Watch: Spurs star spooks coach and fans after playing on with gruesome dislocated finger against Steven Adams' OKC

San Antonio Spurs centre Joffrey Lauvergne showed his grit and pain threshold during yesterday's 90-87 loss to Steven Adams and the OKC Thunder after he was forced to defend for nearly 20 seconds with a dislocated finger.

Lauvergne suffered the injury after scoring against the Thunder and tried to put it back in himself while running down court to defend. 

However once the Frenchman realised he couldn't fix the issue he tried to call timeout to referees but that too didn't quite work.

So instead, he played through it - guarding against Paul George and even boxing out a rebound until his team retained possession.

Immediately he ran to his coach Gregg Popovich to call timeout and show him the injury but he immediately turned away after seeing the wonky finger on his right hand.

Lauvergne had his finger strapped by medical staff during the timeout and immediately returned to playing.


'We've got a few days up our sleeve' – Breakers stars return after international break

Having had two weeks off due to the ANBL's World Cup qualifying window, the Breakers are gearing up for a return to the court - minus some of their Tall Blacks stars.

The likes of Mika Vukona, Tom Abercrombie all travelled to and from Hong Kong for the Tall Blacks' latest World Cup qualifier, returning to training today ahead of Friday's clash with rivals, the Perth Wildcats.

If that wasn't enough, the Breakers then face a difficult challenge away to the Brisbane Bulletts on Sunday leaving several squad members' workloads to be managed, although the team are ready for the challenge, star player Kirk Penney says.

"It's different," he told 1 NEWS.

"But I think there's been a lot of thought that's gone into it to manage everyone - both with the Tall Blacks and those that stay here.

The rigorous demands of such a hectic travel schedule has obviously affected the way that the team prepare, although the players in question will be given time to recover.

"We'll still wait and wee," assistant coach Judd Flavel said.

"We've got a few days up our sleeve, so we'll let our health team and physio have a look at that."

The team returned to training after several players featured for the Tall Blacks in Hong Kong. Source: 1 NEWS


Watch: Steven Adams stunned by Kiwis' loss to Fiji – 'it was something weird'

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams says he was stunned to hear the Kiwis were eliminated from the Rugby League World Cup last week by minnows Fiji.

When sitting down for an interview with the Oklahoma City Thunder's media team, avid rugby fan Adams was asked whether he keeps up with sport from back in New Zealand.

"I haven't been like hardcore involved," he said.

"But I've been aware of the losses - it's unbelievable!"

"We (the All Blacks) lost against Australia, and then we (the Kiwis) lost - I think just last night - to Fiji?!"

"It was something weird, something big."

"It's pretty big news, all my mates from New Zealand are just going ham on Facebook about this team."

Adams then had to explain the standard Kiwi reaction to an All Blacks or Kiwis loss.

"When people lose like we did, everyone goes so mad - like so mad."

"It's unbelievable, but it's because you love them."