Black Caps hold on to win T20 series, India fall short after great fightback

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage to tonight's Twenty 20 series decider between the Black Caps and India at Seddon Park in Hamilton.

11:24pm: IND 208/6 - Karthik 33, K Pandya 26

New Zealand hold on to win the match by four runs. The Black Caps have won the T20 series 2-1. A bizarre moment in the last over where India had a chance to get a single after Southee's third delivery but Karthilk decides to stay at the strikers end and orders K Pandya to go back to the crease. 

11:19pm: IND 197/6 - 19 overs - Karthik 24, K Pandya 25

SIX! A huge moment in the match as K Pandya smashes the ball straight past Scott Kuggeleijn's head. India are very much in this match - they need just 16-runs from six overs to win this game and the series.

11:11pm: IND 183/6 - 18 overs - Karthik 17, K Pandya 18

An expensive over from Tim Southee as India score 18-runs from it. India need 30 runs off 12 balls to win this T20 decider.

10:58pm: IND 145/6 - 15.2 overs - Karthik 0, MS Dhoni 2

OUT! Daryl Mitchell bowls to MS Dhoni and he hits it straight down the ground - but he hasn't got enough on it and Tim Southee gets underneath it at long-on and makes an easy catch.

10:54pm: IND 145/5 - 15 overs - H Pandya 21, MS Dhoni 2

WICKET! Scott Kuggelijn bowls to H Pandya and he hits it up in the air and loses his bat. Kane Williamson gets to extra cover and makes the catch. India are in real trouble now.

10:50pm: IND 141/4 - 14 overs - H Pandya 19, Sharma 38

OUT! Daryl Mitchell bowls to the Indian skipper Rohit Sharma, it is a wide fullish ball from Mitchell. Sharma edges to straight into the gloves of Tim Seifert. A big moment in the match - next to the crease in MS Dhoni.

10:43pm: IND 121/3 - 12.2 overs - H Pandya 0, Sharma 36

WICKET! Blair Tickner bowls to Pant and he hits it straight to Kane Williamson at extra cover. It was an average full delivery from Tickner but he will take it. That is his first wicket for New Zealand.

10:41pm: IND 120/2 - 12 overs - Pant 28, Sharma 36

A good over by New Zealand's Daryl Mitchell, India only score five runs from his over with the ball. India need 93-runs with eight overs remaining in the match and eight wickets in hand.

10:31pm: IND 108/2 - 10 overs - Pant 17, Sharma 26

Blair Tickner comes back into the bowling attack for New Zealand. 

10:24pm: IND 81/2 - 8.3 overs - Shankar 43, Sharma 26

WICKET! Mitch Santer bowls to Shankar, he's hit it straight to deep square where Colin de Grandhomme makes a great catch. A much needed wicket for the Black Caps. 

10:11pm: IND 49/1 - 5 overs - Shankar 19, Sharma 19

India have recovered after the dismissal of Dhawan. Scott Kuggelijn returns to New Zealand's bowling attack.

9:59pm: IND 29/1 - 3 overs - Shankar 10, Sharma 9

An expensive over by Scott Kuggelijn as India score 10-runs in that over. Up next is Blair Tickner who is on debut for the Black Caps.

9:48pm: IND 6/1 - 0.5 over - Dhawan 5, Sharma 1

OUT! Mitch Santner bowls to Shikhar Dhawan and he hits it straight to Daryl Mitchell who makes a great catch at the deep cover boundary.

9:36pm: NZ 212/4 - Mitchell 19, Taylor 14

A great innings with the bat for New Zealand as they reach 212 runs. India will need 213 to win the match and the T20 series. Ross Taylor had a good knock in the final over scoring a crucial six and four.

9:30pm: NZ 200/4 - 19 overs - Mitchell 18, Taylor 3

FOUR! Kumar bowls to Daryl Mitchell and he top-edges his pull shot. The ball bounces past the two Indian players trying to save it from going over the rope. Khaleel from short fine and Krunal from fine leg can't get to it as the ball bounces over the boundary.

9:28pm: NZ 193/4 - 18.2 overs - Mitchell 14, Taylor 0

OUT! Kumar bowls to de Grandhomme he mistimes his shot. Colin de Grandhomme edges it straight into the gloves of MS Dhoni. 

9:24pm: NZ 192/3 - 18 overs - Mitchell 13, de Grandhomme 30

Another solid over for New Zealand with Mitchell and de Grandhomme scoring 10 runs off HH Pandya's over with the ball.

9:20pm: NZ 182/3 - 17 overs - Mitchell 7, de Grandhomme 26

FOUR! FOUR! Kumar bowls to Colin de Grandhomme, he smashes it wide of the mid-off boundary. The next ball de Grandhomme cuts it over backward point for another four.

