Ben Stokes' father reveals brain cancer battle, English cricketer in quarantine facility after flying back to NZ

Ben Stokes' father has revealed he is suffering from brain cancer. 

Ben Stokes. Source: Photosport

In an interview with the New Zealand Herald, Stokes' father Ged revealed that his illness is reason for his son's early departure from the England side, mid way through a test series with Pakistan.  

Whilst supporting his son in Johannesburg earlier this year, Ged suffered from a brain bleed and was admitted to hospital.

The incident in South Africa ultimately lead to his cancer diagnosis. 

“They had to assess how I travelled and from that they discovered I had a couple of tumors on my brain as well,” Ged told the New Zealand Herald.

The 64-year old former Kiwis' representative told the New Zealand Herald that his league days may have been a contributing factor.

“So, basically brain cancer. How that came about nobody knows but obviously I've had a few bangs on my head through my life so that's probably contributed to it.”

Ben Stokes arrived in New Zealand earlier this week citing 'family reasons' as his need to return home to Christchurch.

Stokes told the New Zealand Herald that taking part in the test series with Pakistan was a hard task given his father's condition. 

“I didn't sleep for a week and my head wasn't really in it." 

“Leaving [the team] was the right choice from a mental point of view.” 

Despite being in the country, Stokes will have to wait before he is reunited with his father as Covid-19 restrictions require him to stay in managed isolation for two-weeks.