NZ Cricket take notes from Aussie counterparts over disastrous pay negotiations


Cricket Australia and the Players' Association have reached agreement on a new memorandum of understanding around their revenue sharing - a debarcle that has been watched cloesly on this side of the Tasman as New Zealand's Cricket organisations begin negotiations soon.

the Kiwi governing body doesn’t think they’ll face the same troubles with their own deal with players nearing renewal.
Source: 1 NEWS

The new deal announced yesterday by Alistair Nicholson of the Player's Association and Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland lifted players' share of the revenue to 30 per cent.

But it's taken a long time to get there - too long says NZ Cricket Player's Association's Heath Mills.

"The players are frustrated, the fans particularly will be frustrated," he said.

"Sadly, I think most of it was pretty unnecessary because where they've landed is pretty much the same agreement as they've had in place for many years now."

Mills is now preparing to sit down with NZC boss David White to hash out the same negotiations with less than a year to run on the current deal.

"What we've seen over in Australia is there's been a real lack of respect shown towards the players from Cricket Australia in the first instance and I think they've now realised they need the players and they need to work with them and treat them fairly," Mills said.

"I don't think we need to go through that process here with New Zealand Cricket - we have a good relationship."

New Zealand Cricket wants the same smooth sailing with a spokesperson telling 1 NEWS there's no indication their negotiations will face the same troubles.

But Mills says it won't and shouldn't be a walk in the park.

"No doubt there will be some areas where we'll have some pretty heavy discussions, but as long as each party respects each other and the roles each has to play, then you should get through it."

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