'People do want to see the product' – White Ferns star joins calls for cricket pay equity

White Ferns and Canterbury Magicians all-rounder Frankie Mackay has added her voice to those calling for pay equity in women's cricket, following the success of this season's Burger King Super Smash.

Having been a standout with both bat and ball across the Magicians' campaign, Mackay couldn't see her side over the line in yesterday's women's final at Eden Park's outer oval, as the Wellington Blaze sealed the 2019 title in dramatic fashion.

Following the match, though, former Black Caps wicketkeeper Peter McGlashan has come out in support of calls for our top women's cricketers to be better remunerated for their services, with White Ferns all-rounder Sophie Devine pocketing just $45 for non-travelling meal allowance, while the Blaze received no prize money whatsoever.

Speaking to 1 NEWS today, Mackay made a series of points as to why the domestic level of women's cricket in New Zealand needs to provide better for our top players.

"We understand [that] we don't bring the money in, we're not the big sponsorship drivers, we're not getting huge crowds in that are paying ticket price to get into the ground. We understand that we cost our associations money at the present stage," Mackay began.

"We've also seen that with the Women's Big Bash over in Australia, people do want to see the product once it gets in front of them. Once they see how good it is, they are willing to pay for it, they are willing to view it.

"It's just as skilful, it's just as good to watch. It is a changing time, we'd love to see some more money come into the game, and not just necessarily around contracts or match payments. It's making sure individual coaches we work with get compensated for that. They're not just doing it out of the kindness of their heart.

"The ability to take time off work is the big thing for us, as we are - at a domestic level - amateur. We are taking a lot of leave to play these games."

Mackay also says the added investment into the women's game at domestic level will see results on the pitch for the White Ferns heading into the future.

"Obviously we want to play more and more cricket, that's how you get better, that's how we're going to improve the standard of our national team.

"There are a lot of players who struggle with the financial side of it, having to take so much leave off work, but any improvement's good.

"We understand that there's only so much money to go around, and we're not necessarily earning a lot of it ourselves. But it's also that understanding that the more money that comes into the sport, you're only going to see better and better results.

"We've seen it with Australia and England. It is a changing time, it's starting to happen, and it is fun to be part of."

Frankie Mackay outlined why our best women's cricketers deserve top dollar. Source: 1 NEWS

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