhomme's on his way for 22, Tom Blundell the new man.

Black Caps lead by 364 with four wickets in hand.

4:14pm: 56.3 overs, NZ 212/5 - Taylor 63*, de Grandhomme 22*

This pair have started with a bang after tea, finding the boundary at will at the moment. A flick down to the fine leg boundary from de Grandhomme brings up the fifty partnership.

4:01pm: 54 overs, NZ 190/5 - Taylor 56*, de Grandhomme 12*

Both sets of players both back out on the park. Taylor will take strike first ball after tea, Shannon Gabriel will take the ball.

3:42pm: 54 overs, NZ 190/5 - Taylor 56*, de Grandhomme 12*

Tea. This pair make it to the break safely, helping the Black Caps to a healthy lead. Taylor is still at the crease with 56, while de Grandhomme has looked good for his 12. We'll be back in around 20 minutes for the final session of day three in Hamilton.

3:34pm: 52 overs, NZ 184/5 - Taylor 50*, de Grandhomme 12*

Fifty for Taylor! He brings up the milestone with a single into the covers. A somewhat out of character innings from him, with just three boundaries. He'll now be looking to push on and bring up his 17th Test ton.

Black Caps lead by 336 runs with five wickets in hand.

3:10pm: 45.2 overs, NZ 161/5 - Taylor 39*, de Grandhomme 0*

WICKET! Santner falls! He charges at Chase, trying to hit him out of the park. The left-hander gets nowhere near the timing, skying a catch to Ambris out at long on. Santner departs for 26, Colin de Grandhomme the new man.

Black Caps lead by 313 runs with five wickets in hand.

2:43pm: 40 overs, NZ 150/4 - Taylor 35*, Santner 22*

Santner is toughing it out at the moment folks. He's ridden his luck, but moved on to 22 from 27. His partnership with Taylor is 39 runs at the moment. The lead has now passed 300 as well.

Black Caps lead by 302 runs with six wickets in hand.

2:17pm: 35 overs, NZ 127/4 - Taylor 28*, Santner 8*

Cummins is looking brilliant with the ball at the moment. A couple of short balls have nearly got the better of Santner - but the Black Caps batsman has survived so far. Taylor at the other end is looking in great touch, pulling Cummins for a cracking four first ball ofthe 34th over.

Black Caps lead by 279 runs with six wickets in hand.

2:03pm: 31 overs, NZ 111/4 - Taylor 20*, Santner 0*

WICKET! Cummins has three now! He pushes one across Nicholls, who can only fend it through to Dowrich behind the stumps, a completely unnecessary shot from the batsman. Nicholls departs for five. Mitchell Santner the new batsman.

Black Caps lead by 263 with six wickets in hand.

1:49pm: 28.1 overs, NZ 100/3 - Taylor 15*, Nicholls 0*

WICKET! Williamson goes now! He plays the complete wrong line to a Miguel Cummins yorker, only to hear the ball cannon into the stumps behind him! There'll be no history today as Williamson goes for 54, Henry Nicholls the new man.

1:47pm: 28 overs, NZ 100/2 - Williamson 54*, Taylor 15*

Brathwaite will take the ball after the break, Taylor on strike. He gets a single away to deep square leg second ball of the over for the first runs of the session. Williamson on strike now, who plays a similar shot, although in front of the wicket for a couple. He works the ball away into the leg side for a single from the last ball of the over, four from it after the break.


We're back after the break, and could be in for some history here in Hamilton. Kane Williamson is just 49 runs away from what would be his 18th Test century, that would see him overtake Martin Crowe on the list of most hundreds by a New Zealander. Ross Taylor is with him at the crease, the pair having added 54 runs for the third wicket. 

Black Caps lead by 248 runs with eight wickets in hand.

1:05pm: 27 overs, NZ 96/2 - Williamson 51*, Taylor 14* 

LUNCH! That's lunch for Day Three. Funny old morning session highlighted by Boult's back-to-back beauties. West Indies have responded well to snare the Black Caps openers but they face a completely different challenge in Williamson and Taylor. Black Caps happy to just keep building this lead knowing there's still two full days ahead where they can bowl. We'll be back in 40 minutes!

Black Caps lead by 248 runs with eight wickets remaining

12:45pm: 23 overs, NZ 81/2 - Williamson 50*, Taylor 6*

FIFTY! Williamson finding his groove now. Finding the boundary with ease as he knocks his eighth four of the past half hour. It's seen him race to fifty from no where really - only took 54 deliveries to get the job done. Taylor happy to help him along. Looks very comfortable out there and unlike his openers, isn't forcing any shots. 

