Black Caps seal comfortable T20 win over Windies in Nelson

Re-live all of the action from the Black Caps' 47-run victory in the first T20 international against the West Indies at Saxton Oval, Nelson.

6:16pm: 19 overs, WI 140 all out - Nurse 20*

WICKET! It's all over as Rance traps Badree LBW. The batsman reviews straight away, has he hit it? Initial replays suggest not. Ball tracking shows that the ball would have crashed into the stumps. New Zealand win by 47 runs.

6:10pm: 18 overs, WI 131/9 - Nurse 14*, Badree 0*

WICKET! Taylor's caught trying to play one shot too many! He hooks Southee, but doesn't get enough of it, skying a catch that Tom Bruce gets underneath, he goes for 20, Samuel Badree the last man.

5:58pm: 15.4 overs, WI 103/8 - Nurse 7*, Taylor 0*

WICKET! Williams is gone now, stumped off the bowling of Santner, and it's another dismissal for Phillips. Santner takes all the pace off his delivery, with Williams dancing right past it before Phillips whips the bails off. He goes for three, Jerome Taylor replaces him.

5:53pm: 14.4 overs, WI 94/7 - Nurse 1*, Williams 0*

WICKET! Another one in the over from Southee! Powell tries to run the ball down to third man, but can only edge behind where Phillips takes a great one handed catch. Kesrick Williams the new man as Powell goes for six.

5:51pm: 14.2 overs, WI 93/6 - Powell 6*, Nurse 0*

WICKET! Southee comes back into the attack, and he's gotten rid of the dangerous Brathwaite! The Windies skipper tries to target the long on boundary, but can only find Tom Bruce on the rope, Brathwaite falls for 21. Ashley Nurse the new batsman.

5:49pm: 14 overs, WI 91/5 - Powell 6*, Brathwaite 19*

Sodhi comes in for his final over, and Brathwaite says enough is enough. He smashes back to back sixes, to ruin the Black Caps' leggie's figures. Windies need 97 from the last six overs.

5:38pm: 10.5 overs, WI 67/5 - Powell 1*, Brathwaite 0*

WICKET! Bracewell strike again! A slower bouncer catches Hope out, pulling straight to Munro at midwicket. Hope leaves for 15, captain Brathwaite walks to the crease with his side in trouble.

5:35pm: 10.3 overs, WI 66/4 - Hope 15*, Powell 0*

WICKET! Bracewell has a wicket! Mohammed pushes at a wider ball outside off, spooning a simple catch for Taylor behind square. Mohammed goes for three, Rovman Powell the new man.

5:30pm: 9.2 overs, WI 61/3 - Hope 13*, Mohammed 0*

WICKET! Sodhi gets hit down the ground by Fletcher, but gets his revenge the very next ball! He bowls a ball slower through the air, Fletcher runs down the wicket and misses the ball completely, Phillips whips the bails off in a flash to complete the stumping. Fletcher goes for 27, Jason Mohammed the new batsman.

5:25pm: 8 overs, WI 53/2 - Fletcher 21*, Hope 11*

This pair are going along nicely after the double blow, but will need to accelrate soon with the required run rate approaching 12. 

5:14pm: 5 overs, WI 34/2 - Fletcher 11*, Hope 2*

Bracewell comes into the attack for the Black Caps. Fletcher hits a brilliant straight-pull shot back past him as the Windies take eight runs from the over.

5:05pm: 3 overs, WI 19/2 - Fletcher 0*, Hope 0*

Right, hat trick ball from Rance... and he's left it alone. Great over from Rance.

5:04pm: 2.5 overs, WI 19/2 - Fletcher 0*, Hope 0*

WICKET! Two in two! Rance is on a hat trick. Walton looks to hit Rance over cover, but doesn't get enough of it, finding Kitchen in the covers who takes a simple catch. Walton goes for seven, Shai Hope the new batsman.

5:03pm: 2.4 overs, WI 19/1 - Walton 7*, Fletcher 0*

WICKET! Huge wicket! Rance gets Gayle, but it's Glenn Phillips that's done the hard work! A short ball has Gayle pulling but can only manage a top edge that soar high. Phillips sprints back, before diving full length to take the catch! Gayle goes for 12, Andre Fletcher the new man.

