Ben Stokes' Kiwi brother bet England's World Cup hero he could survive an over of his bowling

Don’t worry New Zealand, we’ve restored a little bit of pride when it comes to England’s Cricket World Cup hero Ben Stokes, all thanks to his Kiwi brother James.

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James Stokes managed to salvage a little pride in winning a bet with his brother and England’s Cricket World Cup hero.

Stokes posted on Instagram yesterday that James had made a bet that he could survive an over from his brother and England’s star all-rounder.

He then posted footage of the six deliveries in the nets in Christchurch to his story.

In the clip, James shows he’s got a decent forward defence, some good judgement with a leave and an ability to drop the hands after Ben couldn’t resist testing him out with a short ball as the rest of the Stokes family cheered him on.

The brothers embraced after the last ball with Stokes writing “why does the older bro always have to win” on a separate Instagram post.

“I’ve played in some big games but doing this tonight with my big bro with the family watching was so cool.”