Black Caps scrape home for two-wicket World Cup win over Bangladesh after chasing down 245

Relive 1 NEWS Now's live updates of this morning's second innings as the Black Caps take on Bangladesh in their Cricket World Cup pool match at The Oval in London.

8:15am: NZ win by two wickets

What a bizarre game. Black Caps looked all but certain to win the match with Williamson and Taylor building a 100 run partnership early on but Bangladesh roared back to life and made it a game with a middle order collapse. That collapse will concern the Kiwis, considering it was their first outing in the tournament. Still, a fine knock from Taylor to anchor the chase, some brilliant late contributions from Santner and Ferguson and another strong outing for the bowlers. NZ goes to the top of the standings with the win. That's all from us this morning for live updates. Stick around for post-match reports and analysis. Have a great day!

8:11am: NZL 245/8, 47.1 overs - Santner 14, Ferguson 4

NZL WIN! Santner with the single to finish and New Zealand win by two wickets. What a finish to the game!

8:09am: NZL 244/8, 47.0 overs - Santner 13*, Ferguson 4

FOUR! After back-to-back wides Ferguson hits one of the most important boundaries of his career. Scores are level. Full ball sent off to third-man for four.

NZL need 1 run from 18 balls with two wickets in hand.

8:05am: NZL 238/8, 46.3 overs - Santner 13, Ferguson 0*

WICKET! Shaifuddin bowls Henry clean. Looked for the big shot but misses completely and he's sent packing. Seven runs, 21 balls, two wickets. Ferguson on strike.

NZL need 7 runs from 21 balls with two wickets in hand.

8:01am: NZL 235/7, 46.0 overs - Santner 10*, Henry 6

Henry smacks a four of his own off the backfoot. Brilliant stroke for a No.9! Black Caps' cause is helped by a wide from Mustafizur.

NZL need 10 runs from 24 balls with three wickets in hand.

7:56am: NZL 227/7, 45.0 overs - Santner 7*, Henry 2

Santner edges one away for four to keep the pressure off. No slip there to stop it. Five overs to go.

NZL need 18 runs from 30 balls with three wickets in hand. 

7:48am: NZL 220/7, 44.0 overs - Santner 1,  Henry 1*

WICKET! NEESHAM IS GONE TOO! Bangladesh have taken control of this match and the fans are letting them know it. Poor shot from Neesham. COuldn't resist trying to lift the ball and lofts it to long-off for an easy grab. What a wild final few overs we have left. Can Bangladesh pull this off?

NZL need 25 runs from 36 balls with three wickets in hand. 

7:45am: NZL 218/6, 42.5 overs - Neesham 25, Santner 0*

WICKET! De Grandhomme takes the bait and he's sent to the sheds! Slower, short ball from Shaifuddin and it bounces up near his head. He looks to push it up and over the back but doesn't get enough and keeper Mushfiqur leaps for a superb one-handed take to dismiss him. We're not finished yet!

C de Grandhomme c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Mohammad Saifuddin 15 [13b]

NZL need 27 runs from 43 balls with four wickets in hand.

7:40am: NZL 212/5, 42.0 overs - Neesham 24, de Grandhomme 10*

Bangladesh starting to feel the pressure too now. Couple of wides help NZ's cause but Neesham pushes the score along with a lofter four to the short boundary at cover. De Grandhomme manages to survive a chipped shot at midwicket as drops in between two fielders. Still nervous times with eight overs left.

NZL need 33 runs from 48 balls with five wickets in hand.

7:31am: NZL 200/5, 40.0 overs - Neesham 18, de Grandhomme 6*

Final 10 overs are upon us and NZ brings up 200. De Grandhomme got a nice introduction to the match after a no-ball let him start things off with a free hit which he smoked for four. Black Caps need 45 runs from these final 60 balls. Mehidy, who sparked this revival has bowled out and Shakib only has one over left. Crazy finish to come.

NZL need 45 runs from 60 balls with five wickets in hand.

7:22am: NZL 191/5, 38.3 overs - Neesham 16, de Grandhomme 0*

WICKET! Taylor's gone! Taylor gets twisted up and the edge is taken by an excellent catch from keeper Mushfiqur. Taylor doesn't even bother to challenge and walks straight off. Another twist in this bizzare match! Great innings from Taylor but a soft dismissal.

LRPL Taylor c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Mosaddek Hossain 82 [91b] 

NZL need 54 runs from 69 balls with five wickets in hand.

7:10am: NZL 177/4, 36.0 overs - Taylor 76*, Neesham 8

SIX! Neesham quietens the Bangladesh fans at The Oval wih a nice shot to start the over. Smokes it over wide long-on and wrestles back some control for the Black Caps.

NZL need 68 runs from 84 balls with six wickets in hand.

7:05am: NZL 165/4, 34.0 overs - Taylor 72*, Neesham 0

The Black Caps have survived another close run-out. This time Taylor pokes one to leg side and there's hesitation but Neesham goes. Sabbir swoops in with a clean pick-up and fires an under arm bouncer at the wickets. It sends the bails flying as Neesham lunges across and they go upstairs. He's in by skin of his teeth. Nervous times for the Black Caps. Bangladesh really sense a chance now.

