NZC soldier on following World Cup postponement with focus on upcoming summer

New Zealand Cricket isn’t letting the recent postponement of this year’s Cricket World Cup due to Covid-19 worry them about any further financial setbacks.

NZ's slip cordon appeals. Source: Photosport

NZC has already reportedly had to cut up to 15 per cent of jobs within the organisation to help remove excess operational expenses due to the pandemic, meaning the ICC’s recent decision could’ve added even more of a strain.

But NZC chairman Greg Barclay told 1 NEWS the postponement, rather than cancellation, should ensure their post-Covid finances won't take a hit.

“Provided we can deliver to broadcasters and sponsors all the events scheduled, regardless where they fall in the calendar, then there won't be any detrimental impact,” he said.

Instead, rather than worry about said events overseas, focus is turning inward to what is scheduled to be a busy summer.

New Zealand is due to host four different national teams this summer – those tours identified as a must to fill the coffers.

But they’ll come at a cost too.

Assuming the squads are allowed across the border, the West Indies are first here in November when New Zealand could easily have a charge in place for those going through their two-week managed isolation.

Barclay admitted to 1 NEWS they’d pick up that tab.

“It would be a cost we'd pick up without a doubt as the host country,” he said.