Jofra Archer responds to most recent racial abuse - 'I hope no one else has to deal with stuff like this'

England bowler Jofra Archer has condemned racist abuse on social media after posting messages he has received.

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Coach Gary Stead said the team didn’t hear anything, otherwise they would’ve dealt with it at the time. Source: 1 NEWS

The 24-year-old, who helped England win the 2019 World Cup, screenshot racist messages from an individual and posted them on his Instagram story on Monday evening.

He commented below the messages saying: "I (have) given a lot of thought about reacting to this and I hope that no one else has to deal with stuff like this on a regular basis, it isn't ever acceptable and should be addressed properly in my opinion.

"I will never understand how people feel so freely to say these things to another human being it baffles me."

It is the not the first time that Archer has spoken out about racist abuse.

He was racially abused at the end of the first Test against New Zealand as he scored a second-innings 30 during England's defeat in Mount Maunganui last November.

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Racial abuse from a spectator during the first Test is a shame because it doesn’t represent NZ at all, according to Stokes. Source: 1 NEWS

Archer, who received the abuse as he walked back to the pavilion at the Bay Oval, said on Twitter after the match: "A bit disturbing hearing racial insults today while battling to help save my team.

"The crowd has been amazing this week except for that one guy. The Barmy Army was good as usual also."

New Zealand Cricket announced in January that a 28-year-old man, who admitted the offence, had been banned from attending international and domestic games in New Zealand for two years.