NZL need 80 runs from 96 balls with six wickets in hand.

6:54am: NZL 162/4, 32.0 overs - Taylor 70*, Neesham 0

WICKET! Latham is gone for a duck! Mehidy picks up his second wicket of the over with his final ball on some great fielding but a poor shot from Latham. Latham smacks it to deep midwicket but knows immediately he hasn't gotten enough. Saifuddin is out there and dives forward for a great catch. Bangladesh know they're in the fight now and have a drinks break now to compose themselves for an exciting finish. Can Taylor lead the way?

TWM Latham c Mohammad Saifuddin b Mehidy Hasan Miraz 0 [4b]

NZL need 83 runs from 108 balls with six wickets in hand.

6:49am: NZL 160/3, 31.1 overs - Taylor 69*, Latham 0

WICKET! Out of nowhere, Bangladesh get the breakthrough! Williamson walking off and he's not happy with himself - can't blame him. Stepped up for a flick off Mehidy's ball but he's got no power and pops it up for an easy catch at deep midwicket. Is this the spark Bangladesh needs? 

KS Williamson c Mosaddek Hossain b Mehidy Hasan Miraz 40 [72b]

NZL need 85 runs from 113 balls with seven wickets in hand.

6:44am: NZL 158/2, 30.0 overs - Williamson 39, Taylor 68*

Another block of 10 overs down and with it, Williamson and Taylor bring up a 100-run partnership. It started crazy but the pair have well and truly settled in now and look to have established a game-winning partnership. Bangladesh's bowling attack continues to look stale and the Kiwis just keep ticking the scoreboard over. 87 needed. 120 balls to do it.

NZL need 87 runs from 120 balls with eight wickets in hand.

6:38am: NZL 150/2, 28.0 overs - Williamson 38, Taylor 61*

Just an update from the other match this morning. South Africa's World Cup campaign is in tatters as they suffered their third loss of the tournament, making them 0-from-3. South Africa posted just 227/9 in the first innings with Morris the top scorer [42]. India chased them down with 2.3 overs to spare at 230/4 - Rohit leading the charge with a century [122 not out].

NZL need 95 runs off 22 overs with eight wickets in hand.

6:32am: NZL 145/2, 27.0 overs - Williamson 37, Taylor 57*

The chase is down to 100 runs. Bangladesh just seem to be going through the motions here and don't really have any answers for Williamson and Taylor who are just picking up singles and twos most overs. Nothing flashy, just grinding out a result and taking what's given to them which, right now, is a quiet field and bowling attack.

NZL need 100 runs off 23 overs with eight wickets in hand.

6:23am: NZL 138/2, 25.0 overs - Williamson 35, Taylor 53*

FIFTY! Taylor brings up the half-century with a four up and over point. He's done it in 40 balls as he continues to chip away at this chase. Besides the running, it's been a great innings so far from Mr. 400. Picking his shots and pushing the pace when he wants to. We're at the halfway mark and Shakib is back in to the bowling attack. He's got three overs left.

NZL need 107 runs off 25 overs with eight wickets in hand.

6:20am: NZL 127/2, 24.0 overs - Williamson 32*, Taylor 46

Taylor edging closer to his fifty as he continues to pick up boundaries. Mustafizur is back in the bowling attack, bringing some pace but that seems to play more to the Black Caps duo's strengths. Nearing the halfway mark.

NZL need 118 runs off 26 overs with eight wickets in hand.

6:05am: NZL 110/2, 20.0 overs - Williamson 27, Taylor 34*

Twenty overs down. Last 10 have been on-pace with the first 10 but a lot more crazy. Still, the Black Caps get through it without losing any wickets so they'll be pleased with the chase so far. Taylor appears to be controlling the tempo between the two with 34 off 26 compared to his skipper who is 27 from 46. Bangladesh need a breakthrough here for morale's sake. Otherwise the duo will contrinue to chip away at the chase and Bangladesh's mentality.

NZL need 135 runs off 30 overs with eight wickets in hand. 

5:56am: NZL 101/2, 18.0 overs - Williamson 25*, Taylor 27

Taylor sweeps one to his left for two runs and brings up 100 for NZ to end the over. The veteran duo have certainly settled down these last five overs after the crazy run outs earlier and picked up fours when they're available. Can't help but wonder what if Williamson had been dismissed in the first run out. Still, Kiwis trucking along nicely and dangerman Shakib only has four overs left to work with.

NZL need 144 runs off 32 overs with eight wickets in hand.

5:38am: NZL 74/2, 14.0 overs - Williamson 14, Taylor 11*

Another mix-up! Williamson nudges the ball leg side and looks for a single but there's a fielder there. Taylor has to put his head down and lunges to get the bat across as the ball comes in. It's a little wide but the keeper has it and sends the bails flying. Replay shows it's close but Taylor is in - just. What a crazy couple of overs.

NZL need 171 runs off 36 overs with eight wickets in hand.

