Watch: Steven Adams stunned by Kiwis' loss to Fiji – 'it was something weird'

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams says he was stunned to hear the Kiwis were eliminated from the Rugby League World Cup last week by minnows Fiji.

When sitting down for an interview with the Oklahoma City Thunder's media team, avid rugby fan Adams was asked whether he keeps up with sport from back in New Zealand.

"I haven't been like hardcore involved," he said.

"But I've been aware of the losses - it's unbelievable!"

"We (the All Blacks) lost against Australia, and then we (the Kiwis) lost - I think just last night - to Fiji?!"

"It was something weird, something big."

"It's pretty big news, all my mates from New Zealand are just going ham on Facebook about this team."

Adams then had to explain the standard Kiwi reaction to an All Blacks or Kiwis loss.

"When people lose like we did, everyone goes so mad - like so mad."

"It's unbelievable, but it's because you love them."