Watch: 'She's the apple of my eye, really' - Dame Valerie Adams on having daughter at Comm Games

Dame Valerie Adams opened up about having her daughter at the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast, with the Kiwi shot put legend saying her daughter has changed her life.

Dame Valerie won silver in her shot put event at the Gold Coast with her daughter Kimioana watching on in the crowd. Source: 1 NEWS

Adams, 33, won silver in her shot put event in the Gold Coast with her daughter Kimioana watching on in the crowd.

She told 1 NEWS that she couldn't hold back her emotions when she held her daughter after the event.

"Quite emotional I must admit, it was amazing having her in the crowd and it gave me a better perspective in life in what is important and what is not," Dame Valerie said.

"She's the apple of my eye really, she means so much to me and I didn't realise this type of love existed until I had a child.

"I didn't know I had the potential to murder until I had a child, so weird but it's true."

The New Zealand shot put champ said she hasn't kept an eye on her brother Steven Adams' Western conference NBA play-offs for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but said her husband will keep her informed about results.

"My husband is a massive NBA fan himself so he’ll keep me up to date."

Dame Valerie threw 18.70 metres in the women's shot put final with her Jamaican rival Danniel Thomas Dodd throwing a huge 19.36 metres to take gold at the Gold Coast Games.

"It is great to see so many young athletes coming through and it's awesome to see them perform so well leading into Tokyo," said Dame Valerie.

"For them this is a pinnacle event for some of them, for some of them it is an event on their way to a bigger championship like the world champs and the Olympic Games.

"It's awesome being part of such a successful team."