Black Caps lead by 233 runs with eight wickets remaining

12:15pm: 16 overs, NZ 42/2 - Williamson 14*, Taylor 0*

WICKET! Latham's gone and he's taken a review with him. He plays around a length ball and it hits his pad. Latham feels its not online and after a chat with his skipper calls for the review. But there's no sound, no hot spot and three blaring red indicators in ball tracking. Plumb as you like. Only thing that could've saved him was an inside edge but it's not even close. Out comes Taylor. West Indies continue to fight.

Black Caps lead by 194 runs with eight wickets remaining

12:00pm: 14 overs, NZ 33/1 - Latham 20*, Williamson 7*

DRINKS! That's drinks after a fine spell of bowling from the West Indies. Really making life difficult for Williamson but they've been punished twice more for four by Latham. Looks like there's a change in tactic though as Brathwaite enters the fold for some spin action.

Black Caps lead by 185 runs with nine wickets remaining

11:32am: 8 overs, NZ 13/1 - Latham 5*, Williamson 2*

WICKET! And just like that, Raval is gone. No one to blame but himself. It was a loose shot. Cummins delivers a short ball which Raval tries to pull. But it's not short enough and too wide for such a shot so all can manage is a drive straight back to Cummins' hands. He takes the catch easy enough. Williamson comes in a grabs a pair on the final ball of the over.

Black Caps lead by 165 runs with nine wickets remaining

11:30am: 7 overs, NZ 11/0 - Raval 4*, Latham 5*

Slow going as the openers settle into their groove this morning. Just the one knock to the rope for Latham so far. None for Raval. Otherwise a couple of singles and plenty of dots. Two no balls already for the West Indies this morning. 

Black Caps lead by 163 runs with 10 wickets remaining

10:55am: 0 overs, NZ 0/0 - Raval 0*, Latham 0*

Back out on the pitch. Black Caps have effectively given themselves an entire day to build their lead and two days to bowl the West Indies out. They'll keep an eye on the ever-changing Hamilton weather too but things couldn't have gone much more perfect for them this morning.

Gabriel to start for the West Indies. Raval at the receiving end.

Black Caps lead by 152 runs with 10 wickets remaining

10:46am: 66.5 overs, WI 221

WICKET! BOULT GOES BACK-TO-BACK! That's the West Indies' innings over and done with just like that as Boult gets Gabriel with a golden duck. Another length ball but the movement is the complete opposite this time. Slants across Gabriel's off stump but cuts back and flattens out for middle stump. Gabriel come forward to meet it and the ball glides in between his bat and body to hit middle stump. What a start to the day! We'll be back shortly for the Black Caps' second innings.

WICKET! Bowled him! Perfect start to the morning for the Black Caps as Boult claims Test Wicket No. 197! It has good length and curves into the middle stump. Cummins played down the line but with the ball swinging late he ends up looking clueless. Tries to throw the bat out to defend but it's too late and the ball smashes off stump. 

Black Caps lead by 152 runs with 10 wickets remaining

10:33am: 64 overs, WI 215/8 - Reifer 22*, Cummins 10*

Good morning! The forecast for today has improved and it's hopeful today will be an uninterrupted day of play. Yesterday marked a big day for the Black Caps taking control of the Test but the West Indies are still capable of clawing back into it. This morning's session will tell a lot.

Boult and Southee opening the attack for the hosts.

West Indies trail by 158 runs with two wickets remaining in the first innings

Colin de Grandhomme and team mates celebrate the wicket of Chase.
Day 2. New Zealand Black Caps v West Indies. 2nd test match of the ANZ International Cricket Season 2017/18 season. Seddon Park, Hamilton, New Zealand. Sunday 10 December 2017. © Copyright photo: Andrew Cornaga /
Colin de Grandhomme and team mates celebrate the wicket of Chase. Source: Photosport


The West Indies batsmen are already looking to their second innings and playing a more patient game after finding themselves in trouble in the second cricket Test against New Zealand in Hamilton.

The tourists, down 1-0 in the two-match series, will start day three at 8-215, still 158 behind New Zealand's first innings of 373.

Their batsmen have remained aggressive throughout the series, looking to play their shots early in their innings.

Only stand-in captain Kraigg Brathwaite has fashioned any innings of length - he was out for 66 runs on Day Two.

Raymon Reifer, playing in his first Test, has played easily the most patient hand so far, 22 not out off 82 balls.

They were looking to fight over the next three days to stay in the game, he said.

"It's just the way most of our guys play," he said of his side's batting attitude.

"We could probably just bat a bit more time and get in because obviously it's different to our surfaces back home."

Play at Seddon Park will start at 10.30am to make up for time lost to rain yesterday.