As it happened: Black Caps lose World Cup in super over of heartbreaking final against England

Relive 1 NEWS Now's live updates of the second innings of the Cricket World Cup final between the Black Caps and England at Lord's.

6:24am: ENG WINS

Neesham on strike. The first ball is a wide! 15 and an extra ball. Neesham shovels a yorker for two runs. 13 from 5. NEESHAM SMACKS THE NEXT ONE FOR SIX! Seven from four! Neesham steals another two off a misfield. 5 from 3. ANOTHER TWO! 3 from 2. It's a single to put Guptill on strike. TWO RUNS FROM ONE BALL. Guptill pushes and they try to run it for two. Guptill coming back. The throw comes in and he's run out by about two metres.

6:21am: NZL 0/0, 0.0 overs - Guptill 0, Neesham 0*

Archer is bowling for England. Black Caps have chosen Guptill and Neesham as their openers. It all comes down to six balls.

6:15am: ENG 15/0, 1.0 overs - Stokes 8, Buttler 7

Stokes gets three off the first ball with a slog to backward point. Buttler follows up with a single. Stokes then sweeps one for four to deep midwicket. Another single. Buttler gets two. Final ball. Buttler smacks it for another four. 15 runs. NZ must get 16 to win.

6:10am: ENG 0/0, 0.0 overs - Stokes 0*, Buttler 0

England up first. Stokes and Buttler are their nominated opener. Boult bowling for the Black Caps.

6:05am: How a Super Over works

Each side has three nominated batsmen, meaning that the loss of two wickets ends the Super Over. Highest score at the end of the two overs wins.

In the event of the scores being level in the Super Over, the first satisfied of the following criteria will determine the winner:

1. The team with the most number of boundaries combined from the main match and the Super Over is the winner (England are currently ahead).

2. The team with the most number of boundaries from the main match (that is, not including the Super Over) is the winner (Also England).

3. A count-back from the final ball of the Super Over shall be conducted. The team with the higher scoring delivery is the winner. Runs scored from illegal deliveries count towards the total for the following legal delivery.


Boult gets two dots to start but Stokes responds with a six to make it nine runs from three balls. Shovels another and forces a double. The throw comes in for a run out but it bounces off Stokes and races to the boundary to make it six runs. England need three runs from two balls. England try for two but get run out. That means England need two runs off the final ball to win, one to force a super over. Stokes on strike. He taps it to mid off and tries to get two runs but there's another run out going for the winning run! Scores tied so we're going to a Super Over.

5:51am: ENG 226/8, 49.0 overs - Stokes 70*, Rashid 0

WICKET! DOWN GOES ARCHER! Neesham with his final ball of the final bowls him clean! HUGE reply to Stokes' six. Final over and the all-rounder is on strike. CAN IT GET ANY BETTER?!

ENG require 15 runs from six balls with two wickets in hand.

5:50am: ENG 226/7, 48.4 overs - Stokes 69*, Archer 0

SIX! Stokes smashes one. Boult is under it and he takes the catch but his foot touches the rope so it's not an out but a maximum. Can this game get any crazier?!?!?!

ENG require 16 runs from eight balls with three wickets in hand.

5:49am: ENG 220/7, 48.3 overs - Stokes 63*, Archer 0

WICKET! PLUNKETT IS GONE! After two singles, Neesham gets Plunkett to sky one and Boult is there to catch it. 22 runs from nine balls. Have the Black Caps done enough?

ENG require 22 runs from nine balls with three wickets in hand.

5:43am: ENG 218/6, 48.0 overs - Stokes 62, Plunkett 9*

Boult in bowling. He has two overs left. Stokes smacks the first ball, a yorker, for four between deep midwicket and deep square leg. That's followed up a single. Plunkett follows up with two more. Bouncer to get back on track and its a dot ball. Two balls left. Hit down the ground for two more runs. Final ball. Plunkett shovels it out for a single.

ENG require 24 runs from 12 balls with four wickets in hand.

