Black Caps heartbroken again, India take T20 series with super over victory

Relive 1 NEWS' live coverage of the third T20 International between the Black Caps and India from Seddon Park, Hamilton.

India celebrate Source: Photosport

11:51pm: India win super over

Well, Southee to bowl. Sharma and Rahul to face for India.

First ball is dragged into the leg side by Sharma, chance of a run out as the batsmen want two - but Seifert fumbles! India two from one.

Yorker from Southee, this time the batsmen just get one. Rahul to face, India need 15 from four balls.

Rahul gets down on one knee and sweeps Southee past fine leg for four! India need 10 from three!

Another yorker from Southee, just a single for Rahul. India need nine from two.

Oh my word! Sharma heaves it out of the ground!!! Down on one knee, over long on for six! India need three from the last ball, two to tie for another super over!

Sharma hits the last ball for six!!! India win the super over!!!


What an over for the Black Caps. But that's only half the job done.

It looks like Southee will step up and bowl the Black Caps' over. Who'll come out for India? You'd bet on Kohli and Sharma being two.

11:39pm: SUPER OVER - NZ 17/0

Right then, super over!

First ball is full, Williamson hits into the leg side for a single. Guptill on strike. Full toss from Bumrah, but Guptill doesn't get it, spoons a single down to long off. 

Williamson walks across his stumps and flicks six over fine leg! What a shot! NZ have eight from the first three balls.

Fourth ball. Another full toss and Williamson hits over cover for four! Brilliant!  Play and miss fifth ball, but Guptill runs a bye - 15 from the first five, one to come.

Final ball, another low full toss and Guptill shovels into the leg side for a boundary to finish!!! India need 18 from their super over!!


Oh. My. Word. 

Another super over. NZ will bat first, it looks like Williamson and Guptill will be the first two batsmen. Who bowls for India?

Bumrah with ball in hand.

11:29pm: 20 overs - NZ 179/6 

Two needed from three. Seifert plays and misses. 

Seifert plays and misses again, but Taylor runs a bye! One needed from one - and Taylor drags it on!!!


11:25pm: 19.3 overs - NZ 178/5 - Taylor 17*, Seifert 0*

Final over. Shami to bowl, Taylor on strike.

First ball is a full toss and Taylor deposits it for six! Classic Ross Taylor! NZ need three from five!

Taylor gets a single, Williamson on strike, two to win. Six to bring up a hundred.

But he's out! Williamson tries to ramp, but runs the ball off the face, where Rahul takes a brilliant catch behind the stumps.

Williamson goes for 95. Tim Seifert the new batsman.

NZ need two from three balls.

11:22pm: 19 overs - NZ 171/4 - Williamson 95*, Taylor 10*

Bumrah to bowl his final over. Taylor works him over the leg side for four, before Williamson digs out a yorker for another boundary!

Taylor gets one from the last ball. The Black Caps need nine from the final over!

11:11pm: 17 overs - NZ 151/4 - Williamson 85*, Taylor 0*

Kane Williamson you beauty! The NZ skipper hits three boundaries in a row off Bumrah. The batsmen try to steal a single from the last ball, and India overthrow! All the pressure on India!

NZ need 29 runs off 18 balls.

11:06pm: 16 overs - NZ 137/4 - Williamson 71*, Taylor 0*

WICKET! The Black Caps lose de Grandhomme! The big right hander has struggled his whole innings, and looks to hit Shakur over the top. He can only manage an outside edge, that slices to Dube. He goes for five, Ross Taylor the new man.

NZ need 43 runs from 24 balls.

10:56pm: 15 overs - NZ 114/3 - Williamson 50*, de Grandhomme 3*

Fifty for Williamson! The Black Caps skipper raises the bat, he's gone to 50 from 28 balls, four fours and three sixes.

NZ need 66 runs from 36 balls.

10:50pm: 13 overs - NZ 100/3 - Williamson 37*, de Grandhomme 2*

Williamson looking to do most of the scoring at the moment, de Grandhomme struggling at the moment, but has the ability to catch up.

NZ need 80 from 42 balls.

10:40pm: 10.4 overs - NZ 88/3 - Williamson 27*, de Grandhomme 0*

WICKET! The Santner experiment fails! Chahal comes back and bowls a skidder, no footwork from Santner, who plays back and is bowled by a flatter ball.

He goes for nine, Colin de Grandhomme in next.

10:36pm: 10 overs, NZ 79/2 - Williamson 18*, Santner 9*

Bumrah comes back into the attack and squares Santner up, the ball balloons up, but Jadeja can't hang on to the catch! He's claiming he lost it in the lights. 

At the halfway stage NZ still need 101 runs from the last 10 overs.

