Day 6 recap: Kiwi cyclist Linda Villumsen wins silver in women's time trial as Hamish Bond grabs bronze in the men's event

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NZ medal tally: Gold 8 Silver 10 Bronze 7 

5:40pm: Road Cycling (Linda Villumsen, Rushlee Buchanan)

Linda Villumsen has won silver! She crossed with the fastest time but that only lasted six seconds as Australia's Katrin Garfoot took the gold medal. Buchanan finished fifth. Well done to both of them!

5:33pm: Road Cycling (Linda Villumsen, Rushlee Buchanan)

Updated second checkpoint standings, Villumsen is the second fastest behind Garfoot. 

5:31pm: Road Cycling (Linda Villumsen, Rushlee Buchanan)

Buchanan is the quickest through the second checkpoint with the favourites still to come. Make that second. 

5:18pm: Road Cycling (Linda Villumsen, Rushlee Buchanan)

Villumsen is the second quickest through 10.8km now. 14 seconds behind Australia's Garfoot. Buchanan slipped to fifth. 

5:13pm: Road Cycling (Linda Villumsen, Rushlee Buchanan)

Buchanan is the quickest rider so far through the checkpoint at 10.75kms. The course is 25km so that's a great start. 

5:03pm: Road Cycling (Linda Villumsen, Rushlee Buchanan)

Villumsen is away now, go Linda!

4:55pm: Road Cycling (Linda Villumsen, Rushlee Buchanan)

Rushlee Buchanan will be away in approximately three minutes. Linda is scheduled to be the second last rider. 

4:40pm: Road Cycling (Linda Villumsen, Georgia Williams, Rushlee Buchanan)

We're minutes away from the women's road cycling time trial where Linda Villumsen is the defending champion. 

4:17pm - Athletics

Joseph Millar finished second in his 200m heat and he goes through automatically to the semis. Good on ya Joe!

4:08pm - Lawn bowls

A couple of Kiwi results from the greens. Shannon McIlroy went down to England's Robert Paxton 18-21 while the women's pair beat Tonga 29-6.

3:47pm - Weightlifitng

Some breaking news about Laurel Hubbard's injury. The Kiwi lifter says the elbow injury might be career threatening. Read more here.

3:28pm - Squash

The NZ mixed doubles team has gone down to England 1-2 in pool G. 

3:18pm: Shooting

A couple of results from the shooting, Ryan Taylor finished fifth in the final of the 50m prone rifle. The NZ men's fullbore pair also finished fifth with a score of 581-50v.

3:10pm: Hockey

The men's Black Sticks ran out 5-2 winners over Scotland. 

2:45pm: Cycling

The ultimate competitor Hamish Bond just told Abby Scott it was tough to watch the second wave of riders come through and given that he was two seconds off, he's thinking about all the little moments where he could have gone faster. Still, what a remarkable effort. NZ is proud of you Hamish. 

2:35pm: Cycling

It's confirmed, Hamish Bond has won a bronze medal! He finished behind Australia's Cam Meyer and England's Harry Tanfield but what an achievement considering how new he is in the sport after his transition from rowing. 

2:32pm - Hockey

Kane Russell has a hat-trick for the men's Black Sticks, they lead Scotland 4-1 in the third.

2:30pm: Cycling

Bond is now in the bronze position. Waiting for the final few cyclists to finsh. 

2:25pm: Cycling

Tanfield has gone two seconds quicker than Bond. It's silver at best. 

2:24pm: Cycling

Bond is thirty seconds behind the Aussie Meyer with five seconds to go. It's probably going to be a medal but it's what colour. 

2:20pm: Cycling

Tanfield is three seconds in front of Bond with five kilometres to go. Fingers crossed...

1:55pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

Bond is outside the top 5 times at the first checkpoint. Fingers crossed they can't match the Kiwi over the rest of the course. After 17.4km, Bond is still fastest. 

1:50pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

England's Harry Tanfield is the new fastest after 10.8km, more than 18 seconds quicker than Bond. Hopefully 

1:44pm - Boxing

David Nyika has confirmed NZ's second boxing medal after winning today’s quarterfinal via walkover. Opponent Ndzie Tsoye (CMR) didn’t pass weigh-in/medical procedure. 

1:28pm - Athletics

Cam French finished sixth in the 400m hurdles. 

