Video: 'He's playing' - Etene Nanai-Seturo to play at Hamilton Sevens, despite ongoing Warriors dispute

New Zealand men's Sevens coach Clark Laidlaw is adamant 18-year-old star Etene Nanai-Seturo will play in this weekend's Hamilton Sevens tournament despite the ongoing dramas of a contract dispute with NRL club the Warriors.

Laidlaw said Nanai-Seturo is locked in to play his second Sevens tournament, after an impressive debut in Sydney last week.

"Nah, nah he's playing," said Laidlaw.

"His first start he topped our metres which was unbelievable for a guy that played his first ever start."

Nanai- Seturo was training with the Warriors in 2017 and signed a five-year deal as a 15-year-old.

Warriors CEO Cameron George has criticised New Zealand Rugby for lacking respect.

"There has to be respect amongst codes and I believe we are not being shown that right now," George told Radio LIVE.

"There are a number of parties involved in this but at the end of the day, New Zealand Rugby understood the situation of this gentleman, and to simply go name him in that squad, I believe that was disrespectful."

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Laidlaw said he won't let the drama and outside noise disrupt his preparations with his team for the home tournament.

"We're excited, I know there has been a bit going on in the background, but like I said whatever day it was my job is to coach rugby, his is to play and other people can sort out the behind the scenes things.

"We expect him to get more game time this weekend and to play really well."

ALL BLACKS SEVENS: 1. Scott Curry – co-captain, 2. Tim Mikkelson - co-captain, 3. Teddy Stanaway, 4. Joe Ravouvou, 5. Luke Masirewa, 6. Vilimoni Koroi, 7. Sam Dickson, 8. Caleb Clarke, 9. Regan Ware, 10. Etene Nanai-Seturo, 11. Joe Webber, 12. Sione Molia, 13. Kurt Baker.

Nanai-Seturo made his debut for the All Blacks Sevens last weekend in Sydney, despite the tug-of-war. Source: 1 NEWS