Comeback fighter Alexis Pritchard headlines NZ boxing contingent for Commonwealth Games

New Zealand boxing is hoping to send one of its biggest Commonwealth Games teams to the Gold Coast in April with a veteran now emerging as one of their best medal hopes.

Comeback fighter Alexis Pritchard is full of confidence on the back of an impressive build up in the United States.

Pritchard, 34, was back in the country and is still coming to terms with her first knockout win in more than 100 amateur fights.

"The minute the punch was delivered and she dropped to the floor, Alexis the passionate person came out and I was so worried about her - the shine of the win actually left," said Pritchard.

Her first round demolition job in Houston justified her decision to come out of retirement.

"My coach has been telling me for years I have that kind of power but I never really believed him."

New Zealand boxing sent a team of seven offshore and would like to dispatch as many maybe event eight to the Games - but only five spots are open.

The youngest contender 19-year-old Tasman Benny has an anxious wait to see if she is fast tracked.

"I think it's helped a little bit. Like it’s more experience though just like to build up my boxing," said Benny.

In the meantime Benny is set to go back to work juggling her fledging naval career with her sporting passion.

The former Olympian returned to NZ after claiming her first knockout win in the US. Source: 1 NEWS