Meet the Canterbury seamer nicknamed 'Cricket's McCaw' whose bowling career is taking off

Canterbury fast bowler Will Williams is taking wickets left, right and middle stump, topping this season's Plunket Shield with 21 wickets to his name.

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If Will Williams isn't taking wickets in the Plunket Shield, you'll probably find the paceman somewhere in the sky. Source: 1 NEWS

The seamer was unlucky not to be picked for New Zealand A, who've just wrapped up their first match against the West Indies, Canterbury coach Peter Fulton said.

“I guess that’s part of cricket,” Fulton said.

“You can’t control whether you're selected or not so the message to Will and guys like it is to keep trying to perform and take wickets and if you do that well enough and long enough, they'll have to take you.”

But higher honours aren't the only thing on Williams’ radar with the self-confessed adrenaline junkie also a flight instructor by trade who's also qualified to teach aerobatics.

Williams said he’s always loved flying.

“I always had a fascination with planes when I was younger, loved watching them fly round,” Williams said.

“I went for a trial flight in school and enjoyed that and picked it up from there.”

It's largely a winter job for Williams with cricket dominating his summers.

Fellow Canterbury bowler Edward Nuttall said the two manage to cross over thanks to one of his nicknames – which gives a nod to former All Blacks captain and fellow aviation fanatic Richie McCaw.

“With a name like Will Williams, it’s a tongue twister in the field,” Nuttall said.

“[So we have] Cricket’s McCaw - I wouldn’t say his touch reflects on McCaw’s game but he calls the run up the runway and when he gets wickets he does his aeroplane celebration so the boys love to say he takes off.”

But as humbling as that may be, Williams said he still remains grounded in the current climate.

“Aviation is very uncertain and it’s no different being an instructor,” Williams said.

“I have no idea if I have job next winter but that's the fortunate thing of having two careers.”

If he can add a couple more wickets to his tally though, surely the sky is the limit.