5:32am: NZL 67/2, 12.0 overs - Williamson 9*, Taylor 9

1 NEWS Sport CWC reporter Guy Heveldt summarises the play perfectly...

NZL need 178 runs off 38 overs with eight wickets in hand.

5:27am: NZL 62/2, 11.2 overs - Williamson 8*, Taylor 5

CHAOS! ABSOLUTE CHAOS! There's a mix-up between Williamson and Taylor on going for the single and Williamson is in no man's land. The throw comes in and he's well outside but they'll go upstairs to check. Replays come through but the keeper has knocked the bails off before the ball got there! You won't see anything like it again at this World Cup! What's crazier is the throw was going to hit the stumps! But the keeper has gotten excited and saved Williamson in the process. Absolute scenes. Will this haunt Bangladesh?

NZL need 183 runs off 38.4 overs with eight wickets in hand.

5:17am: NZL 55/2, 10.0 overs - Williamson 6*, Taylor 0

WICKET! Munro becomes Shakib's second victim! Munro attempts a slog sweep but couldn't get under it and Mehidy takes a superb diving catch forward at midwicket. Black Caps have lost two in the opening 10 overs but out comes Taylor, playing his 400th match for NZ across all formats, to join his skipper.

C Munro c Mehidy Hasan Miraz b Shakib Al Hasan 24 [34b]

NZL need 190 runs of 40 overs with eight wickets in hand.

5:09am: NZL 50/1, 7.0 overs - Munro 22, Williamson 3*

NZL brings up 50 as Munro slogs the final ball of the over for four. Drops to one knee to get under it and drives it to deep square leg to bring up the milestone. BAN continue with their spinners but looks like the Kiwis are comfortable enough picking their shots so far.

NZL need 195 runs off 43 overs with nine wickets in hand.

5:04am: NZL 43/1, 6.0 overs - Munro 17, Williamson 1*

APPEAL! Bangladesh appeal after thinking they've snagged Williamson in the same over. It goes upstairs and he's clearly missed it as ball hits the pads. Heads to ball tracking and shows it's missing. BAN lose their review. Williamson survives and picks up a single on the last ball.

NZL need 202 runs off 44 overs with nine wickets in hand.

4:59am: NZL 35/1, 5.1 overs - Munro 10*, Williamson 0

WICKET! Bangladesh bring on spinner Shakib and he strikes with his first delivery! Gets Guptill out in front and he skies the delivery for an easy catch at long-on. Captain Kane out now to steady the ship after a short but fiery innings from Guptill.

MJ Guptill c Tamim Iqbal b Shakib Al Hasan 25 [14b]

NZL need 210 runs off 44.5 overs with nine wickets in hand.

4:53am: NZL 30/0, 4.0 overs - Guptill 24*, Munro 6

Guptill has taken charge of the chase early. He has 24 off 12 balls already after collecting two more fours over the last two overs. Munro chipped in on the action with a four of his own. BAN seem to think short balls are best attack against Guptill but his dispelling them with ease so far.

NZL need 215 runs off 46 overs with 10 wickets in hand.

4:46am: NZL 15/0, 2.0 overs - Guptill 14*, Munro 1

Martin Guptill batting against Bangladesh in the Cricket World Cup. Source: Photosport

SIX! Guptill again opens the over with a boundary but this time it's a maximum! Drops to one knee as he sends spinner Hasan over wide long-on. He's not mucking around this morning!

NZL need 230 runs off 48 overs with 10 wickets in hand.

4:40am: NZL 7/0, 1.0 overs - Guptill 7*, Munro 0

Guptill gets things going on the very first ball with a four off Mortaza. Perfectly timed to deep midwicket. Adds another three runs before Munro goes on strike and can't get a run.

NZL need 248 runs off 49 overs with 10 wickets in hand.

4:35am: NZL 0/0, 0.0 overs - Guptill 0*, Munro 0

Guptill and Munro are making their way out onto the pitch. We're about to get underway!

NZL need 245 runs off 50 overs with 10 wickets in hand.

4:30am: First Innings Recap

After Kane Williamson stunned many by electing to bowl first at the Oval when winning the toss, the Black Caps went about proving why his decision was the right call.

In the two previous CWC matches at the Oval so far, the team that bowled first went on to lose the match but the Black Caps are poised to break that streak after bowling out Bangladesh for 244.

After early wickets from Matt Henry and Lockie Ferguson, the Black Caps had to work for the wicket of Shakib Al Hasan.

Shakib reached 64 runs before he was dismissed by Colin de Grandhomme, leaving Bangladesh at 151-for-4 with 20 overs remaining.

From there, wickets came regularly as Mitchell Santner and Trent Boult picked up wickets as well.

Bangladesh finished the innings with a low total of 244, meaning the Black Caps need 245 to win the match on an overcast afternoon in London. 

Colin Munro and Martin Guptill will open for the Kiwis.


BAN: Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mohammad Mithun, Mahmudullah, Mosaddek Hossain, Mohammad Saifuddin, Mehedi Hasan, Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Mustafizur Rahman

NZL: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (capt), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (wk), James Neesham, Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Matt Henry, Lockie Ferguson, Trent Boult