5:38am: ENG 208/6, 47.0 overs - Stokes 57*, Plunkett 4

Stokes with a single to get things back on track but that puts Plunkett on strike. Ferguson's first ball to him is a dot. Make that two. Plunkett then nabs a four and his final ball is a dot. What a spell from Ferguson.

ENG require 34 runs from 18 balls with four wickets in hand.

5:35am: ENG 203/6, 46.1 overs - Stokes 56*, Plunkett 0

WICKET! Woakes is gone! First ball of Ferguson's final over and he skies it straight it. It's up there for an eternity. Latham gets under it and takes the catch! England running out of men to help Stokes.

ENG require 39 runs from 23 balls with four wickets in hand.

5:34am: ENG 203/5, 46.0 overs - Stokes 56, Woakes 2*

Neesham bowling. First ball to Woakes is a dot. Next one is a single to get Stokes back on strike but the next ball is a swing and a miss for a dot. Pressure? Stokes hits a single and puts Woakes back on strike with two balls left. Another single. Stokes hits the final ball of the over for four! 

ENG require 39 runs from 24 balls with five wickets in hand.

5:29am: ENG 196/5, 45.0 overs - Stokes 51, Woakes 0

WICKET! SOUTHEE WITH THE SLIDING CATCH TO DISMISS BUTTLER! The partnership is broken! Ferguson gets his man as Buttler lofts one to sweeper cover. Southee comes running in and makes a diving catch to dismiss him. HUGE MOMENT! That brings out Woakes to partner Stokes. Ferguson finishes the sensational over with a dot. He's got one over left.

ENG require 46 runs from 30 balls with five wickets in hand.

5:21am: ENG 189/4, 44.0 overs - Stokes 50*, Buttler 53

Boult in to the attack - he has three overs left. Starts with a dot ball to Buttler. Buttler responds with a shot lifted over mid off and races for four, bringing up his fifty. Boult comes back with a dot. Buttler then singles to put Stokes on strike on 49. He gets the one and that's Stokes' fifty too. How fitting this game-changing partnership share the milestone in the same over. Final ball from Boult to Buttler is a dot. 

ENG require 53 runs from 36 balls with six wickets in hand.

5:16am: ENG 183/4, 43.0 overs - Stokes 49, Buttler 48*

England sprint a single to start and beat Williamson's throw at the stumps from mid-off. Another single off Ferguson follows but he goes to a bouncer to get a dot ball. It's followed by another single. Buttler then shovels one behind looking for four. Superb shot but it only goes for two. Buttler finishes the over with a single. 

ENG require 59 runs from 42 balls with six wickets in hand.

5:12am: ENG 177/4, 42.0 overs - Stokes 47*, Buttler 44

Buttler starts the over with a single off Neesham. Neesham replies with a dot to Stokes but Stokes gets two on the next ball with a chip between long leg and deep midwicket. Neesham comes back with a yorker at the wickets and Stokes falls over on all-fours to defend it. Another dot ball follows it before Stokes grabs a single to finish.

ENG require 65 runs from 48 balls with six wickets in hand.

5:08am: ENG 173/4, 41.0 overs - Stokes 44, Buttler 43*

Ferguson starts his over with three dots before bowling a wide. Stokes taps a single, Ferguson replies with another dot to Buttler. Final ball is a single to keep Buttler on strike.

ENG require 69 runs from 54 balls with six wickets in hand

5:03am: ENG 170/4, 40.0 overs - Stokes 43*, Butler 42

Final 10 overs. Final 60 balls. This one's going down to the wire. Williamson chopping and changing the bowling attack looking for his wicket-taker but Buttler and Stokes look settled here. This partnership will likely determine the game from here. Henry's day is over. He finishes up 1-40 from 10 overs.

ENG require 72 runs from 60 balls with six wickets in hand

4:43am: ENG 142/4, 35.3 overs - Stokes 32, Buttler 25*

REVIEW! Huge LBW appeal from Henry but the ref won't budge. Williamson charging in asking if he thinks there's a chance and when Henry wants it, he doesn't hesitate. It gets to ball tracking and the ball is in line but missing leg stump. Buttler survives, NZ lose their review.

