Black Caps lose to England, but book spot in tri-series final

The Black Caps have fallen two runs short of victory in the Twenty20 tri-series against England in Hamilton - but still qualified for Wednesday's series final against Australia in Auckland. 

Having been set 195 to win by England, New Zealand only needed to reach 175 to book their spot in the final.

Colin Munro got the Black Caps off to a rapid start, hitting 57 from 21 balls, while Martin Guptill paced his innings well, dismissed in the 17th over for 62.

The match came down to the final over, with the pair of Mark Chapman and Colin de Grandhomme needing 12 runs to seal victory.

England's Tom Curran stepped up with the ball, only giving away nine runs to seal his side a token victory, leaving New Zealand and Australia on course for the final match of the series at Eden Park.

10:18pm: 20 overs, NZ 192/4 - Chapman 37*, de Grandhomme 8*

Right then, final over, 12 needed. Tom Curran to bowl. Single first ball to de Grandhome - 11 from 5.

Chapman can only get a single from the next ball, 10 from 5 needed.

Another single third ball for de Grandhomme, 9 from 4 needed.

Chapman needs to find the boundary here - and he does! He walks across the stumps and flicks the ball to fine leg for four - NZ need five from two!

Fifth ball is a wide yorker, but the batsmen run a bye! 

Last ball, four needed - de Grandhomme on strike. They can only manage one and England win by two runs!

10:12pm: 19 overs, NZ 183/4 - Chapman 32*, de Grandhomme 4*

There we go, Chapman gets the magical single to book the final spot - can NZ get the win now?

That'll help - de Grandhomme squeezes out a yorker from Jordan down to the fine leg boundary. NZ need 16 from 10 balls.

Jordan bowls a high no-ball now - free hit coming up for Chapman. Jordan bowls a wide now! It's all falling apart for England! What a response from Jordan though! He gets the perfect yorker into Champman that somehow misses everything. NZ need 13 from 10 balls.

Another yorker to Chapman and its a dot! Jordan's bowled Chapman! Or has he? No! It's a no-ball! what a finish to this game! Another yorker from Jordan and Chapman can't get bat on ball. Yet another yorker to finish the over. New Zealand need 12 from the last six balls to win.

NZ need 12 runs from one over with six wickets in hand.

10:02pm: 18 overs, NZ 174/4 - Chapman 31* de Grandhomme 0*

WICKET! Curran comes back into the attack, NZ need just eight more to reach the tri-series final. Taylor pulls him for four second ball of the over - NZ just one hit away!

Taylor gets a single, Chapman on strike. Chapman pushes one out to cover, just two needed now.

Taylor looks for the big shot but can only get an outside edge. The ball goes to Morgan gor a simple catch.

Just seven from Taylor, as de Grandhomme strides to the crease.

Chapman gets a single next ball to reach 174 - just one more needed.

NZ need 21 from 2 overs with 6 wickets in hand.

9:55pm: 16.3 overs, NZ 164/3 - Chapman 28*, Taylor 0*

WICKET! Morgan keeps Malan on for another over, and Guptill makes him pay. He hits a clean six over midwicket first ball. Guptill goes again next ball, this time over cover!

He goes for three in a row but misses and is bowled! 

Guptill's done a brilliant job to get New Zealand close, only needing 11 more to qualify for the final.

He goes for 62, Ross Taylor the new man.

NZ need 31 runs from 3.3 overs with 7 wickets in hand.

9:52pm: 16 overs, NZ 152/2 - Guptill 50*, Chapman 28*

Chapman gets down and ramps Jordan over the keeper for four to bring up the fifty partnership between these two! It comes off 27 balls.

Fifty for Guptill too! He clips Jordan for one run to reach his milestone form 44 balls, with three fours and two sixes.

NZ need 43 runs from four overs with 7 wicket in hand.

9:46pm: 15 overs, NZ 138/2 - Guptill 42*, Chapman 23*

Risky move for England, with Morgan bringing Dawid Malan into the attack - it was his night with the bat, will he star with the ball?

Not straight away he won't with Guptill getting down on one knee to hammer him over the rope for six! Malan manages to make things worse for his side, dropping a regulation caught and bowled catch off Chapman!

