Hilary Barry tracks down fan whose leap for joy went viral after England's Cricket World Cup win

Hilary Barry has tracked down the over-excited fan whose leap for joy went viral after England’s Cricket World Cup win.

The Seven Sharp host posted a video of Rachael Heath-Porsz's acrobatic display to Twitter, where it was then viewed nearly one million times.

The way Rachael disappeared from view at the end of her jump had everyone wondering if she sustained an injury.

This morning via Skype, she assured Hilary that she was fine.

"I didn't injure myself, I'm alright," she said. "I wish I had a more dramatic story for you but I landed on two feet."

Rachael explained how she and her wife had been preparing to jump the fence so they could celebrate the win with England on the pitch at Lord's.

However, it didn't go quite as planned and her leap took her close to the barrier but not over it.

Security stopped her at the second attempt to gain access to the pitch.

Rachael says Kiwi fans have been the most concerned to know her well-being after the incident.