NZ 'have no intention' of hosting 2022 Commonwealth Games

The Government has ruled out any hopes of the 2022 Commonwealth Games shifting to New Zealand shores.

Minister for Sport Jonathan Coleman said in a statement yesterday there were multiple reasons the event would not be pursued.

"We have no intention of taking over the 2022 Commonwealth Games," he said.

"There is a lot of infrastructure that needs to be built across the country and this ranks well down our list of priorities."

The Seven Sharp host presents a very different view to those who want to ditch the games. Source: Seven Sharp

In a social media poll on 1 NEWS' Facebook page, 56 per cent of voters were keen for the Government to make a bid on the event wile 33 per cent were against the idea.

"It would be fantastic to have the games here - it would generate revenue fantastically for businesses and tourist venues BUT we are a small country by population in which we could never afford to build and host such an occasion," Alison Roberts said. 

James Taylor said if the event was hosted nationwide by Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, it would be a great opportunity.

"Perfect opportunity to give our major cities the sporting and transport infrastructure upgrade they desperately need."

Many users thought it was time cities who had previously hosted the Games and have facilities readily available were reused.

The Commonwealth Games Federation is hastily on the hunt to find a new city to operate the event after Durban was stripped of the rights to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games yesterday.

The Seven Sharp host argues the point for why the Gold Coast Games next year should be the last. Source: Seven Sharp

The South African city was dropped after the government couldn't provide financial guarantees, plus other commitments made when it won the bid had still not been met nearly two years later.

The Commonwealth Games baton was handed on to South Africa from Buckingham Palace. Source: 1 NEWS