Black Caps haul in Pakistan's total after rain soaked ODI in Nelson

The Black Caps have taken a 2-0 lead in their One Day International series against Pakistan, chasing down a revised target in Nelson.

Initially chasing 247, rain at Saxton Oval saw New Zealand leave the field at 64/2, set a new target of 151 from 25 overs.

The pair of Martin Guptill and Ross Taylor had little trouble in reeling in the target, getting New Zealand home with 1.1 overs to spare.

Guptill and Taylor added 104 runs for the third wicket to complete the victory.

7:18pm: New Zealand win by eight wickets

Three runs to win. Taylor gets a single to get Guptill back on strike. Guptill takes another single. Taylor on strike, one to win. He pulls the ball into the leg side and that's it!

New Zealand have cantered to an easy eight wicket victory. 

7:12pm: 22 overs, NZ 145/2 - Guptill 84*, Taylor 41*

New Zealand are just one shot away from a win now. Guptill smokes a six over wide long on from the last ball of the 22nd over. 

NZ need six runs from 18 balls with eight wickets in hand.

7:08pm: 21 overs, NZ 134/2 - Guptill 76*, Taylor 38*

Shadab Khan comes back into the attack and is welcomed with a Guptill slog-sweep for six! New Zealand can do this in singles if they want to. They take four from the next five balls.

NZ need 17 from 24 balls with eight wickets in hand.

7:04pm: 20 overs, NZ 124/2 - Guptill 68*, Taylor 36*

This is getting bad for Pakistan. Guptill and Taylor take the attack to Hasan Ali's fourth over, taking eight from the first five balls. Hasan comes back well with a slower bouncer that Taylor misses, but the damage has been done.

NZ need 27 runs from 30 balls with eight wickets in hand.

6:56pm: 18 overs, NZ 109/2 - Guptill 59*, Taylor 30*

Fifty partnership between these two. The Black Caps are starting to find the boundary with ease now! They've pushes their stand out to 62 runs from 52 balls. Target is now down to a run a ball needed.

NZ need 42 runs from 42 balls with eight wickets in hand.

6:49pm: 17 overs, NZ 95/2 - Guptill 58*, Taylor 18*

Guptill gets to his 50 with a massive slog-sweep for six! Brilliant batting from Guptill! He gets there from 51 balls, three fours and three sixes. The last ball of the over is dropped short and Guptill cuts for four! Another big over, 12 from it!

NZ need 56 runs from 48 balls with eight wickets in hand.

6:47pm: 16 overs, NZ 83/2 - Guptill 46*, Taylor 18*

Hasan Ali opens up to Guptill from the other end and is welcomed with a six! Guptill advances and smashes it back over the bowlers head. Hasan drops it short next ball and Guptill goes again! He pulls him for another six over deep square leg. 

He gets a single next ball, clever batting having already done plenty of damage this over. Taylor on strike, the batsmen try and sneak a single - there could be a run out but the throw misses the stumps! 

Guptill back on strike, he tries to clear the front leg and hit another one out of the ground, but he misses it by miles. Last ball of the over, and Guptill gets a single, 15 from the over.

NZ need 68 runs from 54 balls with eight wickets in hand.

6:43pm: 15 overs, NZ 68/2 - Guptill 32*, Taylor 17*

Shadab Khan to open up after the rain. Ross Taylor on strike. The first two balls are dots, Taylor unable to pierce the inside circle. He advances third ball and pushes one out to the leg side and the batsmen get back for two. Taylor gets a single from the fourth ball to bring Guptill on strike.

He gets a wrong-un first up from Shadab, cramped for room, but most importantly a dot ball. He pulls the final ball of the over for a single. Four from the first over after the break.

NZ need 83 runs from 60 balls with eight wickets in hand.


Guptill and Taylor make their way back to the middle. New Zealand need 87 runs from 11 overs to go 2-0 up.


Right, we're back and ready to get play underway. The innings has been reduced to 25 overs, New Zealand's target is now 151.