The final ball of the over is straight through Guptill, somehow missing the stumps - 12 from Malan's over.

NZ need 57 from 5 overs with 8 wickets in hand.

9:42pm: 14 overs, NZ 126/2 - Guptill 35*, Chapman 18*

After some quiet overs following Williamson's departure, Guptill and Chapman take the attack to Dawson. Chapman belts him over the bounday for a mighty six, before Guptill smashes one straight back past the bowler for four. 

Chapman puts the icing on the cake with another six to end the over, a good one for New Zealand - 18 from it.

NZ need 69 runs from 6 overs with eight wickets in hand.

9:31pm: 11.1 overs, NZ 100/2 - Guptill 27*, Chapman 0*

WICKET! Williamson goes! A straight ball from Dawson has the Black Caps' skipper running down the wicket. He misses the shot and the ball goes crashing into the stumps.

Williamson goes for eight, Mark Chapman replaces him.

NZ need 95 runs from 8.5 overs with eight wickets in hand.

9:26pm: 10 overs, NZ 94/1 - Guptill 23*, Williamson 6*

At the halfway point, New Zealand need 101 more runs to win, but only 81 more to make the final, all with nine wickets in hand.

NZ need 101 runs from 10 overs with 9 wickets in hand.

9:17pm: 6.3 overs, NZ 78/1 - Guptill 13*, Williamson 0*

WICKET! England get rid of Munro! Adil Rashid comes into the attack for England, and Munro targets the leg side.

He gets a top edge that sails out to the boundary where Willey takes the catch. 

Munro out for 57 from 21 balls, Kane Williamson the new man.

NZ need 117 from 13.3 overs with 9 wickets in hand.

9:08pm: 5 overs, NZ 66/0 - Guptill 6*, Munro 52*

Fifty for Munro! What a display from the Black Caps opener! He sends Willey into the stands yet again to reach his half century of just 18 balls, with two fours and seven sixes. 

NZ need 129 from 15 overs with 10 wickets in hand.

9:03pm: 4 overs, NZ 47/0 - Guptill 4*, Munro 36*

Chris Jordan comes into the attack, and keeps it tight to Guptill and Munro - until the last ball of the over, which Munro wallops for another six down the ground.

NZ need 148 from 16 overs with 10 wickets in hand.

8:54pm: 2 overs, NZ 30/0 - Guptill 1*, Munro 28*

Tom Curran takes the ball from the other end. Guptill pulls the ball out to midwicket for a single. Munro on strike now.

Curran pitches on leg stump and Munro flicks another six over fine leg! Next ball is a slower ball from Curran but it gets the same treatment from Munro! He belts this perfectly straight for another six - his fourth of the innings.

Last ball of the over is on leg stump and Munro flicks it for four! Seventeen from the second over.

NZ need 165 from 18 overs with 10 wickets in hand.

8:48pm: 1 over, NZ 13/0 - Guptill 0*, Munro 12*

Guptill and Munro are out in the middle now. David Willey to open up for England.

Guptill gets a leg-bye first ball to bring Munro on strike. Munro doesn't waste any time getting stuck in - hitting his first ball for a huge six over the leg side!

A bit of swing for Willey, as Munro charges and misses. Next ball is a good reply from Munro though! Another six over the leg side - 13 from the first over!

NZ need 182 runs from 19 overs with 10 wickets in hand.


We're all set to go. New Zealand will chase 195 to win, but will only need 175 to make the final.

8:31pm: 20 overs, ENG 194/7 - Morgan 80*, Jordan 6*

Right then, final over - Trent Boult to bowl it.

First ball is a single to Morgan, good result to bring Dawson on strike. Or maybe not - Dawson hits the first ball he's faced for six over fine leg! He goes on the other side of the ground now, hitting four over third man. 

WICKET! Dawson can't go again, hitting the ball straight down Guptill's throat at long on. Dawson out for 10 from three, Chris Jordan the new man.

Two balls to go, Morgan back on strike. He gets a single down to long off. Final ball, Jordan on strike.

Jordan belts the final ball for six - England post 194/7 from their 20 overs. Can the Black Caps chase it down? We'll be back shortly with New Zealand's chase.

