Watch: 'The ol' Queen mate, Aunty Liz!' Steven Adams talks his odd fashion style, OKC and a royal dinner in hilarious interview

Steven Adams has  given another brilliant interview but this time it was on everything but basketball.

The Kiwi NBA star sat down to answer some lifestyle questions with FOX Sports Oklahoma and, as usual, had his hilarious Kiwi flair on full display.

After his best attempt at an American accent to introduce himself, Adams spoke about his fashion choice and the outfits he wears when he arrives before a game.

"I'm different mate," Adams admitted.

"Hunting gear and stuff like that... but it's not appealing to most of the basketball boys."

The 24-year-old also spoke about living in OKC, recalling a recent experience he had while moving houses to show how much he loves the city and people.

"The people here are just unbelievable - they're so kind and nice.

"I just moved houses and found a loaf a bread. One of the neighbours baked me a loaf of bread! How good is this?"

On the topic of food, Adams finished the interview by answering which three guests he would invite to dinner if he was given the choice.

"Chef [Gordon] Ramsey, have to. Probably the 'ol Queen mate. Queen of England, Aunty Liz. And Freddie Mercury."

Adams may not see the Queen any time soon but he's gearing up to face another royal tomorrow when the Thunder play 'The King' LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers at 2pm NZT.