NZ Cricket threatens to pull Black Caps matches from Magic Talk following racism controversy

New Zealand Cricket has threatened to review its broadcast relationship with Magic Talk following a series of racist comments between an unidentified caller and talkback host John Banks.

New Zealand's Tim Southee, third left, celebrates after he caught and bowled West Indies' Darren Bravo, centre. Source: Photosport

NZ Cricket is among a string of organisatons threatening to cut ties with the station after Banks allowed a caller to spout racist diatribe on his show yesterday.

Banks allowed the conversation to continue as the caller described Māori as "stone-age people” who are “genetically predisposed to crime, alcohol and under performance educationally”.

Banks stopped the caller mid-rant but went on to add to the racist rhetoric.

“Just a minute, your children need to get used to their stone-age culture because if their stone-age culture doesn’t change, these people will come through your bathroom window,” Banks said.

New Zealand Cricket published an announcement through the Black Caps' Twitter account condemning the on-air comments.

"NZC is disgusted and appalled by an indefensibly racist exchange between a talkback caller and host John Banks on Magic Talk Radio. NZC has contacted the station to both ask for an explanation and express its dismay over comments completely at odds with our values and culture.

"Should strong action not be taken, NZC reserves its right to review its relationship with Magic Talk."

This season marked the first time Magic Talk broadcasted New Zealand's international cricket fixtures.

Last year, NZC sold the radio broadcast rights to Mediaworks, ending a more than 20-year relationship with NZME's Radio Sport, which had previously provided commentary.