Watch: Flurry of brutal punches gives boxer Alexis Pritchard comprehensive two-minute opening victory at Commonwealth Games

Alexis Pritchard's return to the Commonwealth Games boxing ring was a quick one, after utterly dismantling Lesotho's Mantoa Ranone within 120 seconds of the opening bell.

The Kiwi, fighting in the round of 16 at 57kg, made short work of her 21-year-old rival with the referee ending proceedings before the end of the first of three scheduled rounds.

A flurry of punches from Pritchard within 35 seconds had the referee counting against Ranone, and a second standing eight count on the two minute mark was enough for for the 34-year-old Kiwi to be given the victory.

"That's the kind of start that we wanted, I was really happy with what I did," she said ringside.

"I think we could have done a little bit more but nice to go out and do it!"

She said her team had been working on quick starts and combinations, and given the inexperience of her opponent, it was a good ploy to unsettle her early.

There was no resting up, however, after such a comprehensive win.

"I'm going to do some more rounds in the changing room now and get a workout."

Next up for Pritchard is Sri Lanka's Keshani Hansika on Tuesday, who was given a bye into the quarter-finals.