Word from the umpires is that we can resume at 6:30pm, should no more rain fall.


The rain has stopped and the umpires will have an inspection soon. Play needs to resume in the next hour as the groundstaff race to get the field dried in time.


The rain has gotten slightly lighter, but there's still a lot of water on the ground. The umpires are out in the middle, but it doesn't look like they'll be making a decision any time soon.


More bad news, the rain has gotten heavier and the heavy covers are out on the pitch. 

4:21pm: 14 overs, NZ 64/2 - Guptill 31*, Taylor 14*

Uh oh. Rain has arrived at Saxton Oval. The groundstaff get the covers onto the pitch. At the moment, should play fail to resume, it'll be a no result - needing to have played 20 overs to constitute a match. We'll keep you updated with proceedings, but we could be in for a bit of a wait until we can get some more cricket in.

4:14pm: 13 overs, NZ 62/2 - Guptill 20*, Taylor 13*

Taylor has looked in good touch since coming to the middle, scoring beautifully through the off side, including a brilliant cut for four off Faheem Ashraf. Guptill on the other hand, has slowed right down since Williamson's dismissal. New Zealand still need 185 runs.

3:58pm: 9.3 overs, NZ 47/2 - Guptill 28*, Taylor 0*

WICKET! Williamson goes! The Black Caps are in a spot of bother now as the captain slashes at a wide one. Shadab Khan flies through the air to take the catch, and New Zealand lose their second wicket! Williamson out for 19, Ross Taylor the new batsman.

3:42pm: 6 overs, NZ 32/1 - Guptill 25*, Williamson 7*

Guptill has started to find the boundary with ease inside the powerplay. He's moved on to 25. Williamson at the other end has struggled for timing so far, but is still seven from 12. Their partnership is 31 runs.

3:28pm: 3 overs, NZ 4/1 - Guptill 4*, Williamson 0*

Williamson is struck on the pad by Amir! Pakistan go up, but the umpire says not out. They refer it, but first replays look a little high. Ball tracking shows it going over the top of the stumps. Pakistan lose their review early and Williamson survives. 

The Black Caps skipper plays out a maiden over after the early scare.

3:23pm: 2 overs, NZ 4/1 - Guptill 4*, Williamson 0*

Rumman Raes to open up from the other end, Guptill on strike. He gets two from the second ball of the over with a push off his hip into the deep. Pakistan keep it tight for the rest of the over. Good start for the tourists here.

3:16pm: 0.3 overs, NZ 1/1 - Guptill 1*, Williamson 0*

Guptill gets off the mark first ball! He pushes Amir to mid on and scampers through for a quick single. 

WICKET! Munro to face now, and he plays and misses at his first ball, he slashes at the next one and he's out! Pakistan strike early and it's the dangerous Munro who goes caught at third man for a duck. Kane Williamson the new man.


Right then, Guptill on strike, Mohammad Amir to open the bowling.


Pakistan are out in the field, they've been putting in the hard yards with their fielding practice, they desperately need to win this match to keep themselves in the series.

Here come the Black Caps openers, Martin Guptill and Colin Munro striding to the middle. Not far away from New Zealand's innings now.

2:40pm: 50 overs, PAK 246/9 - Amir 8*, Raes 6*

Rumman hits four from his first ball, but Ferguson comes back well to only concede two from the last two balls. Pakistan finish on 246/9, meaning New Zealand will have a tricky chase.

We'll be back in around half an hour for the second innings of this second ODI from Nelson.

2:36pm: 49.3 overs, PAK 239/9 - Amir 8*, Raes 0*

WICKET! Ferguson comes back into the attack and gets rid of the well-set Shadab. A quick bouncer has Shadab looking to pull, but he can only manage an edge through to Latham. The umpire initially gives it not out, but Williamson refers it straight away. Huge spike on snicko, and that'll be the end of it. Shadab goes for 52. Rumman Raes the last batsman.