1:25pm - Swimming

Brad Ashby has won his heat in the 200IM. He had a time of 2:00:57. 

1:22pm - Swimming

Lewis Clareburt has finished third in his heat in the 200m IM with a time of 2:01:33. 

1:18pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

Bond is approaching the finish line. He's the new leader with a time of 48.45 seconds! Wow, what a ride, that's 50 seconds quicker than Scotson. Now we wait to see if it will be enough for gold with teh second wave of riders starting now. 

1:11pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

Bond is near the finish. He almost 45 minutes in now after Englishman Charlie Tanfield is the leader at the finish with a time of 50.42. 

1:04pm - Athletics

We've got some great news from the track, Brad Mathas qualified for the 800m final. Good on ya Brad!

1:00pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

Bond is powering up the climb now! He looks to be doing it easier than the Aussie Scotson. 

12:58pm - Swimming 

Chris Arbuthnott and Jesse Reynolds are up now in the S9 100m backstroke heats! Reynolds finished fourth with Abruthnott in seventh. See you in the final tonight boys at 10.45pm. 

12:52pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

Bond has the quickest time after 17.4km! He's gone 15 seconds quicker than the Englishman. Come on Hamish! 

12:46pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

Bond was held up by a motorcycle being ridden by officials. The clearly frustrated Kiwi waved them away and powered on. 

12:43pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

Bond is nine seconds behind England's Charlie Tanfield at the 10.8km checkpoint. Come on Hamish you legend!

12:39pm - Athletics 

In the 800m, Brad Mathas finished fourth in his heat with a time of 1:46:2. 

12:36pm: Lawn Bowls (Shannon McIlroy)

McIlroy has beaten Kenya's Kimwaki Kimani 21-10 in the men's singles. 

12:32pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

He's looking good four minutes into the 38km ride. 

12:28pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

Hamish Bond is underway in the road race!

12:00pm: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

The first cyclist is underway in the men's individual time trial. We're about 30 minutes away from Bond.

11:55am: Lawn Bowls (Shannon McIlroy)

After jumping out to that early lead, Kenya is starting to make a comeback against McIlroy. Score sits at 11-5 now. 

11:50am: Shooting (Ryan Taylor)

Taylor has had a brilliant qualifying run in the men's 50m rifle prone event. He's finished just behind Australia's James Daly to qualify for the final second. They're joined by competitors from Scotland, India, Wales and England. The final is at 3pm NZT. Way to go, Ryan!

11:40am: Lawn Bowls (Shannon McIlroy)

McIlroy looking dominant once again in his men's singles match against Kenya. Up 11-1 at them moment. Remember, he dominated Jamaica yesterday 21-0!

11:35am: Road Cycling (Hamish Bond, James Oram)

We are half an hour away from the men's road cycling kicking off but 1 NEWS Sport's Abby Wilson says we won't see Bond for about an hour. He is due 30th up in the race with Oram fourth to last.

Wilson said Bond has been practising the 38.5km course all week so that he can know it back-to-front but that training and memorising went a little awry when he revealed to Wilson he had been taking part of the course the wrong way! Let's hope he follows the track today! 

11:15am: Schedule

For an in-depth look at what time everyone is competing today, click here.

Medal Count: 8 Gold, 9 Silver, 6 Bronze


After four golds and two silvers to start the week, New Zealand's Commonwealth Games athletes are back to the grindstone of qualifying on the Gold Coast.

Kiwis grabbed six medals in two hours on Monday evening to take their tally to 23, but today only a handful will be a chance for metal as most competitors will be involved in heats or qualifying.

Julia Ratcliffe will be in the women's hammer throw final, where her personal best is among the Commonwealth top four.

Medals will be up for grabs when Hamish Bond, James Oram, Rushlee Buchanan, Georgia Williams and Linda Villumsen compete in the men's and women's individual time trial in the road cycling.

Four Kiwi boxers will be in quarter-finals action, including Glasgow gold medallist David Nyika, who meets Cameroon's Christian Ndzie Tsoye.

The others will be Alexis Pritchard, Leroy Hindley and Patrick Mailata.

The women's basketball team will meet Mozambique in their qualifying final in Townsville, while the men's and women's beach volleyball teams are both through to the quarter-finals.

New Zealand sit fourth on the medals table with eight golds, nine silvers and six bronze.