4:58pm: 2 overs, WI 12/0 - Walton 6*, Gayle 6*

Southee to take the new ball from the other end and Gayle smacks him for four first ball! Gayle gets down the other end with a single next ball. Southee comes back well though, keeping Walton scoreless for the next two balls, before giving away a single from the fifth ball.

Final ball of the over to Gayle, and it beats him! Good comeback from Southee.

4:54pm: 1 over, WI 6/0 - Walton 5*, Gayle 1*

Rance starts with a ball outside off that Walton leaves alone first up. Second ball is on leg stump, Walton can't beat the man at short fine leg though, good start from Rance. Walton manages a single down the ground third ball to get the scoring underway. Chris Gayle on strike now. 

Gayle can only manage a single from two balls faced to get Walton back on strike. The last ball is another one on leg stump, Walton gets the flick right this time though, lifting the ball over short fine leg for a boundary.


Seth Rance to take the new ball on his T20 international debut. The Windies pair of Chris Gayle and Chadwick Walton will open the innings.


The Windies initally did well to restrict the NZ top order, however some sloppy bowling at the death means that they'll have to chase 188 to take this first T20. We'll be back shortly for the visitors' run chase.

4:39pm: 20 overs, NZ 187/7 - Santner 23*, Southee 0*

Williams to bowl the last over, first ball is in the slot and Santner smashes it straight for six! The second ball is scooped out to the leg side for four - and it's a no-ball too! Eleven already off the over after just one legitimate ball bowled! Williams oversteps again! Santner can only get a single. Southee on strike for the free hit, he pulls to the leg side for two.

Williams bowls a bouncer and Southee somehow backs away to scoop it over the keeper for four, another no-ball! The batsmen run a bye from the free hit. Santner back on strike. He pulls the ball out for two runs to get back on strike for the last ball of the innings. Another pull shot out into the deep to get back for two. NZ post 187/7 after a 25-run final over.

4:29pm: 18.5 overs, NZ 158/7 - Santner 8*, Southee 0*

WICKET! Two in the over! Brathwaite comes up with a fuller ball that Bracewell can only push at, chipping a difficult catch back to the bowler for a golden duck. Captain Southee the new man.

4:26pm: 18.2 overs, NZ 153/6 - Santner 3*, Bracewell 0*

WICKET! Taylor goes! He looks for his trademark slog sweep, but doesn't get enough of the ball, where Jerome Taylor takes the catch at midwicket. Doug Bracewell the new man.

4:19pm: 17.1 overs, NZ 149/5 - Taylor 19*, Santner 0*

WICKET! Williams comes back into the attack and ends Kitchen's debut innings. A slower ball deflects off the batsman's pads and back onto the stumps. Kitchen falls for 12. Mitchell Santner the new man in. 

4:13pm: 16 overs, NZ 136/4 - Taylor 10*, Kitchen 8*

Taylor and Kitchen are both looking to get some runs quickly to set up a big finish. Both have hit a boundary each with four overs remaining in this innings.

4:05pm: 14.2 overs, NZ 120/4 - Taylor 2*, Kitchen 0*

WICKET! Bruce is given out LBW! Jerome Taylor comes back into the attack and he's picked up a wicket. A full toss hits Bruce on the front leg and the umpire's given it out. Bruce reviews after a slight delay. Ball tracking shows that it's out. Bruce goes for two, Anaru Kitchen the new man on debut.

3:59pm: 13.4 overs, NZ 118/3 - Bruce 2*, Taylor 0*

WICKET! Phillips falls just after reaching fifty! He looks to sweep Badree again, but misses the ball completely. The ball crashes into the stumps to send the youngster back to the sheds for 56. Ross Taylor the new man.

3:58pm: 13.1 overs, NZ 114/2 - Phillips 50*, Bruce 2*

Fifty for Phillips! He sweeps Badree out into the deep for four runs to get to his first international half-century, it comes from 37 balls, with three fours and two sixes.

3:49pm: 11.3 overs, NZ 91/2 - Phillips 31*, Bruce 0*

WICKET! Munro's out! He looks to hit Nurse straight down the ground for six, but doesn't get enough of it. Brathwaite makes a good catch running forward off the rope. Munro departs for 53, Tom Bruce the new man.