2:25pm: 47.2 overs, PAK 230/8 - Shadab 50*, Amir 2*

Fifty for Shadab! He gets to his half century by lofting Boult over cover for four. A brilliant innings under pressure, coming from 62 balls with three fours and a six.

2:15pm: 44.5 overs, PAK 211/8 - Shadab 33*, Amir 0*

WICKET! But Hasan falls next ball! He tries to loft Southee over long on for six, but doesn't get enough of it, leaving Astle to take the catch on the boundary. A brilliant innings from Hasan sees him leave for 51, Mohammad Amir the new man.

2:13pm: 44.4 overs, PAK 211/7 - Shadab 33*, Hasan 51*

Fifty for Hasan! He gets to his milestone with a dab down to fine leg of Southee, and what a celebration! He gets there off 30 balls, with four fours and four sixes.

2:05pm: 43 overs, PAK 192/7 - Shadab 29*, Hasan 37*

Pakistan take the attack to Astle! Hasan Ali hits him for four, before surviving a stumping appeal to hit back over the bowler's head for six. Shadab gets in on the act too, although more fortunately, edging fine to third man for his first boundary. The final ball of the over is smashed over cover for four by Hasan, bringing up the 50 partnership, 21 runs from that Astle over.

1:45pm: 39 overs, PAK 159/7 - Shadab 18*, Hasan 18*

NOT OUT! Umpires go upstairs to check Astle's catch at mid off and he's inches short. It's clearly touched the ground so tthe review is not out. Meanwhile, Hasan has come in firing and already has two sixes to his name! Could he be the spark Pakistan need?

1:37pm: 37 overs, PAK 142/7 - Shadab 18*, Hasan 1*

WICKET! Another catch and it gives Ferguson his second. Pulled it straight to fine leg for Southee to grab near the ropes. It's a short ball from Ferguson and Faheem tries to get under it and guide it for six. But he times it late and the pull ends up straight down Southee's throat.

1:22pm: 33 overs, PAK 135/6 - Shadab 13*, Faheem 6*

DRINKS! Next lot of drinks are out in the middle and the Black Caps are in cruise control. There's been some fine bowling from the unit today - especially Astle and Ferguson - but Pakistan aren't helping themselves out with these odd shot choices. Remember, they won the toss and wanted this. Have to wonder what they saw or had planned to play like they have so far. 17 overs left, four wickets to work with. They need someone to step up big to give them something defendable.

1:12pm: 31 overs, PAK 127/6 - Shadab 12*, Faheem 0*

WICKET! Another odd shot choice leads to another easy wicket for the Black Caps. He charges down the pitch forcing him to make contact but the ball is short and wide. He reaches out to slap it but it goes straight to Guptill at extra cover - he didn't even need to move to make the grab. 

12:50pm: 26 overs, PAK 111/5 - Hafeez 53*, Shadab 3*

WICKET! They may not have got Sarfraz with the review thanks to the tracker keeping it umpire's call but they get him next delivery no doubt! Tries to charge down the pitch and misses terribly. Easily stumped by Latham and that's Astle's second of the day. Fine job so far from the spinner.

12:48pm: 25 overs, PAK 108/4 - Hafeez 53*, Sarfraz 3*

FIFTY FOR HAFEEZ! Hafeez knocks it away for four and that'll give him fifty. Good knock from him so far and the only composed hitter from Pakistan so far today. Will need to carry this innings on if he wants to give his team the best chance.

12:34pm: 22 overs, PAK 84/4 - Hafeez 32*, Sarfraz 0*

WICKET! Pakistan in big trouble! Shoaib looks to finish the over with a boundary after taking a lot of dot balls over the last two overs but he hasn't hit this clean. Tries to elevate the ball but doesn't get it clean and this is an easy catch at long-on. It's Southee too, who has just returned to the field after that earlier injury. Not a bad welcome back present.

