'We'll just have to stay young' - Lawn bowls para trio thinking ahead to chance at gold next Commonwealth Games

Lawn Bowls para trio, Bruce Wakefield, Mark Noble and Barry Wynks took Australia on in a tooth and nail Gold medal final, only just losing to the Trans-Tasman rivals on the last bowl.

The Kiwi trio were in trouble at 10-3 down, until they rallied brilliantly to take the lead over Australia at the 14th end.

The Aussies responded, and it came down to the last bowl, the hosts winning 14-13.

For Commonwealth Games rookie Bruce Wakefield, who has cerebral palsy, this will be his first medal, but for Noble and Wynks today's match came as deja-vu for the pair whose second place in Glasgow came down to the last bowl. 

"Maybe we’ll have to stay young, and have it third time lucky," said 65-year-old Wynks.

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games have been a lot of fun the team, especially for New Zealand's only Correspondence Chess Grandmaster Noble, who seems to be cleaning up in the athletes' village games room as well as on the green.

The Palmerston North man's brains are also plenty of help on the greens.

Noble says his chess experience helps him "calculate things, and thinking bowls ahead".

The close friends also like a bit smack talk between them to keep things fun, each with a nickname for the other.

"Wynksie calls me fatboy," said Noble.

"He didn't realise I was doing it until we watched the final from Glasgow, and everytime he had a good shot, and there were a few, it was always 'well done Fatboy.'

"So he bought up the halfman, to which I replied .75, because I have a bit of an arm,” joked Wynks.