8:25pm: 19 overs, ENG 176/7 - Morgan 78*, Dawson 0*

WICKET! Willey goes on the attack looking for quick runs, but can only find Guptill in the deep.

He goes for 10 from just five balls, Liam Dawson the new man in.

8:19pm: 17.5 overs, ENG 165/5 - Morgan 77*, Willey 0*

WICKET! Oh boy, Morgan goes after Boult now! Six, four, six from the first three balls, before a single to bring Billings on strike.

Billings moves across his stumps, looking to paddle Boult to fine leg, but can only somehow edge it back onto his stumps.

Billings falls for six, David Willey the new batsman.

8:14pm: 17 overs, ENG 148/4 - Morgan 60*, Billings 6*

Fifty for Morgan! He hits de Grandhomme for six to bring up his half century, it comes from 35 balls with three fours and three sixes. 

Morgan goes again fourth ball of the over and gets six more.

Fifteen from de Grandhomme's final over. Three to go here in Hamilton.

8:09pm: 16 overs, ENG 133/4 - Morgan 46*, Billings 5*

Morgan the key for England now with five overs to go. Southee comes back into the attack. 

England can only manage six singles from the over, the wind has come out of their sales completely since the wicket of Malan.

8:01pm: 14 overs, ENG 123/4 - Morgan 41*, Billings 0*

WICKET! Sodhi gets rid of Buttler! He keeps it tight for the first five balls, going for just three runs. Buttler looks to end the over with a six, running down the wicket to Sodhi, but misses the ball completely. Seifert wastes no time in whipping off the bails to send Buttler packing.

Buttler out for two, Sam Billings replaces him.

7:54pm: 12.1 overs, ENG 117/3 - Morgan 37*, Buttler 0*

WICKET! This time the Black Caps do strike though! A slower ball from de Grandhomme sees Malan look for another huge hit over the leg side, but he doesn't get it cleanly and it drops kindly for Champman on the midwicket boundary.

Malan goes for 53, Jos Buttler in next.

7:52pm: 12 overs, ENG 117/2 - Malan 53*, Morgan 37*

Sodhi breaks the partnership! A rank full toss is smashed by Morgan, but it's gone straight to Guptill on the boundary! Oh hang on, this could be a no-ball - it is.

Free hit for Malan now, he gets down on one knee and belts it out of the park! That's his half century! It comes from 32 balls, with two fours and five sixes. 

To add insult to injury, he's dropped by the keeper next ball! Malan finishes the over with a reverse sweep, 10 from it.

7:45pm: 11 overs, ENG 106/2 - Malan 46*, Morgan 34*

Santner comes back into the attack and Morgan shows him no mercy! The England skipper belts 21 from Santner's second over, the partnership between these two is now 82 from 47 balls.

7:38pm: 9 overs, ENG 71/2 - Malan 33*, Morgan 14*

Munro comes into the attack and Malan smashes him for six over long on, and it's caught in the crowd! Another lucky punter wins $50,000!. Munro's first - and possibly only - over goes for 11.

7:30pm: 7 overs, ENG 57/2 - Malan 21*, Morgan 12*

Well, well, well - Kane Williamson brings himself on to bowl! Targeting the two left handers clearly.

Malan takes the attack to Williamson straight away, but this has gone a mile up! Guptill comes around at long on, but the ball just clears the rope,

To make matters worse, Morgan has a go - lofting another six over long off now. He gets a single to bring Malan on strike for the final ball of the over, which is just a single out to deep point. Expensive first over for Williamson - 16 from it.

7:23pm: 5 overs, ENG 37/2 - Malan 11*, Morgan 2*

It looks like this is the kind of pitch that's going to favour the slower bowlers - and so Williamson introduced de Grandhomme to replace Southee.

He bowls a short and wide ball that Malan cuts for four, next ball is pitched up and Malan drives through cover for back to back boundaries.

A tidy comeback from de Grandhomme though, with one run off the final three balls of the over.

7:15pm: 3.1 overs, ENG 24/2 - Malan 0*, Morgan 0*

WICKET! Boult joins the party! An identical dismissal to Hales' but this time the dangerous Roy is gone. Another slower ball sees Roy spoon a catch to Williamson - again on the edge of the circle.

