Fijian boxer brought to tears after Commonwealth Games shock victory: 'I want to dedicate this to my cousies'

Fijian boxer Winston Hill was brought to the brink of tears after a stunning victory at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast today.

Hill, a 24-year-old from Suva, was handed a tight 3-2 points decision over Lyndel Marcellin of St Lucia on his games debut.

It's been lean times for Fijian boxing at Commonwealth level, since Sani Fini won gold at the 1982 games, and Hill's achievement in the 69kg round of 16 bout clearly weighed heavy.

"I want to dedicate this fight to my little cousies," he said, before emotion got the better of him and he had to take some time for himself. 

Before being unable to continue with his interview, Hill spoke positively of his ambitions for the rest of the tournament. 

"Gold mate, if it's not gold what's it going to be?"

Despite fighting at the Rio Olympics, the amateur boxer admitted getting used to the scale of the arena took some getting used too.

"Next fight I'll definitely come in more comfortable. I'm still a bit shell-shocked with the crowd and the lights, I think that takes a while to get used to."

Hill's next match will be against Scotland's Stephen Newns on Tuesday.