3:41pm: 9.2 overs, NZ 78/1 - Munro 50*, Phillips 21*

Fifty for Munro! He sweeps Nurse out to fine leg to bring up his milestone from just 31 balls, well batted.

3:40pm: 9 overs, NZ 76/1 - Munro 49*, Phillips 20*

Munro's starting to find his rhythm! He hits four, six, six from the last three balls of Williams' second over to race to 49 from 30 balls. Phillips at the other end has struggled for timing so far, but does have on huge six to his name.

3:34pm: 8 overs, NZ 57/1 - Munro 32*, Phillips 18*

Glenn Phillips finally gets underneath one! A gentle off-break from Nurse spins right into Phillips' arc, before the young keeper gets down on one knee to slog-sweep it over the rope, that brings up the 50 partnership between this pair.

3:26pm: 6 overs, NZ 40/1 - Munro 27*, Phillips 6*

Kesrick Williams comes into the attack for the Windies. He oversteps to give Munro a free hit from the fourth ball of the over, but the left hander can't get bat on ball. Williams finishes his over, just five from it to end the power-play.

3:18pm: 4 overs, NZ 30/1 - Munro 21*, Phillips 4*

Munro plunders 16 from Taylor's second over! He hits three fours through the offside as NZ look to up the scoring rate.

3:11pm: 3 overs, NZ 14/1 - Munro 6*, Phillips 3*

Munro gets a bit of width from Badree and throws the kitchen sink at it! The ball flies over the infield to the boundary. Three overs gone.

3:05pm: 1.3 overs, NZ 5/1 - Munro 0* Phillips 0*

Jerome Taylor with the ball from the other end. His first ball is pitched up and Guptill wallops it through the covers for four! Brilliant shot, first boundary of the day. Third ball is pitched up again and Guptill's hit on the pad! The umpire has no hesitation in giving him out, Guptill doesn't even think about a review. Guptill out for five.

Glenn Phillips the new man.

3:02pm: 1 over, NZ 1/0 - Guptill 1* Munro 0*

We're underway! Guptill gets an inside edge through to short fine leg for a quick single to get off the mark first ball. Munro to face now, he defends his first ball. Two more dot balls and Munro is looking frustrated. Fifth ball he gets an edge through to the keeper, but Walton behind the stumps can take it cleanly. 

Badree's first over goes for just one run.


Both teams making their way out to the middle. The Windies are in a huddle, they'll be looking to make the Black Caps work here. Martin Guptill and Colin Munro make their way to the middle now. Guptill will take strike first ball. Samuel Badree will take the ball for the Windies.


Final teams are out, the Black Caps will hand debuts to both Anaru Kitchen and Seth Rance.

NZ: 1. Martin Guptill, 2. Colin Munro, 3. Glenn Phillips (wk), 4. Tom Bruce, 5. Ross Taylor, 6. Anaru Kitchen, 7. Doug Bracewell, 8. Mitchell Santner, 9. Tim Southee, 10. Ish Sodhi, Seth Rance.

WI: 1. Chris Gayle, 2. Chadwick Walton (wk), 3. Andre Fletcher, 4. Shai Hope, 5. Jason Hohammed, 6. Carlos Brathwaite (c), 7. Rovman Powell, 8. Ashley Nurse, 9. Kesrick Williams, 10. Jerome Taylor, 11. Samuel Badree


It's a beautiful sunny day in Nelson, meaning we're in for a good afternoon of cricket! Both captains are out in the middle for the toss. Carlos Brathwaite calls correctly, and the Windies will bowl first! Interesting decision from the Windies, teams to follow soon. 


After series clean sweeps in the Test and ODI series', the Black Caps face the Windies in the shortest format of the game, with today's match the first of three over the next week.

New Zealand face the world champions in their preferred format, although the visitors are missing star names like Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine, Marlon Samuels and skipper Jason Holder.

The hosts meanwhile, will be without their captain - Kane Williamson - for this first match, with Tim Southee leading the side for the very first time.

Explosive opener Martin Guptill returns to the side, and will open the batting with either Colin Munro or youngster Glenn Phillips, while 33-year old Anaru Kitchen could also be in line for his international debut.