Roy goes for 21, Eoin Morgan next in.

7:11pm: 2.3 overs, ENG - Roy 20*, Malan 0*

WICKET! Tim Southee comes into the attack as first change - and he strikes in his first over! He bowls a slower ball to Hales, who looks to hit him over long off - but the lack of pace sees the ball sky to Williamson going back from the edge of the circle.

Hales goes for just one, Dawid Malan the new batsman.

7:07pm: 2 overs, ENG 22/0 - Roy 20*, Hales 1*

Mitchell Santner takes the ball from the other end. Not a good start from Santner - with a wide down leg first ball.

Roy gets a single to mid on from the first legal ball of the over to bring Hales on strike for the first time. He defends to backward point and the batsmen steal a single. Roy plays a ridiculous reverse sweep next ball, getting the ball over short third man for another boundary. 

Santner responds with a half-tracker that Roy rocks back to and whacks for another boundary over midwicket, he's raced to 20 already. Two dot balls to end the over - England off to a flier now.

7:03pm: 1 over, ENG 11/0 - Roy 11*, Hales 0*

First ball is bang on the money from Boult, a little bit of swing back into Roy, who defends to midwicket. Second ball is an inswinging yorker that Roy does very well to get bat on to keep his stumps intact.

Roy doesn't muck about after that, hammering Boult's third ball over wide long on for the first six of the night! Boult responds with a bouncer but Roy's up to the task, pulling behind square for four. 

Roy gets a single to finish the over, 11 from it.


We're all ready to get going in Hamilton! Jason Roy on strike for England, Trent Boult with the new ball in hand.


Final teams confirmed, one change for the Black Caps, with Mitchell Santner replacing Ben Wheeler, while England bring Liam Dawson and Tom Curran into the side.

NZ: 1. Martin Guptill, 2. Colin Munro, 3. Kane Williamson (c), 4. Mark Chapman, 5. Ross Taylor, 6. Tim Seifert (wk), 7. Colin de Grandhomme, 8. Mitchell Santner, 9. Tim Southee, 10. Ish Sodhi, 11. Trent Boult.

ENGLAND: 1. Jason Roy, 2. Alex Hales, 3. Dawid Malan, 4. Eoin Morgan (c), 5. Jos Buttler (wk), 6. Sam Billings, 7. Liam Dawson 8. David Willey, 9. Chris Jordan, 10. Adil Rashid, 11. Tom Curran.


Hamilton looks all good to go for some cricket! We're all ready for the toss, with Kane Williamson and Eoin Morgan out in the middle.

Williamson wins the toss and New Zealand will bowl first! Final teams to be confirmed shortly.


After Friday's unbelievable loss to Australia, the Black Caps will be looking to seal their spot in the tri-series final, with tonight's opponent England standing in their way.

Victory for New Zealand tonight will see another match up between the Black Caps and Australia at Eden Park in the tri-series final.

They'll be up against an England side looking to improve, following their 12-run loss to New Zealand in Wellington last week, needing to win by at least 20 runs, or chase down a target within 18 overs if they were to compete in the series decider.

Both sides are bolstered by returning players, with New Zealand likely to bring Mitchell Santner back into the fold, while England welcome back their captain, Eoin Morgan.

TEAMS (possible)

NZ: 1. Martin Guptill, 2. Colin Munro, 3. Kane Williamson (c), 4. Mark Chapman, 5. Ross Taylor, 6. Tim Seifert (wk), 7. Colin de Grandhomme, 8. Mitchell Santner, 9. Tim Southee, 10. Ish Sodhi, 11. Trent Boult.

ENGLAND: 1. Jason Roy, 2. Alex Hales, 3. Dawid Malan, 4. Eoin Morgan (c), 5. Jos Buttler (wk), 6. Sam Billings, 7. David Willey, 8. Chris Jordan, 9. Adil Rashid, 10. Tom Curran, 11. Mark Wood.

New Zealand batsman Martin Guptill is bowled by Dawid Malan
New Zealand batsman Martin Guptill is bowled by Dawid Malan Source: Photosport