9:11pm: NZ 159/3 - 15.2 overs - Mitchell 2, de Grandhomme 9

Colin de Grandhomme.
New Zealand Black Caps v India. Twenty20 International cricket. 2nd T20. Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand. Friday 8 February 2019. © Copyright photo: Andrew Cornaga /
Black Caps all-rounder Colin de Grandhomme in action against India in their second T20 in Auckland. Source: Photosport

SIX! K Pandya bowls to Colin de Grandhomme, he smashes it over deep midwicket for his first boundary of the match.

9:07pm: NZ 150/3 - 14.4 overs - Williamson 27, de Grandhomme 3

OUT! Ahmed bowls to Kane Williamson and he mistimes his shot with the ball hitting the top of the bat. Williamson hits it straight down the throat of Kuldeep Yadav at short fine leg. An easy straight forward catch.

9:01pm: NZ 135/2 - 13.1 overs - Williamson 15, Munro 72

WICKET! Kuldeep Yadav bowls to Colin Munro and this time India get him! Munro hits it straight to HH Pandya at extra cover who makes no mistake.

8:59pm: NZ 135/1 - 13 overs - Williamson 15, Munro 72

An expensive for India as New Zealand score 17-runs from HH Pandya's over. India had two chances to dismiss Colin Munro but they drop him twice.

8:54pm: NZ 118/1 - 12 overs - Williamson 14, Munro 60

DROPPED! H Pandya bowls to Colin Munro and he's hit it straight into the air, a straight forward catch but the Indian fielder Khaleel has dropped it.

8:48pm: NZ 102/1 - 10 overs - Williamson 6, Munro 52

FIFTY! Colin Munro brings up his ninth T20 fifty in style with a big six! The delivery from KH Pandya is a length ball around off and Munro has timed it to perfection, smashing it over deep midwicket.

8:47pm: NZ 96/1 - 10 overs - Williamson 6, Munro 46

SIX! Yuldav Kuldeep bowls to Munro and he sweeps it over square leg for his third six of the innings.

8:40pm: NZ 83/1 - 8 overs - Williamson 3, Munro 36

A crucial wicket for India, getting rid of Seifert, the New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson enters the game.

8:36pm: NZ 80/1 - 7.3 overs - Seifert 43, Munro 36

OUT! Kuldeep Yadav bowls Tim Seifert, he swings and misses. The Kiwi is caught out of his crease and MS Dhoni hits the stumps after making a quick grab.

8:29pm: NZ 66/0 - 6 overs - Seifert 36, Munro 29

SIX! KH Pandya bowls to Colin Munro and he's swept this into the stands at deep midwicket. SIX! Tim Seifert walks across the stumps, gets down low and sweeps KH Pandya's delivery over fine leg. A great shot from Seifert!

8:19pm: NZ 38/0 - 4 overs - Seifert 26, Munro 10

FOUR! SIX! FOUR! Tim Seifert is really getting to his groove now. His first boundary is hit over cover for four. His second is a classy shot as he gets down on one knee and guides the ball over short fine. Seifert's third boundary is smacked over behind square and through the gap.

8:14pm: NZ 22/0 - 3 overs - Seifert 11, Munro 10

A good spell by India's bowler Kumar as New Zealand only score three-runs from his over.

8:08pm: NZ 19/0 - 2 overs - Seifert 10, Munro 9

FOUR! Ahmed bowls to Tim Seifert - ball is slower and on a length. Seifert hits it over extra cover for a boundary.

8:04pm: NZ 11/0 - 1 over - Seifert 4, Munro 7

SIX! Kumar bowls to Colin Munro, he steps out and hits his length ball over long-on. A fast start by the New Zealand opener, compared to two days ago in Auckland.

8:00pm: NZ 0/0 - Seifert 0, Munro 0

Blair Tickner replaces Lockie Ferguson for New Zealand, Kuldeep Yadav replaces Chahal for India. 

India have won the toss and elect to bowl first. 

Black Caps: Tim Seifert (wk), Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (c), Daryl Mitchell, Ross Taylor, Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Scott Kuggeleijn, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Blair Tickner.

India: Rohit Sharma (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant, Vijay Shankar, Dinesh Karthik, MS Dhoni (wk), Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya,
Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Khaleel Ahmed.

New Zealand bowler Blair Tickner celebrates the wicket of Pant on debut. New Zealand Black Caps v India. Twenty20 International cricket. 3rd T20. Seddon Park, Hamilton, New Zealand. Sunday 10 February 2019 © Copyright photo: Andrew Cornaga /
New Zealand bowler Blair Tickner celebrates the wicket of Pant on debut. Source: Photosport

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