You can vote: OKC Thunder campaigning to make Steven Adams New Zealand's first ever NBA All Star


Steven Adams' rise in the NBA continues to reach new heights, with the Oklahoma City star now gaining support from his club in a bid to become New Zealand's first All Star.

Atlanta will be left with a few battered bodies after Adams muscled up in the paint and didn't stop for anyone.

After signing a $142 million contract at the start of the season, Adams has returned the faith with career-high per-game numbers in points (12.2), rebounds (7.7), assists (1.1) and steals (1.3) so far this season.

The Kiwi bigman's impact has seen the Thunder organisation backing him for a place in the All Stars Weekend being held in New Orleans next month.

The event celebrates the best talent in the NBA with a three-point shootout competition for sharpshooters, a dunking competition for high flyers capped off with the All Stars game - a game played by the best players of the NBA.

"I wish everyone was like him." Ecstatic fan loses it while celebrating wedding anniversary with husband at OKC's pre-season game against Memphis.
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Players don't make the All Star teams on statistics alone - fan votes and player votes are the only way to make the side, which means teams often focus their efforts promoting one or two players or else they spread their fan base's vote too thinly.

In previous years when Adams had yet to bloom, the Thunder organisation used posters, advertisements and other campaigns to get Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant voted in, which both did regularly.

But with Durant's departure to the Warriors in the offseason, it appears the Thunder are looking for a new man to promote alongside Westbrook, with Adams' consistent performances since the NBA playoffs last season ticking the boxes.

How to vote for Steven Adams

One of the social media posters the Thunder have used to promote voting for Steven Adams.

One of the social media posters the Thunder have used to promote voting for Steven Adams.

Source: Oklahoma City Thunder / Facebook

The NBA has devised multiple ways to vote for players to reach the All Stars game to ensure fans from all around the world can get behind their favourites.

The easiest is by writing "#NBAVote" followed by the player's name on Facebook posts or Twitter feeds.

The Thunder have been putting posters and video highlights of Westbrook and Adams on their Facebook page to promote the pair while encouraging fans to comment underneath with their vote.

Fans can also vote on NBA's webpage for an entire starting lineup once every day until voting closes on Sunday 15th January.

Who is Steven Adams up against?

Kevin Durant wowed crowds away from the criticism of joining the Golden State Warriors.
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It's not going to be an easy path for Adams to reach the All Stars game as the Thunder centre is up against plenty of talent for the 12 available slots.

With Oklahoma City sitting in the Western Conference, teams such as the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs and LA Clippers are all vying to have their players reach the team as well.

As a centre, Adams' biggest competition comes from other "frontcourt" players - meaning he will compete against other forwards and centres for slots in the side looking to take down the Eastern Conference's All Stars.

That means players such as LaMarcus Aldridge, Anthony Davis and Draymond Green can all pip the Kiwi to the post - especially since all three have already made the All Stars team before.

But with slots opening up thanks to Kobe Bryant's retirement and injuries, Adams could be in with a shot.

If he is named as an NBA All Star, he would become the first New Zealander in history to do so.

The All Stars Weekend festivities kicks off on Saturday 18 Februrary.

If you would like to vote for Steven Adams via Facebook, head to 1 NEWS NOW's poster and comment "#NBAVote Steven Adams" beneath.

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