ENG require 100 runs from 87 balls with six wickets in hand

4:34am: ENG 137/4, 34.0 overs - Stokes 29, Buttler 23*

DRINKS! Stokes chips away three-straight twos and a single to bring up the 50 run partnership and the home crowd are loving it! Let them know with a deafening cheer they appreciate the effort of the duo. Black Caps have lost a bit of bite here. The threat isn't quite there as it has been.

ENG require 105 runs from 96 balls with six wickets in hand

4:19am: ENG 115/4, 30.0 overs - Stokes 18*, Buttler 13

Final 20 overs. Williamson is bringing Boult back into the attack. He knows how big this partnership is. Santner will attack from the other end. Colin de Grandhomme's day is done. Impressive figures of 25-2 off 10 overs.

ENG require 127 runs off 120 balls with six wickets in hand

4:12am: ENG 106/4, 28.0 overs - Stokes 15, Buttler 9*

Stokes brings up 100 for England with a drive back down the field for four off Neesham. The NZ-born English all-rounder isn't forcing things at the moment. Waiting for his shots and picking up singles when they're on offer... and smacking flat deliveries like that to the boundary.

ENG require 136 runs off 22.0 overs with six wickets in hand

4:00am: ENG 93/4, 25.0 overs - Stokes 7*, Buttler 5

Halfway point and England will be starting to feel the pressure of the scoreboard here. Down their top four hitters and the required run rate just shy of six-an-over. England's current RR is 3.72. Another breakthrough and the Black Caps could be in the driver's seat. Neesham and de Grandhomme on the attack currently - can they deliver the breakthrough?

ENG require 149 runs off 25.0 overs with six wickets in hand

3:51am: ENG 86/4, 23.1 overs - Stokes 5, Buttler 0*

WICKET! WHAT A CATCH! Morgan flicks one towards the point boundary. Ferguson is sprinting in, dives, lays out and takes the grab. It's insanely close to the ground when he takes it so they go upstairs. Replays show he's taken it! Brilliant work from Ferguson. Could be game-changing. England lose their skipper.

ENG require 156 runs off 26.5 overs with six wickets in hand

3:30am: ENG 75/3, 21.0 overs - Morgan 9, Stokes 1*

Good morning! If you've just woken up, don't worry. The game is just getting electric. The Black Caps are defending 241 and so far have dismissed Roy, Bairstow and Root.

ENG require 167 runs off 29.0 overs with seven wickets in hand

The match so far

New Zealand's Matt Henry jumps to celebrate the dismissal of England's Jason Roy during the Cricket World Cup final match between England and New Zealand at Lord's cricket ground in London, England, Sunday, July 14, 2019. (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)
New Zealand's Matt Henry jumps to celebrate the dismissal of England's Jason Roy during the Cricket World Cup final. Source: Associated Press

The final is teetering on a knife's edge with just under 30 overs to go as the Black Caps attempt to defend 241 against England.

England are chasing 242 to win the Cricket World Cup for the first time after Liam Plunkett's 3-40 helped to limit New Zealand to another middling total in the final at Lord's today.

After winning the toss and electing to bat, every specialist New Zealand batsman got into double figures but only opener Henry Nicholls (55) reached a half-century in the face of a disciplined bowling effort from the tournament host.

Plunkett, one of the understated members of the England team, took center stage by removing New Zealand captain Kane Williamson (30) and Nicholls in the space of 14 balls. The seamer also took the wicket of dangerous allrounder Jimmy Neesham (19).

The Black Caps, who are also seeking their first world title, finished on 241-8. They have proved adept at defending relatively small totals in this tournament and Lord's isn't known for its heavy scoring in ODIs.

England looked comfortable as they opened their chase with Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow both found early boundaries but Matt Henry found the breakthrough in the sixth over when he dismissed Roy.

That brought out Joe Root who struggled at the crease before leaving in the 17th over, scoring just seven runs off 30 balls.

Bairstow wasn't far behind, falling three overs later to Lockie Ferguson to leave England 75/3 after 21 overs.

England players mob Jofra Archer after he bowled the super over to win the Cricket World Cup final match between England and New Zealand. Source: Associated Press