Cricket World Cup Diary: Adam Zampa's not a cheat, just a bit silly

Cricket World Cup Diary: Day 12

Adam Zampa bowls against India Source: Associated Press

What was Adam Zampa thinking? What was Australia thinking?

Adam Zampa wasn't cheating. He wasn't tampering with the ball. I mean, I can't be certain of that, I don't have a hotline to the Australian team.

But, surely he, they, can't be that stupid?! Considering everything that's happened, surely they can't be doing anything untoward on the ball on the biggest stage in cricket?

I believe captain Aaron Finch that Zampa had hand warmers in his pockets. But even this raises eyebrows and questions for a few reasons.

I wasn't in London for the game, but I checked what happened with the English capital's weather at around the time of Zampa bowling.

At The Oval, it would've been anywhere between 16-19 degrees celsius. Not tropical, but not cold. Not cold enough anyway to need handwarmers just to bowl the ball.

Gazing around the crowd shots on the television at the time Australia was in its early stages of bowling, the majority of people looked quite comfortable, sitting, not moving (when you would feel the cold more) without jerseys or anything over their one layer. So, again, is there really any need for handwarmers?

Whatever the answer to that question, what is Australia doing having anything in its pockets? You would think after the drama and fallout of what happened in South Africa, with that tiny little yellow piece of sandpaper, they'd be staying away from anything looking even remotely suspicious.

If I was the CEO of Cricket Australia, I would be requesting Asics (their clothing supplier) to sew up pockets on the players' pants.

They don't need anything in their pockets while playing and, again, while I don't think Zampa was doing anything untoward, what they don't need is their captain going into a press conference after they've been comprehensively outplayed by the tournament favourites and for him to be forced to answer questions about Twitter blowing up, alleging one of his bowlers was tampering with the ball.

I'm certain Zampa wasn't cheating, I'm certain he was doing nothing untoward. I hope for his sake he wasn't anyway. Because with figures of 0/50 off six overs, you'd hope you'd get slightly better results if you were!