Gold medallist Tom Walsh loses bet with coach, remains tight-lipped on punishment

Shot put gold medallist Tom Walsh will have a punishment to complete in the coming weeks after losing a bet with his coach Dale Stevenson.

The Commonwealth Games champion didn't throw far enough to win his pre-competition ritual bet with coach Dale Stevenson last night. Source: 1 NEWS

Walsh won the Commonwealth Games gold on Monday night with a throw of 21.41m, not enough to break the record he set the night before, meaning he lost his pre-competition ritual bet with Stevenson.

"I lost the bet, but I can't really tell anyone what it is because then it wouldn’t really be a punishment for me losing. It will come apparent in the next wee while, what the bet was. It was a bit of fun," Walsh told 1 NEWS.

"Dale's lost probably the last five bets we've had, actually that’s a lie, I’ve got a tattoo on my foot that tells different stories."

The 26-year-old is giving himself a couple of days to relax and enjoy his gold medal, before it'll be time to refocus for the Tokyo Olympics.

But he's not likely to hold onto it for long.

"I tend to misplace them (medals) all the time, my girlfriend usually keeps track of them. I just put them down wherever, and she puts them somewhere, and then I lose them and vice versa."

But he says down the track he'll try and think of somewhere special to keep his gold.