Black Caps families embrace life on the road at World Cup

The Black Caps may be days away from the biggest game of some of their lives but after travelling back to London from their semi-final, many are taking their mind off cricket to be with family.

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Colin Munro's wife Tehere and his two young children have been with the team for the tournament, as have other families. Source: 1 NEWS

The Kiwi cricket side has been able to travel around the tournament keeping their families with them for most of the event.

On days off it means players get some quality family time in with their partners and children.

Tehere Munro, Colin Munro's wife, told 1 NEWS after the team arrived at their new hotel ahead of Sunday's final that the entire journey has been "really exciting".

"We've been very privileged to be involved with the team and the boys and really special to have the kids and family with us," Mrs Munro said.

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"It's been difficult at times, challenging at times - I mean, we're on the road all the time living out of a suitcase - but very rewarding in itself. We've seen three countries in 50 days. It's been very special."

Munro's children, Chloe and Connor, are also on tour with dad and while his daughter isn't the biggest cricket fan, his three-year-old son has already found his passion. 

"He literally sleeps with his bat," Mrs Munro said of their son.

"He has it in hand at all times."

After a four-hour trip from Manchester to London, the Black Caps were given the rest of the day off for precious family time - a crucial part of the team's campaign, Mrs Munro believes.

"I think it's a good distraction for all the boys - with kids and without - because we do spend a lot of time together as a unit.

"I think it just offers a bit of banter - something else so they just don't have to be living, breathing, eating cricket."

The Black Caps play England on Sunday evening NZT at Lord's in the Cricket World Cup final.