'We may as well have been at home' - Breakers fans vent frustations over poor experience at NBL season opener

Breakers fans have expressed their disappointment at the club's game day experience, following their NBL season opening defeat to the Brisbane Bullets in Auckland last night.

As the Breakers slumped to an 86-73 loss to the Bullets, their first game under new ownership, fans have been quick to express their outrage at the changes in the game day experience at Spark Arena, with a subdued atmosphere noticeable both on the televised broadcast, as well as to those in attendance.

"There was no geeing up of the crowd, no decent time out entertainment, no half time song to get the crowd on their feet. Without the crowd into it, it was a very flat atmosphere. I've been going to games for 15 years, and that was the quietest game I've ever seen," wrote Trudy Renner Falconer on Facebook.

"Wow what have they done. Taken away all the crowd interaction - very flat," Sheryl Cronin wrote on Facebook. "We may as well have been at home."

"The few traditions the Breakers had at home games have been thrown out. Has the emcee ever been to a basketball game before? The games were amateurish and disorganised and made no attempt to involve the crowd. Sort your act out Breakers management," Wayne Chatfield wrote on Facebook.

The question is, will the Breakers rush to improve fans' experiences ahead of their next home game, coming against the Sydney Kings on October 21?

Tom Abercrombie leaves the court. Source: Photosport

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