10:20pm: 6.2 overs, NZ 52/2 - Williamson 1*, Santner 0*

WICKET! Munro goes now! Jadeja comes into the attack, and strikes right away. Munro runs right past one, and isn't event in the frame as Rahul takes the bails off. Stupid from Munro.

He goes for 14, Mitchell Santner in to combat Jadeja's left-arm spin.

10:16pm: 5.4 overs, NZ 47/1 - Munro 14*, Williamson 0*

WICKET! Guptill falls! Thakur comes back into the attack for the last over of the powerplay, and bowls one that's short, wide and deserving to be hit for six. 

Guptill tries to oblige, but doesn't get it high enough, slicing to sub fielder Sanju Samson in the deep! Guptill goes for 31, Kane Williamson replaces him.

10:07pm: 4 overs, NZ 33/0 - Guptill 22*, Munro 10*

Shami bowls one that smacks Munro right in the ribs, and he stays down! This doesn't look good! Munro looks like he's in a lot of pain. The physio's giving treatment, but Munro's back on his feet.

9:55pm: 2 overs, NZ 13/0 - Guptill 9*, Munro 4*

Mohammed Shami with the ball at the other end. First ball to Munro is straight, Munro goes back to defend and Guptill runs through for another single. Good approach for the Black Caps.

Short and in at Guptill's hip with the second ball, another single into leg. Third ball is short, Murno tries to pull, gets none of it, runs a single.

Short again to Guptill, another single behind square. Pitches one up to Munro, who drives straight back to the bowler, no run.

Munro tries to hit Shami out of the ground on the final ball, doesn't connect, runs single anyway.

9:49pm: 1 over, NZ 8/0 - Guptill 7*, Munro 1*

First over, Guptill on strike. First ball is full and outside off, a bit of swing too. Guptill defends, no run. Guptill goes on the charge second ball and belts a huge straight six! Brilliant from Guptill!

Thakur goes straight to follow up, Guptill defends into the leg side, but Munro scampers a single. 

Munro to face his first ball, it's short and in at the ribs, he works a single behind square on the leg side. Final ball of the over, Thakur holds the pace back, Guptill defends.


Here we go then, Martin Guptill and Colin Munro to open up for the Black Caps. They'll be up against it with India's spin duo of Chahal and Jadeja. 

It'll be Shardul Thakur to start off for India tonight though.

9:28pm: 20 overs, IND 179/5 - Pandey 14*, Jadeja 10*

Southee to bowl the final over. First ball is a slower ball, Jadeja cuts for a single. Another slower ball second up and Pandey hammers six over long on! Southee follows up with a wide, extra ball for India.

Yorker up next, Pandey digs out to deep cover for one, India go past 170. Next ball is skied by Jadeja, but Santner drops the catch running in from the boundary! 

Jadeja rubs salt in the wounds next ball, hammering Southee over cover for six! That's an unreal shot from Jadeja. Final ball, Jadeja plays and misses, but Pandey scampers a bye.

India finish on 179/5.

9:22pm: 18.5 overs, IND 160/5 - Pandey 7*, Jadeja 0*

WICKET! Bennett comes back for one last over, and he gets the big fish! He drives one the up, but can only find Southee on the edge of the ring!

Kohli goes for 38, Jadeja promoted up to finish the innings.

9:13pm: 17 overs, INDI 142/4 - Kohli 28*, Pandey 0*

WICKET! Iyer goes trying to up the tempo! Santner holds one back, Iyer runs down the pitch, misses it before Seifert takes the bails off.

Iyer out for 17, Manish Pandey the new batsman.

9:09pm: 16 overs, IND 131/3 - Kohli 26*, Iyer 8*

Sodhi finishes his spell, four overs, 0/23. He didn't take a wicket, but he's really put a halt to India's momentum. Four overs to go.

9:03pm: 14 overs, IND 114/3 - Kohli 13*, Iyer 4*

The Black Caps have dried India's scoring right up. Sodhi and de Grandhomme really putting the squeeze on this pair. Six overs to go.

8:53pm: 11 overs, IND 96/3 - Kohli 0*, Iyer 0*

WICKET! Two in the over! Bennett goes short and wide to Dube, and the left-hander tries to cut over point for six. He doesn't quite get it, and slices a catch to Sodhi down at third man! 

Dube out for a sluggish three from seven, Shreyas Iyer comes in at number five after two solid knocks at Eden Park.

8:50pm: 10.4 overs, IND 94/2 - Dube 1*, Kohli 0*

WICKET! Another one falls for India! Bennett comes back into the attack and uses his knuckle-ball. Sharma goes to hit him straight again, but gets the toe of the bat. Southee steadies underneath the ball and takes a comfortable catch. 