12:15pm: 16 overs, PAK 61/3 - Hafeez 23*, Shoaib 13*

DRINKS! Short break for drinks here. Santner has just come in to the attack and started well with a maiden to his name already. Pressure really on Pakistan to get their run rate moving over the next block of overs but the bowling unit isn't making it easy. One of these two will need to have a big innings you feel to get Pakistan back on track. Ferguson still bowling from the other end.

11:50am: 11 overs, PAK 41/3 - Hafeez 16*, Shoaib 0*

WICKET! Ferguson comes into the attack and he's had an immediate impact! Babar edges to Taylor and hes gone. Outside off with length and he tries to thread it but misjudged big time. Easy grab for Taylor in the slips. Pakistan in big trouble.

11:45am: 9 overs, PAK 29/2 - Babar 10*, Hafeez 15*

Southee has come off to get some treatment after a ball was drilled back at him in the leg while bowling. Hopefully nothing too serious.

11:24am: 5 overs, PAK 15/2 - Babar 0*, Hafeez 1*

WICKET! Southee comes to the party! Brilliant ball after coughing up nine runs on the last two balls. Azhar gets caught out front off a full delivery outside off and it seams back in after pitching. He won't review this one and he's off to the stands. 

11:20am: 4 overs, PAK 5/1 - Azhar 2*, Babar 0*

WICKET! Boult gets his man this time! That trusty short ball does the trick and Imam looks to pull but he has nothing on the hit. Timed poorly and knocks it straight to square leg where Munro eats it up easily.

11:07am: 2 overs, PAK 4/0 - Azhar 1*, Imam 2*

WICKET REVERSED! Azhar survives! Boult with a beauty of short ball gets him chasing and there's a noise as it heads through to Latham. Big shout and the umpire agrees but Azhar instantly challenges. It takes a while for the third umpire to go through the angles but he decides the noise came off the helmet, not the bat.  

11:00am: 0 overs, PAK 0/0 - Azhar 0*, Imam 0*

Everyone's out there. Little bit of cloud overhead but no rain is forecast so we should be fine. Southee starting things off for the Black Caps.

10:35am: TEAMS

Black Caps have gone unchanged for today's game. Pakistan have made a change at the top of the order.

NZL: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Tom Latham, Henry Nicholls, Todd Astle, Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee, Lockie Ferguson, Trent Boult

PAK: Azhar Ali, Imam-ul-Haq, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Hafeez, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Faheem Ashraf, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Amir, Hasan Ali, Rumman Raees

10:30am: TOSS

Pakistan has won the toss and elected to bat first.

10:25am: PRE-MATCH

Still learning about his role lower down the Black Caps batting order, Henry Nicholls is keen to expand his knowledge in today's second one-day international against Pakistan in Nelson.

The New Zealanders began the five-match series with a 61-run win in the rain-affected opening match at the Basin Reserve in Wellington on Saturday.

Coming in at No.6, Nicholls made 50 off 43 balls, providing valuable back-up alongside Colin Munro (58) and Martin Guptill (48) to skipper Kane Williamson's 115 as the Black Caps set a daunting target of 315.

Pakistan were 166-6 after 30 overs when rain stopped play, well behind the 228 tally needed for a Duckworth Lewis win.

Nicholls was pleased enough with his fourth ODI half-century, but says there's still plenty of room for improvement.

"I think that was about my sixth or seventh time at No.6, starting in India over the winter," the 26-year-old left-hander said.

"I think each situation has been a little bit different, and that's something I really embrace, trying to use my skills to assess the situation and play accordingly."

Working on a mix of shots that include power and placement takes time, he added.

"For me, moving forward, it's trying to access that power game and the ability to clear the ropes, - just reading the situation in terms of what is requited at the time."

Nicholls expects Pakistan's bowling line-up to come back strongly at Saxton Oval in Nelson, and New Zealand will have to be adaptable to counter that.

He says adaptability will be key for the Black Caps, whether that means the middle order pushing the run rate up after a good start or consolidating if wickets are lost early.

"We're going nicely as a batting unit and it's important when we get to Nelson we keep that going and keep raising the bar."