Cricket World Cup diary: Grab your coats and gumboots, it's rain dance time

Cricket World Cup Diary Day 14

David Warner celebrates his century against Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup. Source: Associated Press

It’s rain dance time

Dear Diary,

I’m sorry I missed a day. Damn that rain! But please keep raining. Sorry diary, I know you’ll be a bit confused. When it rained for a few straight days earlier this week, I felt deprived of cricket. I felt cheated. Now, I think it’s ok if that rain stays, especially around Trent Bridge.

I’ll say this straight, I think the Black Caps can beat India. I imagine they think they can beat India. In fact, I know they think they can. Rightfully so. So, they’ll be wanting to play.

But, I think a guaranteed point against the tournament favourites is not something you can turn your back on. A chance at two, an underdog’s chance at two would be great, but a guaranteed one, even better.

It looks like that’s the way it will go tonight, which would keep New Zealand at the top of the standings through four games.

Their remaining matches go like this: South Africa, West Indies, Pakistan, Australia and England.

Again, I genuinely believe on their day they can beat any of those teams. But, if we’re to break it down, their best chances of wins are the next three games, all games that come in very quick succession.

This next week is make or break for the men in black. Win two of three in that period and, with that point from tonight, they’re pretty much assured of a spot in the semi-finals.

Two out of three should be doable, with South Africa struggling to get anything going this tournament, the West Indies fairly well matched with the Kiwis and Pakistan inconsistent that, if you get them on a bad day, you’re a very good chance of beating them convincingly.

So, while to some it may seem a cop out, but a point seems the best option. Let’s all get our dancing shoes on and bless the rains down in Nottingham. At least for another 12 hours anyway.

Beware the awakening Warner

Yip, he’s someone everyone outside of Australia loves to hate. But he’s damn, damn good with a cricket bat.

And David Warner is back in dangerously ominous form.

His century last night to set up their comfortable win over Pakistan looked so easy and dominant, it should send warnings to every other team in the tournament.

When Warner’s off his game, Australia seems nowhere near as lethal.

Obviously one man does not a tournament make, but his ability to score runs with ease last night makes him a devastating prospect. And, if his history is anything to go by, once he’s in form he seems to hold that for an extended period.

That’s not ideal for the Black Caps, who face the Aussies in their blockbuster second-to-last game of the pool stage which, if the aforementioned next week doesn’t go as well as hopes, would determine their semi-final destiny.

Anyway, we can discuss that more as that game approaches.

For now, get your rain jacket on, get outside, dance around and hope for some rain tonight. It’s a point that could prove to be very valuable come the end of this month.