Sharma out for 65, captain Kohli replaces him.

8:40pm: 9 overs, IND 89/1 - Sharma 62*, Dube 0*

WICKET! Colin de Grandhomme comes on to bowl for the first time this series, and he strikes in his first over! Rahul looks to cut, but the pace isn't there - spooning a catch to Munro on the edge of the circle! Rahul out for 27.

Shivam Dube promoted to number three ahead of Kohli.

8:37pm: 8 overs, IND 82/0 - Sharma 56*, Rahul 26*

Sodhi and Santner come into the attack and slow the run rate down, their two overs go for eight and five respetively.

8:29pm: 6 overs, IND 69/0 - Sharma 50*, Rahul 19*

Bennett comes back into the attack for the final over of the powerplay, tries the knuckle-ball, Sharma rocks back and hooks for a huge six over fine leg. Bennett goes fuller next ball, same result. Sharma goes over long off this time, six more.

That's the 50 partnership up for these two as well. Bennett follows up with a wide ball, Sharma cuts for a boundary - 17 from the first four balls of the over.

Bennett goes full and wide, Sharma times his shot beautifully behind point for another four - 21 from the over with one to come.

Final ball, Bennett goes full and Sharma belts him straight again, 27 from the over, fifty for Sharma.

8:19pm: 4 overs, IND 34/0 - Sharma 18*, Rahul 16*

Kuggeleijn comes into the attack and finds a bit more bounce and pace off the pitch. Second ball of the over catches Sharma out, taking the edge of the bat, but there's no slip - ball goes for four.

He comes back well though, three from the next four balls.

8:09pm: 2 overs, IND 15/0 - Sharma 7*, Rahul 8*

Hamish Bennett to take the new ball from the other end - yet to take a wicket this series.

First ball is short, Rahul off the mark straight away with a single to third man. Bennett goes short again, this time to Sharma, he gets on top of the bounce and gets a single out to point. 

Short again from Bennett and Rahul cuts him for six! Slightly fortunate, but short boundaries at Seddon Park come into Rahul's favour!

Rahul pinches a single next ball, good batting. Bennett keeps the short-pitched approach to Sharma, who cuts in the air out to point, Munro does well to save four, just two runs.

Short to finish from Bennett, Sharma rocks back and pulls into the leg side. Kuggeleijn reels in the ball before the boundary, but they get two, 13 from the over.

8:03pm: 1 over, IND 4/0 - Sharma 4*, Rahul 0*

False start from Southee as Sharma pulls away before the first ball! 

First ball is straight, Sharma defends into the leg side, no run. Second ball is on off-stump, Sharma defends into the off side this time, another dot ball.

Third ball is wide, Sharma doesn't need any second invitation, he frees his arms and cuts to the boundary for four, and the first runs of the match! Southee comes back well with a straighter one, Sharma defends again.

Fifth ball is wide again, Sharma tries the late cut, but can't beat Sodhi at short third man. Bit of swing final ball of the over, Sharma leaves.


Here we go then! India's openers stride out to the middle, Tim Southee to take the new ball on his home ground. Rohit Sharma on strike


As stated earlier, just the one change for the Black Caps:

1. Martin Guptill, 2. Colin Munro, 3. Kane Williamson (c), 4. Colin de Grandhomme, 5. Ross Taylor, 6. Tim Seifert, 7. Mitchell Santner, 8. Scott Kuggeleijn, 9. Tim Southee, 10. Ish Sodhi, 11. Hamish Bennett.

India unchanged from their first two victories.

1. Rohit Sharma, 2. KL Rahul, 3. Virat Kohli (c), 4. Shreyas Iyer, 5. Shivam Dube, 6. Manish Pandey, 7. Ravindra Jadeja, 8. Shardul Thakur, 9. Yuzvendra Chahal, 10. Mohammad Shami, 11. Jasprit Bumrah.


Virat Kohli calls wrong at the toss and Kane Williamson says he wants to bowl first. One change for the Black Caps, Scott Kuggeleijn comes in for Blair Tickner.

Final teams to be confirmed shortly.


Seddon Park is a picture tonight - which means we should be in for a cracker! We'll have the toss and confirmed teams for you shortly.


Down 2-0 in the best of five series, the Black Caps enter tonight's match needing nothing but victory to even stay in the series.

Back-to-back defeats at Eden Park have left Kane Williamson's men in a do-or-die situation, heading to Seddon Park with everything to play for.

India meanwhile can take things slightly easier, needing just one win from the next three games to take the series, although don't expect Virat Kohli and his side to switch off any time soon.

These two sides played at the same venue just over a year ago, with New Zealand winning a thriller by four runs.